Key Benefits

    • 4,797 file types supported

    • Familiar Windows File Find and DOS DIR User Interfaces

    • 109 Columns of File Details for Each File

    • Provides Outside In and PRONOM cross reference values

    • Can Wipe files using four different methods, to keep deleted data from being recovered

    • Supports MS Windows NT/200x/XP/Vista/7/8

    • Calculates hash codes, including MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 & SHA-512

    • Finds Files with Floating Headers

    • Corrects Wrong File Extensions

    • Identifies File Types by their Content, even when they are Locked/DenyRead

    • Renames Files using their Metadata and File Type (FI Directory)

    • Detects Encrypted Files, including TrueCrypt

    • Displays all NTFS Alternate Data Streams & Security File Usernames

    • Displays metadata extracted from many of the supported file types*

* Forensic Innovations does not guarantee that all of a file's metadata is extracted.

FI File Find Menus

Reliable, fast, and accurate computer forensic tools.
The menus are self explanatory except for the following selections:

File >> Open, Edit & Print are the same as the options that appear on the context menu that appears when you right mouse click on a file in MS Windows Explorer.

File >> Fix Extension repairs wrong file extensions on the marked files, by renaming the file with an extension from our list of known good file extensions for the files type. If a file already has a valid file extension, then the file extension is rotated to the next extension on our valid list. This can be helpful when your application doesn't work with some of the valid extensions.

Tools >> Options... opens a dialog for entering Registration key(s), File Investigator File Find display options and Advanced analysis options.

Price: $249 + $50 (for maintenance & support)

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