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History In 1995 our founder, Rob Zirnstein, created software to identify mysterious computer files. This led to the File Investigator Engine that we sell today. Rob's original business, RobWare, grew into Forensic Innovations, Inc. Today we sell our products to customers around the world, for use in Document Management, Data Recovery, Data Security, Electronic Discovery, Data Backup, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Litigation, Research and anywhere else that computer files need to be identified. Forensic Innovations takes innovation seriously and is now developing object level identification and reconstruction technologies to keep Forensic Innovations ahead of the curve. Our Purpose As the number and size of hard drives increase so does the need to identify, search and organize the many types of data and files being produced. Forensic Innovations, Inc. satisfies the need to efficiently dig through data and produce the nuggets of information hidden in today's computers. New technologies are being developed to complement our already popular File Investigator products.
FID3 has been delivering innovative software solutions since 2007. These solutions have uniquely solved complex technical challenges in the realm of computer forensics, electronic discovery and information assurance. The product’s modular architecture provides for seamless bidirectional integration with existing technologies.

With the FID3 building of a single platform for pre-case assessment and cutting edge Digital Forensics, we are not only automating Digital Forensics, we are bringing it into active eDiscovery usage in a seamless way. For example, when the user selects to see statistics on their data, we can provide the option of looking at visible files (as is typical of eDiscovery), hidden files (as is typical of Digital Forensics), or both combined. All this can start at a very high level and then drive down to departments, individual employees and individual files. We do not stop at finding just the files that the rest of the industry sees. Our technologies dig deeper to uncover the Dark Data. This is the data hiding in the unallocated file fragments, object slack fragments within files and less common file types that go unnoticed. Along with this level of intelligence comes the ability to profile company data down to individual user data, to provide another level of information assurance by automatically flagging anomalous behavior at the desktop. IT organizations and intelligence agencies care about these areas. Corporations are discovering that they need to be caring about these areas in their eDiscovery events as well.

View our product page to get started or contact us directly (202-380- 9449) to see what industry leaders and governments have already discovered in the dark.
Rob Zirnstein
FID3 CEO and founder, Rob Zirnstein, developed networking and data processing software for 15 years. First for D-Link Systems, then for Canon Development Americas and NowDocs International. For 5 years, Rob played a role in the International Standards arena representing Canon, Inc. as a Research Analyst. During that time Rob was a source of innovative product ideas that built on the emerging standards technologies that he participated in, one of which was patented (#7,127,491). Zirnstein received a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from the University of California in Irvine, California.

Now, Rob designs next generation solutions for finding the Dark Data, located on all computers and digital devices, often containing evidence vital in legal matters. Rob Zirnstein has also been an active member of the Indianapolis chapter of InfraGARD, and the President of the Indianapolis chapter of The American Society of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery.
Brad Germain
Brad Germain is a software engineer at FID3. He has worked on numerous projects that include creating the help files for the FID3 suite, developing the FID3 installer, and developing the FID3 website. He is currently a student at University of North Florida studying computer science and mathematics.
Julie Freeman
Julie Freeman is a technical support agent at FID3. She answers technical emails and works closely with the development team to solve some of the most pertinent issues. She also helps clients who are new to the software get started and helps existing customers with new versions of the software.
Beth Armstrong
Beth Armstrong is the secretary at FID3. She answers emails daily from our clients to help resolve common issues and direct them to the person who can resolve them quickly. She is also the mother of two children and enjoys reading.
Phillip Culliton, Daegis (Fast Track Litigation Support):

“Well... you have a great product! Really, my little team and I have been in this industry for more than 20 years between us, and whenever we've seen competitive products in action, they've never measured up. Seriously, some shops in litigation support still use extensions as their primary file typing method (and some of them use huge and unwieldy products that are sub-par in performance and accuracy -- Outside In, for example). In addition, your customer service has always been superb. Honestly, I can't see why I would ever go elsewhere.”

Chuck Snipes, BS, CCE, A+ Certified, Data Triangle:

“Doing data recovery … [and] computer forensics … File Investigator is a great tool. They are nice folks and very responsive. This program identifies files by their content rather than just the extension at the end. The software also returns a lot of additional file information. It also runs very fast. If you do data recovery, computer forensics, or are just a power user that does a lot of searching; I recommend this software.”

Giuseppe Finizia, Parco Poggio Vallesana, Italy:

“I purchased File Investigator few months ago. I have already written to you to ask for more details about the technology behind the file investigator engine. Your software is still the best.”

Katherine Benefield, Hamilton County Department of Education, TN:

“The website looks terrific, and I like the notion of the software ... thanks for "being there" and being affordable.”