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Key: M = Metadata Column, A = Accuracy Column, H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

Cabinet/Archive Binary Bitmap/Raster Digital Audio Music Notes Text Translated Vector Floating Header Compressed Encrypted

Description File Extensions M A Modified Index
16 Bit Adaptive RLE Compressed BitmapJMG.M2.29.003859
1944: Battle of the Bulge Game ArchiveFX.M2.15.002371
1Password 4 Cloud Keychain Encrypted AttachmentATTACHMENT.M3.15.004623
1Password 4 Cloud Keychain Encrypted Data..M3.15.004632
2D Fighter Maker Second StageSTAGE.M2.37.004273
360-Degree Desktop Image360.M3.10.004525
3D Frogger Game DataMWD.M2.15.00749
3D Home Architect Delux Floor PlansPL0, PL1, PL2, PLn, PBn, PAn.M2.14.002227
3D Mark Database3DB.M2.15.002342
3D Stitch Editor Embroidery ImageVP3.M2.09.001706
3D Studio 3.0 Image3DS.M2.29.002525
3D Studio Max Material LibraryMAT.H3.19.003645
3D Studio Max SceneMAX.H3.19.003647
3D Systems Stereolithography CAD Image (Binary)STL.M3.19.003173
3D Ultra Mini Golf Game ArchiveRBX.M2.15.001071
3D Ultra Pinball Game ArchiveTBV.M2.15.001039
3D World Studio MaterialSTF.M2.37.004275
3D-XplorMath ImageSURF.M2.17.002564
3Doku Game Data3DOKU.M3.10.004526
3DX Image3DX.M2.18.002620
3GPP Audio3GA.M3.10.004527
3GPP Multimedia File3GP, 3GG, 3G2, 3GPP, 3GPP2, MP4, MPG.M2.29.002096
3GPP Multimedia File (MacBinary)3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2.M2.16.002097
4th Dimension Database Structure4DB.M2.15.002344
4X Movie Format4XM.H2.12.002098
64LAN ImageL64.M2.10.001888
7-Zip Archive7Z, LZMA.M2.07.001519
7-Zip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.H2.35.034227
777 Compressed Archive777.M3.10.004530
86F Compressed Disk Image86F.M3.34.004826
86F Disk Image86F.M3.34.004825
a-Pac Compressed AudioAPC.M2.08.001695
a-squared Anti-Malware SignaturesSIG.M2.36.004232
A2R Disk ImageA2R.M3.33.004816
AAC MPEG-4 AudioMP4, MPG4, HEIC.M3.33.001534
ABBYY Lingvo Non-changaeble System DictionaryLSD.M2.29.003902
ABC FlowcharterABC.M2.29.003549
ABComp ArchiveABP.M2.22.002296
ABIF Applied Biosystems Inc. FormatAB1, FSA.M2.15.002346
Ability Office Spreadsheet (OLE)AWS.H3.23.003613
AbiWord Compressed DocumentZABW, GZ.M2.22.001515
Absolute Packager Self Extracting ArchiveEXE, ZIP.M2.10.011971
Absolute Terror Game ArchivePAK.M2.15.00524
Abyss's Highest Experience MusicAHX.M2.17.00534
AC-3 / Dolby Digital AudioAC3, EAC3.M3.19.002418
Ace ArchiveACE.M2.08.00481
Ace Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003171
Ace Ventura Game ArchiveBIN.M2.15.00487
Acronis TrueImage Disk ImageTIB.M2.19.032835
Across Crossword PuzzlePUZZ, PUZ.M2.25.00982
ACT Lossless Compressed AudioMKW.M2.07.001533
Act Of War Game ArchiveDAT.M2.15.00489
ACT! 2.0 ReportRPN, RPC.M1.00.00208
ACT! Word Processor DocumentWPA.M3.06.004423
Active Tutor DataARF.M2.18.002704
ACUCOBOL-GT IndexVIX.M2.15.002391
ACUCOBOL-GT Intermediate Object FileACU.M2.16.002349
ACUCOBOL-GT LicenseALC, VLC.M2.15.002348
Ad-Aware SignatureREF.M2.15.00514
Adaptive Multi-Rate AudioAMR.M2.16.001694
Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband AudioAWB.M3.19.002377
Addict Spell Check Dictionary (CompileADM.M2.11.002089
AddWeb Temporary DataTMP.M2.10.001955
AddWeb UpdateUPDATE, ADB.M2.06.001317
ADEX ChromaGraph ImageADEX, IMG, RLEYM2.25.00178
Adlib Tracker II InstrumentA2I.M3.28.004767
Adlib Tracker II Instrument BankA2B.M3.28.004768
Adlib Tracker II Module SongA2M.M3.28.004769
Adlib Tracker II PatternA2P.M3.28.004771
Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module SongA2T.M3.28.004770
Adobe Acrobat Cache IndexIDX.M3.16.002083
Adobe Acrobat Capture IndexNDX.M2.00.001221
Adobe Acrobat Installer Support FileITW.M2.10.001943
Adobe Acrobat Linguistics IndexCLX.M2.12.001280
Adobe Acrobat Plug-InSTC.M2.07.001400
Adobe Acrobat Resource CMap..M2.06.001352
Adobe Acrobat Spelling Lexicon DictionaryLEX.M2.13.001338
Adobe AIR ApplicationAIR.H3.19.004414
Adobe AIR Signed PackageSPI, ACX, CFG.H3.11.004543
Adobe Color Profile ListLST.M2.15.001964
Adobe Download Manager Online ShortcutAOM.M2.15.002364
Adobe FilmstripFILMSTRIP.M2.26.003566
Adobe InDesign BookINDB.M3.37.004864
Adobe InDesign DocumentINDD.M2.19.022809
Adobe InDesign Document (MacBinary)..M3.38.004876
Adobe InDesign Document (XML)IDML.H3.07.014372
Adobe Installation Archive??_.M2.28.003800
Adobe Language DatabaseRSD, SYD, DID, DDD, WLD, PDD.M2.13.00433
Adobe Linguistics FileHYP, ENV.M2.28.00468
Adobe PhotoShop PatternPAT.M2.06.001365
Adobe Photoshop Plug-in8BI, AXT.M2.19.002779
Adobe Portable Document (MacBinary)PDF.H3.38.001331
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A)PDF.H3.38.004065
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-1a)PDF.H3.38.004062
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-1b)PDF.H3.38.004063
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-2a)PDF.H3.38.004516
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-2b)PDF.H3.38.004517
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-2u)PDF.H3.38.004521
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-3a)PDF.H3.38.004522
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-3b)PDF.H3.38.004523
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A-3u)PDF.H3.38.004524
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/E)PDF.H3.38.004572
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/E-1)PDF.H3.38.004573
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/UA)PDF.H3.38.004574
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/VT)PDF.H3.38.004583
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/VT-1)PDF.H3.38.004584
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/VT-2)PDF.H3.38.004585
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/VT-2s)PDF.H3.38.004586
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X)PDF.H3.38.004064
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-1:1999)PDF.H3.38.004683
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-1:2001)PDF.H3.38.004684
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-1a:2001)PDF.H3.38.004575
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-1a:2003)PDF.H3.38.004686
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-2)PDF.H3.38.004685
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-3:2002)PDF.H3.38.004576
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-3:2003)PDF.H3.38.004687
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-4)PDF.H3.38.004577
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-4p)PDF.H3.38.004578
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-5)PDF.H3.38.004579
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-5g)PDF.H3.38.004580
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-5n)PDF.H3.38.004581
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/X-5pg)PDF.H3.38.004582
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.0PDF.H3.38.00258
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.1PDF.H3.38.004676
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.2PDF.H3.38.004677
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.3PDF.H3.38.004678
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.4PDF.H3.38.004679
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.5PDF.H3.38.004680
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.6PDF.H3.38.004681
Adobe Portable Document Format v1.7PDF.H3.38.004682
Adobe Portable Document Security DataACRODATA.M3.29.004772
Adobe PostScript Compact Font (MacBinary)OTF, TTF.M2.26.003515
Adobe PostScript Compact Font Collection (MacBinary)TTC.M2.26.003516
Adobe PostScript Font (Binary)PFB, PFA.M2.14.00340
Adobe PostScript Font (MacBinary)PFB.M2.09.00705
Adobe Premiere Graphic Peak WaveformPEK.M2.32.004096
Adobe Premiere Pro TitlePTL.M2.33.004141
Adobe Printer Font MetricsPFM, MMM.M2.28.00358
Adobe Remote Patch UpdateRTP.M2.18.002091
Advanced Audio Coding ADIF SoundAAC.M2.16.00454
Advanced Audio Coding ADTS SoundAAC.M2.16.002419
Advanced Digital Audio CompressedADA.M3.21.001692
Advanced Forensic Format Disk ImageAFF.M3.19.002695
Advanced Image Coding ImageAIC.M2.07.001540
Advantage Database Server DatabaseADT.M2.18.002692
Adventure SOS Compiled Adventure GameSOS.M2.11.002039
Aegis Animation..H2.25.002325
AES Crypt ArchiveAES.M3.15.004616
Affinity Publisher DocumentAFTEMPLATE.M3.37.004859
AFS Volume Dump Image..M2.26.003528
After Effects Project (MacBinary)..M3.38.004871
AFX/XPFX ArchiveAFX.M2.18.002645
AGEMA FileAFF.M2.19.042856
Agenda DatabaseAGB.M2.29.003951
Ai Archiver ArchiveAI.M2.22.003080
Ai32 Archiver ArchiveAI.M2.22.001520
AIN Archiver ArchiveAIN.M2.07.00427
AIX Small Indexed Archive (32-bit)AR.M2.18.001563
AIX Small Indexed Archive (32/64-bit)AR.M2.18.001564
Akai S5000/S6000 MIDI Keyboard SampleAKP.H2.18.002623
Aksharamala Binary KeymapAKM.M2.19.042859
AKT ArchiveAKT.M2.22.002297
Aladdin Systems File ComponentPFC.L2.00.00940
Aladdin Systems Private FilePF.L2.00.00939
AlbumPlus AlbumSAP.H2.27.003662
AlbumWrap Music ArchiveMP3YH3.16.001561
Aley's ModuleALM.M3.16.002860
Alias Wavefront MovieMV.M2.17.002600
Alias Wavefront Raster ImageRLA, RLB.M2.08.001014
AliceSoft PMS Bitmap ImagePMS.M2.08.001670
Allegro Compressed PackfileDAT.M2.21.002996
Allegro Generic DataDAT.M2.07.001456
Allegro Uncompressed PackfileDAT.M2.21.002997
ALZip Compressed ArchiveALZ.M2.08.001562
AlZip EGG Compressed ArchiveEGG.M3.17.004659
Amapi 3D ModelA3D.M2.07.001477
Amazon Kindle Update PackageBIN.M3.22.004708
America Online Address BookABY.M3.16.001270
America Online Address Book IndexABI.M3.16.001269
America Online Buddies ListBAG.M2.13.001271
America Online Connect Service Data..M2.13.001409
America Online DataGLF, PPK.M2.06.001290
America Online ImageART.M2.07.001541
America Online IndexIND.M2.13.001334
America Online Instant Messenger URL CacheDAT.M3.16.001961
America Online Internet MailIDX, LST.M2.14.001333
America Online Personal File CabinetORG, PFC, ARL, AUT, MAIL.M3.16.001335
American McGee's Alice Saved Game FileSPV, SAV.M2.11.002016
Ami-Back Hard Drive BackupBAC.M3.16.004645
Amiga Contiguous BitmapACBM.H2.18.002629
Amiga DOS Disk..M2.23.003188
Amiga Fastdir DOS Disk..M2.23.003192
Amiga Fastdir FFS Disk..M2.23.003193
Amiga FFS Disk..M2.23.003189
Amiga IFF/8SVX SoundSND, IFF, LBM, 8SV, SVX, 8SVX.H1.00.0025
Amiga Inter DOS Disk..M2.23.003190
Amiga Inter FFS Disk..M2.23.003191
Amiga Kickstart Disk..M2.23.003194
Amiga Library Data..M2.23.003185
Amiga Metafile FormatAMF, AMFF.H2.18.001819
Amiga Program..M2.23.003016
Amiga Rigid Disk Block..M2.23.003187
Amiga Shared Library..M2.23.003184
Amiga Workbench IconINFO.M2.18.00652
Amiga XPKF Compressed Archive..M2.22.003122
AmigaOS Disk ImageADF.M2.17.002569
AmigaWriter Document..M2.22.003111
AMusic AdLib Tracker MusicAMD.M3.16.002572
AMX Mod X Plug-inAMXX.M2.15.002363
Analog Box Modular SongABOX2.M3.33.004818
Android OS Boot ImageIMG.M2.26.003584
Anfy Applet Generator Saved FileAJP.M2.15.002362
Animatic FilmFLM.M2.12.002140
Animation Studio CharacterCFT.M2.29.00219
Animation Studio Sound EffectsSEC.M2.29.003957
Anivga Toolkit Sprite ImageCOD.M2.17.002591
AnswerWorks Search Glue FileMOR.M2.18.002720
Antenna Data FileADF.M2.18.002690
Apabi eBookCEB, XEB.M2.21.002952
Apache Avro Object ContainerAVRO.M3.22.004711
ApiViewer API DatabaseAPV.M2.15.002367
APlayer Module MusicUNI.M3.16.002584
Apollo Database Engine IndexNSX.M2.10.001930
Aportis DocumentPDB.M2.23.002609
AppFace SkinURF.M3.03.004360
Apple ][ Document..M2.29.003920
Apple ][ Floppy Disk ImageIMAGE.M2.29.003929
Apple ][ MusicSNG, TUNE, SONG.M2.32.003921
Apple ][ Program..M2.29.003931
Apple ][ Program OverlayOVL, RUN.M2.29.003928
Apple Alias/Shortcut..M3.33.004809
Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image (General)2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003199
Apple Filing Protocol Data Fork..M2.24.003404
Apple Filing Protocol Resource Fork..M2.32.003922
Apple II Finder IndexDATA.M3.10.004534
Apple IIgs HyperCard Stack..M2.29.003923
Apple IIgs System ConfigurationSYSTEM.M2.29.003937
Apple IIgs Wave BankWBNK.M2.29.003938
Apple iOS Photo Database Cache..M3.26.004748
Apple MPEG-4 ALE AudioM4A, MP4, MPG4.M3.21.001530
Apple Picture Format ImageAPF.M2.29.003930
Apple QuickTime CacheQTCH.M3.16.002825
Apple Safari Website ArchiveWEBARCHIVE.M3.16.004593
Apple Serialized Typed Stream Data (Intel)..M2.24.003406
Apple Serialized Typed Stream Data (Motorola)..M2.24.003405
Apple SoundSND, HCOYM2.29.003924
Apple UFS Disk Image..M2.22.003131
AppleScript ScriptSCPTYM2.21.003023
AppleWorks 5 DocumentCWK.M3.19.004643
AppleWorks 6 DocumentCWK.M3.19.004644
AptiQuiz TestAQ1.M2.18.002702
AR7 ArchiveAR7.M2.14.002298
Arc 3D Shape3D.M2.29.003939
Arc 6.0 MKS ArchiveEXE.M1.00.0082
Arc ArchiveARC.M2.25.0046
Arc Self-Disolving Compressed Archive (C64)SDA.M2.08.001596
ArcFS RISC OS Archive..M2.23.003214
ArcGIS Geospatial DataSDC.M2.35.004210
Archos Encrypted / Signed DataAAS, AOS.M2.19.042849
ArcInfo Binary ImageHDR.M2.26.003553
ArcMap GIS ProjectMXD.H3.19.003650
ARCV Archive$00.M3.26.004745
ArcView DOQ ImageDOQ, MET.M2.28.003716
ArcView GIS ShapeSHP, SHX.M2.09.001063
Argo WebLoad I UploadWLF.L2.00.001148
Argo WebLoad II UploadWBL.L2.00.001137
Arj ArchiveARJ, A??, DSK.M3.19.0021
Arj Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M1.00.0076
ARMovie VideoRPL.M2.34.004181
ArmPack ArchiveAP.M2.18.002700
ARQ ArchiveARQ.M2.22.003066
ARS ArchiveARS.M2.22.003074
Art Explosion Publisher Pro DocumentNPP.H2.27.003651
Art Icons Pro Icon CollectionICC.M3.16.003808
Art Icons Pro Icon ProjectICPR.M2.28.003814
Artista DesignART.H2.27.003665
ArtRage ProjectPTG.M2.33.004140
Arts & Letters Clipart LibraryYAL.L2.00.001171
Arts & Letters Editor DocumentGED.M1.00.0031
Arts & Letters Graphic ImageGED.M2.28.003768
Artweaver PaintingAWD.M2.18.002714
ARX Compressed ArchiveARX.M2.08.001565
Ascendancy/Flight Unlimited Sound DriverDIG.M2.28.003802
ASCII85 Encoded FileB85.M3.16.004641
ASD ArchiveASD.M2.14.00586
ASDG Split FileSPLT.H2.18.002639
Ashlar-Vellum DrawingVLM.M3.04.004379
ASIMOV2 Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003204
Assembly Manifest IndexAUX.M3.02.004341
Assembly Manifest StoreAMX.M3.02.004340
Aster*x v2 Graphic Image..M2.23.003220
Aster*x v2 Macro..M2.23.003222
Aster*x v2 Spreadsheet..M2.23.003221
Aster*x v2 Words Document..M2.23.003219
Astrid/Quartex Advanced Audio CodingAAC.M2.09.001709
AT&T 3B2 Computer Core..M2.24.003383
Atari 7800 ROM ImageA78.M2.18.002687
Atari CAS Cassette Tape ImageCAS.M3.36.004848
Atari Disk ImageATR.M2.08.001691
Atari Lynx ROM ImageLNX.M2.10.001894
Atari MSA Disk ImageMSA.M2.17.00884
Atari ST Guide Reference LinksREF.M2.34.004169
Atari ST Minix Disk ImageST.M2.22.001082
Atari ST MiNT ProgramPRG, GEM, TTP.M2.14.002266
Atari ST sc68 Music..M2.24.003403
Atari ST SNDH MusicSNDH.M3.21.003402
Atari ST TOS ProgramPRG, GEM, TTP.M2.11.001994
Atari ST YM2149 Module/SongYM.M3.16.001514
Atari STT Disk ImageSTT.M3.34.004821
Atlantis Facsimile ImageFAXX.M2.18.002628
Atmos SnapshotDAT, TAP.M2.07.001455
Atomik Cruncher Archive..M2.18.002646
Audacity Audio BlockAU, AUF.M2.18.001707
Audacity Project FileAUP.M2.09.001708
Audible Audio BookAA.M2.26.003576
Audio IFF Compressed SoundAIFC, AIFF, AIF, IFF, SND.H2.25.001693
Audio IFF SoundAIFF, AIFC, AIF, IFF, SND.H3.05.00323
Audio Manager ModuleAMM.M2.18.002654
Audio Manager Module (RIFF)AMM.H2.18.002653
AudioGraph Video (MacBinary)DIST, DISTZ, PKG, MPKG.M2.16.002460
Audition Play DataARP.M2.15.001145
AUKTOOLS 2000 Compressed ArchiveCMP.M2.08.001584
AUPEC AudioMV3.M2.07.001536
Aurora Engine Talk TableTLK.M3.01.004314
AUS Backup Data Archive..M3.26.004746
Authorware Course File (Packaged)A4P, A4R.M2.15.00594
Authorware Course File (Without Runtime)A4P.M2.19.042848
Authorware Shocked File (Map)AAM.M2.15.00592
Authorware Windows File (Unpackaged)A3W, A4W, A5W.M2.15.00593
AutoCAD DrawingDWG, DWT.M3.10.0026
AutoCAD Drawing (MacBinary)DWG.M2.09.001744
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (Binary)DXF.M2.08.0074
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange BinaryDXB, ACAD.M2.08.0075
AutoCAD Material-LibraryMLI.M2.10.001911
AutoCAD R10 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004605
AutoCAD R11/R12 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004606
AutoCAD R13 Subtype 10 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004607
AutoCAD R13 Subtype 11 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004608
AutoCAD R13 Subtype 12 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004609
AutoCAD R14 Subtype 13 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004610
AutoCAD R14 Subtype 14 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004611
AutoCAD R2.5 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004602
AutoCAD R2.6 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004603
AutoCAD R2000 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004612
AutoCAD R2004 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004613
AutoCAD R2007 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004614
AutoCAD R9 DrawingDWG.M3.14.004604
AutoCAD Shape EntitiesSHX.M2.13.002027
AutoCAD VBA MacroDVB.H2.27.003624
Autodesk 3D Data Exchange Image (Binary)FBX.M3.19.002803
AutoDesk Animator Pro Tween DataTWE.M2.27.003689
AutoDesk Inventor Drawing/PartIDW, IPT.H2.27.003637
AutoDesk Inventor Export JournalXLO.M2.07.001512
AutoDesk Web Graphics ImageDWF.M3.19.00692
Automation Compacter Archive..M2.18.002647
Automation Packer Archive..M2.18.002648
AutoREALM MapAUR.M2.18.002710
AutoREALM SymbolsAUS.M2.18.002711
AutoRoute ExportAXE.H2.27.003614
Avast! Antivirus SkinASWCS.M2.20.002869
Avast! Setup/Update PackageVPU.M3.04.004387
AVCHD Clip InformationCPI.M3.19.002983
AVCHD PlaylistMPL.M3.19.003998
AVCHD Thumbnail IndexTID.M3.19.004307
AVG 6 Integrity DatabaseDAT.M2.21.002998
AVG Antivirus VaultFIL.M2.28.003233
AVHRR Satellite ImageNOAA, GOES, SST.M2.07.00902
Avid Bin FileAVB.M2.18.002712
Avira AntiVir Quarantined FileQUA.M2.34.004159
Avira Product KeyKEY.M2.29.003873
Award AWBM BIOS BitmapBMP.M2.20.002897
AWG Waveform Data PointWFM.M3.05.004409
AWS Virtual Tape ImageAWS.M2.18.002659
AxCrypt Encrypted Data..M2.18.002717
AXS Realtime Analog Synthesizer ModuleAXS.H2.25.002658
AXX ArchiveAAX.M2.14.002295
AZZ Cardfile Database (RTF)TMP.M3.01.004315
AZZ Cardfile Index~I.M3.10.004531
B-tree File System Image..M2.26.003529
Backup File (Unknown Source)BAK, OLD.L1.05.00506
Bag Compressed ArchiveBAG.M2.08.001566
BBx Index..M2.25.003414
BBx Keyed File..M2.25.003416
BBx Program..M2.25.003417
BBx Serial File..M2.25.003415
BDicty Dictionary..M2.23.003280
BeagleWorks Database..M3.36.004852
BeagleWorks Document..M3.36.004850
BeagleWorks Drawing..M3.36.004853
BeagleWorks Painting..M3.36.004854
BeagleWorks Spreadsheet..M3.36.004851
Bee Compressed ArchiveBEE.M2.08.001573
Bells Whistles and Sound Boards Module MusicGDM.M3.16.002576
BeOS Compiler ProjectPROJ.M2.06.001353
Bernie ][ the Rescue Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003203
Better Portable Graphics ImageBPG.M3.19.004617
Bezerk Acrophobia Data FileSRF.M1.05.00388
BGBlitz Position DatabasePDB.M2.09.00833
Big Flexible Line Interpretation (C64) BitmapBFLI.M2.20.002884
Big Tag Image File FormatTIFF, TIFYM2.21.002929
Binary Data (Unknown Source) (MacBinary)BIN.M2.09.001767
Binary Data File (Unknown Source)BIN, BI.L1.05.00380
Binary Device Interface File FormatXFB.M3.07.004448
Binary ExtendScript ScriptJSXBIN.M2.29.003864
Binary Property ListNIB, QTZ, PLIST.M3.33.002826
Bio-Rad Scan1SC.M3.10.004518
BioArc Compressed ArchiveBIO.M2.08.001575
Bitdefender Plug-inXMD.M3.07.004452
BitFax DocumentBFX.M2.20.002886
BitLocker Encrypted Disk Image (Vista)..M3.16.004636
BitLocker Encrypted Disk Image (Windows 7)..M3.16.004637
Bitstream FaceLift for Word Perfect DaPDB.M2.14.002222
BitTorrent Download ConfigurationCONFIG.M2.07.001417
BitTorrent MetainfoTORRENT.M2.07.001403
BIX Compressed ArchiveBIX.M2.14.001576
BIZ dVS Model/Object 1.0BIZ.M2.20.002888
BIZ dVS Model/Object 2.0B2Z, BMZ.M2.25.001479
Black And White 2 Terrain DataTER.M3.00.004297
Black and White 2 Wall DataWAL.M3.05.004396
BlackBerry Backup FileIPD.M2.13.002164
Blackberry Compiled Java CodeCOD.M2.21.002978
BlackBerry DataIL.M2.13.001194
BlackBerry DataISH, BK0.M2.10.001183
BlackBerry DataITB.M2.03.061180
BlackHole Compressed ArchiveBH.M2.08.001574
Blair Witch ProjectPOD.M2.15.00485
Bleem! Memory Card SaveMCD.M2.10.001897
Blender 3D Project File FormatBLEND.M2.19.002784
Blender 3D Python Script..M2.23.003224
BlindWrite 5 Table of Contents/TracksB5T.M2.19.002755
BLINK Compressed ArchiveBLI.M2.08.001577
Blizzard TextureBLP.M2.20.002783
Block DCT Compressor ImageKIF.M2.07.001546
Block Hash LocBHL.M3.20.004688
Blowfish Encrypted DataBFA.M2.20.002883
Blu-ray Disc Movie IndexBDMV.M3.02.004342
Blu-ray Disc Movie ObjectBDMV.M3.02.004343
Blu-ray Movie PlaylistMPLS.M2.30.003999
BMA Archiver Compressed ArchiveBMA.M2.20.002894
BMF Bitmap ImageBMF.M2.08.001647
BOA Constrictor Compressed ArchiveBOA, B58, B??.M2.08.001580
BONK Lossless/Lossy Compressed AudioBONK.M2.16.002420
Boom Tracker v4.0 Module SongCFF.M3.30.004777
Borland Database Engine Character SetCVB.M2.07.001411
Borland Graphics FontCHR.M2.29.003958
Borland Graphics Interface Stroke FontCHR.M2.06.001277
Borland Graphics Printing InterfaceBGI.M1.00.00145
Borland Graphics Video InterfaceBGI.M2.10.001820
Borland Paradox DatabaseDB.M2.21.003002
Borland Paradox IndexXnn, Ynn, Znn, XGn, YGn, ZGn.M2.21.00568
Borland Paradox Primary IndexPX.M2.21.00556
Borland Text Language DictionaryBTL.M2.06.001274
Brava Reader Content Sealed FormatCSF, SCSF.M2.10.001822
Brian's Compression Shell AnimationBCS.M2.12.002099
BroadBand eBookLRF.M2.29.003899
BroadJump Character Set ConversionCNV, DAT.M2.14.001281
Broderbund Mohawk ArchiveMHK.M2.08.001618
Brooks 3200 Slide Show3200, SML.M2.29.003927
Brooktrout Fax ImageBRK.M2.26.003552
Brother BES-100E EmbroideryBDF.M2.20.002881
Brother Daisy Wheel Word Processor Document..M2.19.002739
Brother Embroidery Software FontBFN.M2.20.002885
Brother Home Embroidery ImagePHC.M2.32.004099
Brother Ink Jet Word Processor Document..M2.19.002740
Brother Notebook Word Processor Document..M2.19.002741
Brother Printer DriverBCM.M3.12.004555
Brother SPN/France Word Processor Document..M2.19.002742
Brother SPN/UK Word Processor Document..M2.19.002743
Brother/Babylock/Bernina EmbroideryPES.M2.11.002023
Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home EmbroideryPEC.M3.14.004599
BRSTM Audio StreamKRAW.M2.29.003878
Bryce 6 SceneBR6.M2.19.002785
BSA Packing Program Compressed ArchiveBSN.M2.22.001581
BSArc/BS2 ArchiveBSA, BS2.M2.22.003056
BSD System V AR ArchiveAR.M2.23.003054
BSDIFF Compressed Archive..M3.18.004671
BTSpk ArchiveBTS.M2.14.002301
Buero Plus NexT FlashFiler DatabaseBPD.M2.20.002900
Business Objects ReportREP.H2.27.003661
BWC ArchiveBC.M2.04.00448
BYOB ProjectYPR.M3.08.004477
BYOB SpriteYPR.M3.08.004478
ByteMap FontBMF.M2.20.002896
BZA Compressed ArchiveBZA.M2.08.001582
Bzip Archive V1BZ.M2.14.002302
Bzip Archive V2BZ, BZ2, TBV2.M2.19.001426
CADKEY Workshop DesignCKD.H2.27.003617
Cakewalk Overture ScoreOVE.M2.32.001095
Calamus DocumentCDK.M3.37.004860
Calamus Vector Graphic ImageCVG.M2.18.002668
Calendar Builder Saved CalendarCBF.M3.16.002943
Calendar Builder Style SheetCBS.M2.21.002945
Calendar Creator Plus CalendarCAL.M3.16.00399
Canon BJ Driver Database TableTBL.M2.30.004002
Canon BJ Escape Codes/OutputPRN.M3.16.00277
Canon Digital Camera Picture CatalogCTG.M2.06.001222
Canon Digital Camera RAW Image (CCDR)CRW.M2.10.001824
Canon Digital Camera RAW Image (CR)CR2.M2.19.002789
Canvas 3.5 DocumentCVS.M3.37.004861
CaptiveWorks Satellite Channel DatabaseSDX.M2.35.004213
Capture Classic Filler TemplateJDT.H2.17.002514
CAR Compressed ArchiveCAR.M2.08.001578
Cartesian Products Compressed Internet DocumentCPC.M3.19.002982
CaseMaker AcuBench Workspace Info.WIF.M2.15.002350
Casio Camera ImageCAM.M1.05.00428
Casio Travel Phrase DatabaseADT.M2.18.002693
CASLwin ProgramCSP.M2.16.002462
Catakig Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003200
CATIA DrawingCATDRAWING.M2.21.002940
Caxa CAD DrawingEXB.M2.25.003495
CC:Mail ArchiveCCA.M1.00.00305
CC:Mail RuleRUL.M1.00.00279
CD Catalog Localization DictionaryCAT.M2.06.00907
CD-ROM Autoplay MenuAPM.M2.06.001267
Celestia Font TextureTXF.M3.02.004338
Cellsprings/Web or DT Rule FileCAR.M2.08.001579
CFAST Input FileIN.M2.29.003845
CH Compressor for Picture! ImageCHP.M2.07.001545
Character Set ViewCSV.M2.00.001235
ChArc Compressed ArchiveCHZ.M2.08.001583
Chaser Saved GameSAV.M2.07.001445
Chief Architect PlanPLAN.M2.33.004110
ChiefLZ LZA Compressed Data v1LZA.M3.31.004793
ChiefLZ LZA Compressed Data v2LZA.M3.31.004794
ChiefLZ LZZ Compressed Data v2LZZ.M3.31.004795
ChiefLZA Archive..M2.22.003073
Chile Compressed ArchiveCHL.M2.21.002961
Chinese Academic Journal DocumentKDH.M2.29.003871
Chrome Browser Cache..M3.16.004507
Chrome Browser Saved Session..M3.09.004509
Chrome Browser Visited Links Database..M3.25.004737
Chrome DictionaryBDIC.M3.29.004556
Chrome Local DatabaseLDB, SST.M3.06.004437
Chrome Plug-In ApplicationCRX.M3.09.004510
Chrome Safe Browsing IP List..M3.09.004506
Chuzzle Saved GameDAT.M2.15.002354
Cinema 4D ImageB3D.M2.07.001496
Cinema 4D LayoutL4D.M2.07.001491
Cinema 4D ModelC4D.M2.19.002787
Cinema 4D V4 DataMC4D, CINEMA4D.H2.18.002290
Cinema 4D V5 Catalog..M2.07.001494
Cinema 4D V5 Document..M2.07.001493
Cinema 4D V5 Function Curve..M2.07.001495
Cinema 4D V5 Preferences..M2.07.001492
Cinematic Video (Quake 2)CIN.M2.07.001548
Cineon BitmapCIN.M2.07.001547
CISO Compressed ISO CD ImageCSO.M2.19.002786
Clarion ApplicationAPP.M2.26.003550
Claris CAD Drawing (MacBinary)..M3.38.004868
Claris Draw Image (MacBinary)CDD.M2.09.00644
Claris Works DictionaryMSP.M2.25.003421
Claris Works DocumentCWK.M2.25.001823
Claris Works Document (MacBinary)CWK.M2.09.00643
Claris Works PalletePLT.M2.25.003420
ClickyMouse Macro4CM.H2.27.003608
ClipArt Gallery Download PackageCIL.M2.19.002790
CloneCD Sub Channel DataSUB.M2.08.001689
CMP ArchiveCMP.M2.24.003364
CMS Music Rudiments ImagePIC.M2.29.003954
CMS Music Rudiments Lesson..M2.29.003956
CMS Music Rudiments MusicCMS.M2.29.003955
Code Breaker SaveCBS.M2.21.002946
Collage Maker GraphicCLG.M2.19.002788
Commodore 64 Emulator Cartridge ImageCRT.M3.19.003565
Commodore 64 Emulator Disk ImageX64.M2.08.001589
Commodore 64 Raw Cassette Tape ImageTAP.M3.19.001591
Commodore 64s Emulator Tape ImageT64.M3.19.001592
Commodore Compressed ArchiveCKIT.M2.26.003545
Commodore Power 64 Memory Image..M2.08.00665
Common Musical ScoreCMUS.H2.18.002631
Compact Disc Digital Audio TrackCDA.H2.13.00499
Compact Pro Self-Ext Arch (MacBinary)..M2.09.001796
Compactor Pro Archive (MacBinary)..M2.09.001800
Compaq/HP RILOE Disk Image..M2.22.003147
Compiler Library (COFF)LIB, A, AR.M2.14.0095
Compiler Library (MS Basic)LIB.M2.10.001890
Compiler ObjectOBJ.M3.29.00126
Composite Attachment FileCAF, DAF, EM, PM.M2.16.012509
Compressed Channel Data FileCNDF.M2.21.002976
Compressed Square Wave AudioCSW.M2.21.002378
Compressed Voice FileMSV, DVF.M3.21.001698
Compressia Archive..M2.22.003082
Computer Associates ArchiveCAZ.M2.21.002941
Computer Graphics Metafile (Binary)CGM.M2.17.00351
ComputerEyes Raw ImageCE1, CE2YM2.12.001543
Computerized Speech Lab AudioNSP.M2.25.001717
CompW BitmapWLM.M2.08.001686
Concatenate (CAT) Interchange File FormatIFF, FTXT, FTX, RBS.H2.30.003966
Concept Draw Drawing/DiagramCDD.M2.25.001379
ConcertWare Music Score (MacBinary)..M3.38.004866
Configuration File (Binary)CFG, CNF.M2.03.061240
Content Guard Digital Rights Management DatabaseDB.M2.18.00648
Continuous Edge Graphic ImageCEG.M2.22.001544
Cool 3D ImageUEZ.M2.11.002069
Cool Edit Session FileSES.M2.25.001054
CopyQM Floppy Disk Image..M3.34.004827
Core Audio Format SoundCAF.M3.21.002661
Corel CENTRAL Address BookADB.M3.16.002358
Corel ChartCCT.M2.28.003799
Corel ClipArt ScrapBookSRB, SRI.H2.17.002203
Corel Color Match ProfileCCM.H2.07.001424
Corel Compressed ImageWI.M2.07.001406
Corel Draw ColorsetCOL.M2.15.02613
Corel Draw Font/SymbolsWFN.M1.00.0037
Corel Draw MaskMSK.H2.10.001420
Corel Draw Script TextureUDI.M2.07.001404
Corel Draw TemplateCDT.H2.07.00612
Corel Draw TextureTEX.M2.10.001401
Corel Dream 3D ModelD3D.M2.07.001460
Corel Dream 3D ShaderSHA.M2.07.001396
Corel Duotone FileCIK.M2.15.00633
Corel Flow ImageBMF.M2.26.003591
Corel Graphics Draw Media LinesNPM.M2.10.001928
Corel Metafile Exchange Image (Intel)CMX, PAT, CDR.H3.05.00631
Corel Metafile Exchange Image (Motorola)CMX, PAT, CDR.H2.17.002279
Corel Motion 3D AnimationM3D.L2.00.00850
Corel OCR Trace ConfigurationCFG.M2.18.00617
Corel Photo House ImageCPS.H2.27.003619
Corel PhotoPaint PaletteCPL.M2.18.001967
Corel PhotoPaint Shear MapSHR.M2.07.001397
Corel PhotoPaint User Defined FilterUSR.M2.07.001405
Corel Presents PresentationPQF, SHW, CPR.H3.19.00634
Corel Presents Run-Time PresentationCRP.L2.00.00637
Corel Saved SearchFIN.M2.07.001383
Corel Show Slide PresentationSHB, SHW.M2.03.061062
Corel Software Identifier/SecurityID, BIN.M2.10.001966
Corel Supplemental DictionarySUP.M2.07.00442
Corel Support FileTPA, SCK.M2.07.001407
Corel Texture ColorsetCOL.M2.03.06467
Corel ThesaurusTHS.M2.07.001402
Corel Ventura LibraryVLB.L2.00.001122
COSMI Desktop Publishing DocumentPUB, DTP, BRO, BCD, CRD.M3.37.004855
Cosmic Blobs ModelBLOB.M2.20.002891
CoverDesigner CD Cover Image/TemplateNCD, NCT.M2.07.001498
CPC Plus Cartridge ImageCPR.M2.10.001841
CPIO ArchiveCPIO.M3.19.001427
Crayola Art ImageIMP.M1.00.0032
Crazy Machines ModelUCM.M3.03.004350
CRDA Wireless Regulatory Database..M2.24.003328
Creative SoundFont Manager DataSFM.M2.07.001414
Creative Webcam Video Effects PackVFZ.M3.04.004374
Creative Writer DocumentMAX.H2.27.003646
Crick Software WordBar FileWBR.L2.00.001138
Crick Software WordBar TemplateWBT.L2.00.001139
Cricket Graph DataCGD.M1.00.0040
Cricket Graph FontFNT.M2.29.003952
Cricket Graph GraphicsCGG.M1.00.0041
Cricket Graph SlideCGT.M1.00.0042
Crocodile Physics SimulationCYP.M2.21.002993
CrossePAC Compressed ArchivePAC.M2.06.001362
Croteam TextureTEX.M3.00.004299
Crouzet Logic Software M3 projectPM3.M2.33.004116
Crunch Archive..M2.18.002649
Crunch Mania Archive..M2.18.002651
CRUSH Compressed ArchiveCRU, CRUSH.M2.07.001428
Cryo Interactive APC AudioAPC.M2.08.001696
Cryo Interactive Game DataBF.M2.20.002882
CryptoMite Encrypted Archive..M2.10.001825
Cryptx Encrypted DataCRYPT, CRYPTX.M2.21.002986
Crystal Decisions Chart Gradient3WS.M2.13.002188
Crystal Decisions Chart Template3TF.M2.12.002145
Crystal ReportRPT.H2.17.001020
CTXf Compressed ArchiveCXF.M2.14.001585
Cult3D ActiveX Player ApplicationCO.M2.21.002977
Cyber Paint Sequence ImageSEQYM2.25.002141
Cyberboard Gamebox DataGBX.M2.28.003764
Cyberboard MoveGMV.M2.28.003774
Cyberboard ScenarioGSN.M2.28.003781
Cytovision FISH Probe Data..M2.27.003697
Cytovision FLEX Data..M2.27.003698
Cytovision Karyotype Data..M2.27.003696
Cytovision Metaphases Data..M2.27.003695
Cytovision RATS Data..M2.27.003699
D-Lib Generic BytecodeDCF.M2.25.003438
Daemon Tools Pro Disk ImageSAV.M2.35.004200
DAKX Compressed AudioDAX.H2.25.001710
Dalvik Dex Exacutable/ClassDEX.M3.19.003445
Dark Forces DataGOB.M1.00.00242
DarkCryptTC Encrypted File ContainerXDC.M3.06.004434
Darwin Pond ProjectDWP.M2.19.002796
Data File (Unknown Source)DAT, DTA, DATA.L1.05.00353
Data Module Language DictionaryDMD.M2.13.002154
DataCAD Symbol FileSM3.L2.00.001070
DataEase DatabaseDBM.M2.16.002427
DAX Compressed CD ImageDAX.M2.25.003433
DB/TextWorks Database Access Control FileACF.M2.18.002689
DB/TextWorks Database Deferred Update DirectorySDO.M2.35.004212
DB/TextWorks Database Terms and WordsOCC.M2.32.004067
dBase II DatabaseDBFYH2.30.043157
dBase III+ FormFRM.M2.19.0060
dBase III+ Program FilePRG.M1.00.0061
dBase III+ Screen FormatFMT.M1.00.0059
dBase III+/FoxBase+ Database (with memo)DBFYH2.30.043150
dBase III/III+/IV/FoxBase+/FoxPro DatabaseDBFYH2.30.0458
dBase IndexNDX.M2.19.00549
dBase IV DatabaseDBFYH2.30.043152
dBase IV Database (with memo)DBF, BFYH2.30.043154
dBase IV Database (with SQL table)DBFYH2.30.043155
dBase V DatabaseDBFYH2.30.043153
dBXL DatabaseDBXL.L2.28.003824
DC ArchiveDC.M2.23.003078
DCA Compressed ArchiveDCA.M2.08.001587
DCM Music ModuleDCM.M3.16.002669
DCMO6 Emulator Tape ImageK7.M2.10.001843
Debian Linux PackageDEB.M2.22.002407
DEC LN03+ Sixel Graphic ImageSIX, SIXEL, LN03.M2.08.001065
Declan Word DatabaseXWF.M3.08.004471
Dell BIOS ImageHDR.M2.23.003261
Dell Certification FileDCF.M2.30.001947
DELL Program Diskette ImageIMG.M2.00.001229
Delphi Compiled Unit FileDCU.M2.14.00649
Delphi Diagram PortfolioDDP.M2.14.00678
Delphi FormDFM.M2.18.022725
Deluxe Paint AnimationANM.M2.07.001518
Deluxe Paint Mono-Colour FontM.M2.14.002324
Deluxe Paint Multi-Colour FontC.M2.14.002322
Deluxe Paint Perspective MovePRSP.H2.18.002637
Deluxe Video Construction Set Video..H2.23.003251
Dependency Walker ImageDWI.M2.10.001831
DERIVE Math Package for WindowsDFW.M2.25.003446
Descent 2 Mission FileMN2.L2.00.00879
Descent 2 Registered LevelRL2.L2.00.001013
Descent Alternative Texture SetPOG.M2.06.00967
Descent FontFNT.M2.17.00528
Descent High ScoresHI.M2.17.00529
Descent MissionHOG.M2.17.00780
Descent Movie LibraryMVL.M2.17.00630
Descent PlayerPLR.M2.17.00530
Descent Property Resource DataHXM, HAM.M2.17.00785
Descent Property Resource InterchangeHMEL.M2.17.001102
Descent Registered LevelRDL, RL2.M2.17.001008
Descent RobotsPOF.M2.17.00531
Descent Texture SetPIG.M2.15.001366
DESI-III drawingBIN.M2.20.002887
Design & Print Business Edition DocumentPVN.M2.33.004144
DesignCAD DrawingDCD.H2.17.002513
Designer I Embroidery Machine ImageHUS.M2.09.001704
DesignTools 2D DesignDTD.M2.21.002926
DeskMate Clip ArtCLP.M2.29.002967
DeskMate Draw ImageFIG.M2.28.003734
DeskMate Filer DatabaseFIL.M2.28.003735
DeskMate Paint ImagePNT.M2.29.003947
DeskMate SongSNG.M2.29.003946
DeskMate SoundSND.M2.29.003948
Desktop Color SeparationDCS, EPS.L2.00.00669
DESQview GroupGRP.M1.00.00248
Device Emulator System StoreDESS.M2.21.003022
DexDrive Playstation Memory Card SaveGME.M2.10.001861
DGIndex ProjectD2V.M2.21.002994
Diablo 630 Escape Codes/OutputPRN.M3.16.002404
Diablo II Game Character/EquipmentD2S.M2.07.001481
DICOM ImageDICM, DCM.M2.20.011550
DICOM Image (MacBinary)DICM, DCM.M2.16.002443
Diet Archive..M1.00.0048
DIET Compressed DOS ProgramCOM.M2.10.001817
Digibooster MusicDIGI.M2.17.002573
Digibooster Pro Tracker Module..M2.24.003389
DIGILINEAR Compressed ArchiveDLC.M2.08.001600
Digital Document Interchange Format ImageDDIF.M2.17.00670
Digital G Codec ArchiveDGC.M2.08.001588
Digital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap (Intel)DPX.M2.08.001671
Digital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap (Motorola)DPX.M2.21.002923
Digital Speech Standard Compressed AudioDSS.M3.21.002381
Digital UNIX Core Dump..M2.23.003182
Digital Video Interface ImageC16, I16, I8, CMY, CMI, CMQ, IM?.M2.12.002139
Digital Video Interface VideoAVS, DVI.M2.12.002138
Digital Video MovieDV.M2.22.00690
Direct Stream Digital MusicDSF.M3.21.004700
Direct3D Audio DriverCSP.M3.05.003809
Direct3D Image TemplateTLE.M2.28.003812
Direct3D Object (Binary)X, D3D, XIE.M2.06.001243
Direct3D Object (Binary) CompressedX, D3D, XIE.M2.17.002531
DirectDraw SurfaceDDSYM3.19.002793
DirectInput Force Feedback EffectFFE.H2.10.001832
DirectMusic Producer Segments TypeSGT.H3.19.001833
DirectMusic StyleSTY.H3.19.001834
Disintegrator ArchiveDST.M2.14.002304
Disk Copy Disk Image (MacBinary)..M2.09.001793
Disk Doubler ArchiveDD, SEA.M3.33.004810
Disk Doubler Archive (MacBinary)..M2.09.001774
Disk Imploder ImageDMP, DEX.M3.33.004814
Disk Masher Compressed Disk ImageDMS.M2.08.001601
Disk2FDI Floppy Disk ImageFDI.M2.25.003510
DiskStation DSM packageSPK.M2.37.004257
DisorderTracker 2 ModulePLM.M2.06.00957
DisplayWrite Document..M2.19.002744
DitPack Archive..M2.24.003369
DjVu Document ImageDJVU, DJV.H2.25.001826
DjVu Document Image (MacBinary)DJVU, DJV.M2.16.00511
DMesh 3D ModelDMZ.M2.25.003449
DMK Disk ImageDMK, DSK.M3.35.004833
DNG Camera Image ProfileDCP.M3.31.004790
DNL Page Turning e-BookDNL.M2.19.002792
DocuFile / EDMICS 2000DDD.M2.16.002466
DocuFile / EDMICS 2000 ImageRLC.M2.16.00513
Document Style DefinitionSTYLEDEF.H2.17.00582
Dolby Theatre System AudioDTS.M2.16.002421
Doom Saved GameDSG, SAVE.M2.10.00682
Dore Raster ImageDORE.M2.22.002671
DOS Emulator Disk Image..M2.22.003125
DOS Master Boot Record (MBR)DOS, SYS.M3.12.001213
DOS ProgramEXE, COM, SYS, OVL.M3.06.0115
DOS Program (Tiny)COM, BIN, SYS.M3.06.0130
DOS Sound Interface Kit Module MusicDSM.H3.16.002574
DOSBox Raw OPL (DRO) SongDRO.M3.30.004778
DownLoadable MIDI SoundsDLS.H2.07.00676
Dpae ArchiveDPA.M2.14.002303
Dr. Halo PalettePAL.M2.11.0066
Dr. Web Anti-Virus DatabaseVDB.M2.11.002074
Draft Choice for Windows DrawingDCW.M2.25.003439
Drakan: Order Of The Flame Saved GameRSG.M2.11.002011
Draw Native Drawing (Compress+Preview)ZMF.H3.02.002137
DrazLace IFLI Bitmap (C64)DRL.M2.08.001672
DreamScene Dream Animated WallpaperDREAM.M2.25.003453
DreamWorks Resource ArchiveBLB.M2.18.002660
Drive SnapShot Disk ImageSNA.M2.36.004243
Drive SnapShot Partial Disk ImageSN1, SNn.M2.36.004242
DriveCam Event VideoDCE.M2.19.002795
Drum Blaster Title/SongDTL.M2.29.003953
Dry ArchiveDRY.M2.23.003063
DS Packed ImagesIPK.M2.29.003847
DSK-PRO Compressed Disk ImagePDI.M3.34.004824
Durango Interferometry DocumentOPD.M2.32.004074
DVD MPEG2 Video Object FileVOB.H2.19.001212
DVD Video Manager DataBUP, IFO.M2.27.001219
DVD Video Title SetBUP, IFO.M2.27.003702
Dvdisaster Error Correction DataECC.M2.26.003530
DVM MovieDVM.M2.12.002102
DVR-Studio StreamDVR.M2.25.003462
Dymo DLS Label FileLWL.M2.12.00844
DynaDoc Electric Exchange DocumentWDL.M3.05.004402
Dynamic Adaptive Compression Tool Archive..M2.08.001586
Dynamic File FormatDFF.M2.18.002670
Dynamic Publisher FontFNT.M3.37.004863
Dynamic Publisher Screen PicturePCT.M3.37.004862
Dynamic Studio Module..M3.16.003390
Dzip Compressed ArchiveDZ.M2.25.003465
Dzip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003162
E-mu SoundFont 2.0 MIDI BankSF2, SBK.H3.05.001055
EA Game MODBIG, BIGF, VIV.M3.18.002781
EA Sports Game Graphic Editor ImageFSH.M2.28.003750
Earthlink Email Filter RulesDAT.M2.10.001960
Earthlink Email Message IndexMIF.M2.11.00874
Easy CD Creator Drag To Disk DataZL.M3.09.004487
Easy CD Creator Project LayoutCL5.M2.06.001279
Easy Grade Pro DataEGP.M2.25.003477
EasyGPS TerraByte LocationLOC.M2.10.001895
EasyLanguage DocumentELD.M2.25.003478
EasyRecovery Saved Recovery StateDAT.M2.15.002355
eBeam WhiteboardWBD.M3.05.004399
eCos ROM File System Image (ROMFS)ROM, FS.M2.14.002336
Edlib FM tracker Module MusicEDL.M3.16.002575
EdLib ModuleJCH.M3.16.003397
Eet ArchiveEET.M2.16.002437
eFax Electronic Fax DocumentEFX, JSD.M2.15.001210
eFax Electronic Fax PhonebookADG.M2.10.001939
eFax Localization DataDAT.M2.10.001959
eFax Phone BookADR.M2.10.001968
eGatherer Collected System Configuration InformationEG2.M2.25.003474
EGG VideoEGG.M3.17.004660
egis Encrypted DataEGISENC.M2.25.003475
Egrid32 Compilable Grid Ready to be CompiledCGF.M2.21.002956
Egrid32 Compilable Grid Ready to be ModifiedCGF.M2.21.002957
Egrid32 FormEGR.M2.10.001838
Egrid32 Form Properties TemplateEGP.M2.10.001837
Egrid32 Form SnippetSNL.M2.11.002038
EIOffice Document BinderEIO.M2.10.001839
Ekahau Site Survey Binary ContainerESS.M2.25.003489
Electric Image 3D ImageFACT.H2.07.001483
Electric Image FileEIDI, EI.L2.00.00701
Electronic Arts Game Audio 1ASF, AS4.M2.18.002655
Electronic Arts Game Audio 2KSF.M2.18.002656
Electronic Book Exchange eBookEBX.M2.25.003467
ELI 5750 Compressed ArchiveELI.M2.24.003365
Elite Plus Commander Saved GameCDR.M2.10.001840
eMachineShop CAD Design DrawingEMS.M2.25.003480
Empire Earth 1 DataSSA.M2.20.002868
Emulator Emaxsynth SamplesEZ2.M3.22.004713
Emulator III Synth SamplesEZ3, ISO.M3.22.004714
Enable SpreadsheetSSF.M2.20.001081
Enable Wordprocessor DocumentWPF.M2.19.001151
Encapsulated PostScript Document (MacBinary)EPS, EPI, EPSF, AI.M3.16.001732
Encapsulated PostScript PreviewEPS, EPSF.M2.06.00133
EnCase Case DataCAS, CBK.M2.07.001451
EnCase Evidence SegmentEVF, Enn, E01, EWF, Lnn, L01, Snn, S01.M3.19.001440
EnCase Evidence Segment v2.00Exnn, Ex01.M3.15.004620
EnCase Hash DatabaseHASH.M2.20.021385
EnCase Packed EnScriptENPACK.M2.29.003943
Encrypted Data (Headerless)FLK.M2.31.003174
Encrypting File System Stream (NTFS ADS)???$EFS, DAT.M2.35.004196
EncryptOnClick (Encrypted)EOCYH3.02.003178
EndNote Connection FileENZ.M2.10.001845
EndNote LibraryENL.M3.16.004653
EndNote StyleENS.M2.25.003484
Enhanced Compressed WaveletECW.M2.08.001673
Enhanced Compressor ArchiveENC.M2.14.00470
Enhanced Variable Rate Codec SoundEVC.M2.16.002508
Enhanced Variable Rate Codec Sound-BEVB.M2.16.00492
Ensoniq PARIS Audio FormatPAF.M2.08.001700
Ensoniq WavesetECW.M2.06.001288
Envoy DocumentEVY, ENV.M2.07.00251
EPANET Data FileNET.M2.17.00551
EPC ArchiveEPC.M2.22.003081
EPOC16 Dynamic Link LibraryDYL.M2.10.001835
Erdas ImageLAN, GISYM2.25.00181
Erdas Image (HFA)HFAYM2.28.003723
Error Code Modeler Pre-Processed CD ImageECM.M2.26.003589
ESET NOD32 Antivirus LicenseLIC.M2.29.003889
ESET Smart Security Quarantined FileNDF.M2.31.004046
EstImage DatabaseEDB.M2.25.003469
Eudora Mailbox Table of Contents (MacBinary)TOC.M2.21.001093
Euphoria Database System DatabaseEDB.M2.10.001836
EVE Online DataBLUE.M2.20.002893
EVE Online Game Contents ArchiveSTUFF.M2.15.00590
EverAD PlayJ SoundPLJ.M2.16.00502
Evernote DatabaseENB.M2.25.003482
EVGA Precision X SkinUSF.M3.03.004362
EViews WorkfileWF1.M3.05.004408
ExamView On-line TestEOT.M2.25.003485
ExamView Performance FilePRF.M2.14.002220
ExamView Question BankBNK.M2.14.002219
ExamView Test FileTST.M2.14.002221
Exchange CardECARD.M2.18.002674
eXotic Adlib Module..M3.16.003399
EXP1 ArchiveEXP1.M2.22.003070
EXP: The Scientific Word Processor DocumentWXP.M2.26.003602
ExperVision TypeReader DatabaseDB.M2.14.002237
ExperVision TypeReader DictionaryDCT.M2.14.00521
Explorations RPG System MapGroup ObjectEGRP, EOBJ, ECHR.M2.10.001848
EXS-24 InstrumentEXS.M2.27.003684
Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC)..M2.19.002729
Extended CPCEMU Style Disk ImageDSK.M2.10.001842
eXtensible ARchiver ArchiveXAR.M3.18.00684
Extension-Sort Packer ArchiveESP.M2.10.00706
Extensis Portfolio Image Database (MacBinary)..M3.38.004870
eXtra Simple Music Module..M3.16.003400
EXTRACAD DrawingCAD.M2.21.002933
Eyemail Video RecordingEYE.M2.19.002800
EZ-DiskCopy Pro Disk ImageRIM.M3.35.004831
FaceSave ImageFACE.M2.22.003039
Facsimile Group 3 ImageFAX, G3.M2.22.00714
FairUse Wizard ProjectFUP.M2.10.001852
Family Lawyer DocumentQFL.L2.00.00991
Family Tree CD CatalogCTL.M2.10.001957
Family Tree DatabaseFTW, FBK.H2.27.001359
Family Tree System FileBIN.H2.17.001970
Famtasia Movie CaptureFMV.M2.28.003739
Fanta Vision MovieMVE.M1.00.0085
Fanta Vision Movie (IFF)FANT.H2.17.002601
FAR Manager Help FileHLF.M3.16.001864
Farallon Replica DocumentRPL.M3.37.004857
Farandole Composer PatternFPT.M3.19.001849
Farandoyle Composer Music ModuleFAR.M3.16.00712
Farandoyle Sample FileFSM.M2.08.00744
Fat Binary68K, PPC.M2.19.002732
FATX File System Image..M2.25.003424
FaxWorks Audio FileVMF.L2.00.001123
FerretSoft Cache Index..M3.16.0024
FFR ArchiveFFR.M2.28.003730
FI Data Profiler Statistical AnalysisFIS.M3.29.004774
Fiasco DatabaseFDB, FDAT, FPR, FREC.M2.28.00717
FIFA Football & Need for Speed AudioASF, AST.M2.08.00588
FIFA World Cup ArtFFN.M2.28.003728
Figlet Font ControlFLC.M2.28.003736
File Crypt Encrypted FileRZX.M2.34.004194
File Imploder ArchiveIMP.M3.33.004815
File Investigator 2.x DatabaseFIV, FIB, FID, FIP.M2.28.001375
File Investigator for DOS DataDES, PAT.M2.28.00149
File Investigator for DOS ScriptsJOBYM1.00.00150
File Investigator Hash Code DatabaseFIHYH3.06.011376
FileMaker 1 Database (MacBinary)..M3.38.004873
FileMaker Pro DatabaseFP, FP3, FPT, FMP, FP5.M3.19.00738
FileMaker Pro File (MacBinary)FP, FP3, FPT, FMP.M2.09.001746
FileMaker Pro FontFMF.M2.14.002212
FileSync ProfileFSY.M2.10.001851
Final Draft DocumentFDD, FDR.M3.19.001950
Final Fantasy Game ArchiveLGP.M2.15.00629
Finale Music ScoreMUS.M3.16.001919
Finder Backup Burnable Archive Book Mark..M3.09.004513
Findit DocumentIOF.L2.00.00801
Firebird DatabaseFDB.M3.14.004597
FireViewer/ImageViewer Image..M2.23.003281
FishSim Add-onJR2.M2.29.003862
FlagShip Database (with memo)DBFYH2.30.043156
Flash Color TableCLR.M2.21.002969
Flash MovieFLA.H2.17.00727
Flash Movie (MacBinary)FLA.M2.09.001770
Flash VideoFLV.M2.13.001188
Flash Video DebugSWD.M3.00.004282
FlashPix BitmapFPX, CPX, FMP.H2.26.00740
FlashPix Bitmap (MacBinary)FPX, CPX, FMP.M2.16.00512
Flight Unlimited Compiled ResourceRES.M2.28.003803
FlightGear SceneryBTG.M2.20.002908
FLIR Open Floating Point Format ImageFPF.M3.31.004792
Floppy Disk File Compressed Disk ImageFDF.M3.34.004828
Floppy Disk Image / MBR (FAT12)IMG, DD.H3.19.001473
Floppy Disk Image / MBR (FAT16)IMG, DD.H3.19.002675
Floppy Disk Manager Disk ImageFDM.M2.25.003511
Flow Document..H2.18.002632
Folio Infobase DocumentNFO.M2.31.004050
Font File (Unknown Source)FNT, FON.L1.05.00533
Fontographer Font (MacBinary)FOG.M2.22.00736
Foobar2000 Columns UI SettingsFCS.M2.13.002153
Fookes Super NoteTab TemplateOTL.L2.00.00921
Forensic Toolkit (FTK) EvidenceDAT.M3.19.001453
Formatta Filler Portable FormPFF.M2.32.004097
Formatted Disk Image/Data Block..M2.22.003123
FormFlow FormFRL, FRP, FRZ.H2.27.003629
FormTool Gold FormTFM.M3.01.004301
FoxBase DatabaseDBFYH2.30.043151
FoxPro/RealMedia CD Tracks DatabaseDBFYH2.30.041349
FoxSQZ Archive..M2.22.003064
Fractal Forge Fractal ParametersMND.M2.06.00868
FrameMaker Dictionary..M2.16.002409
FrameMaker DocumentFM, FRM.M2.04.01730
FrameMaker Graphic ImageFMV.L2.28.003821
FrameMaker Screen Font..M2.16.002410
Framer Animation..H2.18.002630
Framework II DatabaseFW2, FWK.M2.31.00746
Framework III DatabaseFW3.M2.31.00747
Framework IV DatabaseFW4.L2.00.00748
Free Hide FolderFHF.M2.28.003733
Free Lossless Image Format ImageFLIF.M3.19.004647
Free Pascal UnitPPU, PPL, PPO, PPW, PPA, PPT.M2.14.002332
FreeArc Compressed ArchiveARC.M3.19.002703
FreeBSD Screen Shot..M2.23.003232
FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) ProjectVI.M2.17.001111
Freehand 10 DocumentFH10.M2.28.003731
Freehand 3 DrawingFH3.M2.28.003732
Freehand 3 Drawing (MacBinary)FH3.M2.09.001745
Freehand 5 Drawing (MacBinary)FH5.M2.09.00724
Freehand 7 DocumentFH7.M2.27.003700
Freehand 8 DocumentFH8.M2.09.001551
Freehand 9 DocumentFH9.M2.23.003230
FreeMotion Flash MovieSQF.M2.37.004264
Freeze Archive..M2.22.003061
FrontPage Binary-Tree IndexBTR.M2.09.00650
FruityLoops / FL Studio ProjectFLP.M3.20.004695
FTK Imager ImageAD1.M2.37.024279
Fugawi Global Navigator RouteRTE.M2.11.002013
Fugawi Global Navigator TracklogTRK.M3.16.002064
Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic ImageRAF.M2.34.004163
FutureVision Movie SoundtrackFST.M2.18.002664
FutureVision Resource ArchiveCMP.M2.18.002663
Fuxoft AY Music Chip LanguageFXM.M2.28.003754
Fuzzy Bitmap ImageFBM.M2.08.001675
FuzzySheet DocumentFZS.M2.16.002467
G Compressed ArchiveGCA.M2.08.001604
G64 Floppy Disk ImageG64.M3.34.004823
Game Maker 6 ProjectGM6.M2.28.003771
GameBryo AnimationKFM.M2.23.003235
GameBryo Format FileNIF.M2.10.001924
GameCube / Wii AST SoundAST.M3.23.004717
GameCube / Wii BRSTM SoundBRSTM.M3.23.004718
GameCube 3D ModelBDL.M2.26.003594
GameCube THP VideoTHP.M2.26.003595
Games Factory GameGAM.M2.07.001485
GarageBand Audio Filter PresetsPST.M2.27.003683
GarageBand Custom Style Track SettingsCST.M2.27.003685
GarageBand Instrument PresetsPST.M3.33.024819
Garmin GPS PCX5 Track DataTRK.M3.02.004330
Garmin Point of Interest DatabaseGPI.M2.28.003776
Garmin Vechicle ImagesSRF.M2.37.004267
Garmin VoiceVPM.M3.04.004384
Gather ArchiveGTH.M2.22.003068
GEM Metafile ImageGEM, GDI, VDI.M2.25.0087
GEM Metafile Image (Intel)GEM, GDI, VDI.M2.14.002281
GEM Metafile Image (Motorola)GEM, GDI, VDI.M2.25.002280
GEM VDI Paint ImageIMG, GEMYM2.25.009
GEM Write FormatFMT.M1.00.0089
Genbox Family HistoryGCO.M3.16.003765
Genbox Family History DictionaryGDT.M3.16.003767
Genbox Family History Report OptionsGRO.M2.28.003778
GeneRally TrackTRK.M2.11.001097
Generic CADD DrawingGCD.M2.10.00756
Generic DIFF Archive..M3.18.004672
Generic Forensic Zip Disk Image (Intel)gfz, gfzip.M2.21.002916
Generic Forensic Zip Disk Image (Motorola)gfz, gfzip.M2.21.002917
Generic Network CaptureCAP.M3.19.002938
Generic Sound SampleSND, SOUYH2.07.001367
Genetec Video ArchiveG64.M3.15.004621
Geometer's Sketchpad DocumentGSP.M2.28.003782
Geometer's Sketchpad ScriptGSS.M2.28.003783
GEOS Program..M2.25.003425
Getic 3D Scene/ModelBSP.M2.20.002905
GetRight Download ListVSL.L2.00.001131
GetRight File Mirror ListFML.L2.00.00732
GetRight Unfinished DownloadGETRIGHT.L2.00.00761
GetText Portable ObjectPO.M3.05.024418
GFA-BASIC ATARI Tokenized SourceGFA.M2.10.001855
GFA-BASIC MS-DOS Tokenized SourceGFA.M2.23.001854
GFS2 File System Disk Image..M2.22.003148
GGFileSPlit File FragmentGFS.M2.28.003769
Ghost Disk Backup (DOS)001, nnn, GHO.M2.19.042847
Ghost Disk ImageGHO.M2.26.003564
GIMP Brush DataGBR.M2.23.001856
GIMP Curves Data..M2.23.003238
GIMP Gradient Data..M2.23.003237
GIMP ImageXCF, GZYM3.19.001859
GIMP Pattern DataPAT.M2.10.001857
GLF 3D FontGLF.M2.17.002534
Global Input Method Editor DictionaryIMD.M2.30.004013
Glulx Game DataULX.M2.24.003356
Glulx Game Data (MacBinary)ULX.M2.24.003357
Glyph Translation TableGTT.M2.13.002160
Gmini Firmware UpdateAOS.H2.15.002365
GNOME KeyringPKR.M2.23.003239
GNU Compiler Collection Precompiled HeaderGCH.M2.23.003236
GNU Database Manager FileGDBM.M2.16.002426
GNU Message Catalog (Intel).YM2.25.003093
GNU Message Catalog (Motorola).YM2.25.003094
GNU TAR ArchiveTAR.M3.14.002313
GnuPG Encrypted Data..M2.22.003097
GnuPG Key Trust DatabaseGPG.M2.22.003096
GoDot 4-bit Graphics Image4BT.M3.10.004529
Google Earth Compressed Keyhole Markup LanguageKMZYH3.02.003526
Google Earth Keyhole Markup Langage (Compressed)KMZ.H3.19.003316
Google Earth Language DefinitionQM.M2.18.00994
Google Sketchup ModelsSKP.M2.19.022824
Google WebP ImagePUF.M3.15.004626
GPS Pathfinder Office Almanac and Base DataSSF.M2.19.002760
Grace ProjectAGR.M2.15.002360
GrafEq Document (MacBinary)GQF, GQS.M2.16.002471
Graoumftracker New Music ModuleGT2.M2.14.00772
Grapher ImageGCX.H2.27.003682
Graphics Kernel System ImageGKS.M3.17.004656
Graphics Workshop / GIF Cons ThumbnailTHN.M2.06.001345
Gravis Ultrasound PatchPAT.M1.00.00202
Gravis Xperience Joystick GamesetGRX.M2.06.001291
Gravity News DatabaseG.H2.27.003620
Greeting Card Creator ProjectGCF.H2.27.003631
Greeting Card Factory CardFSN.H2.27.003630
Gridded Binary ImageGRIB, GRB.M2.28.00770
Gringotts Encrypted DataGRGYM2.23.003242
GroupWise Admin Database..M2.22.003109
GroupWise File LinkGWI.H2.27.003632
GroupWise Message..M2.22.003108
GroupWise User Word ListUWL.M2.19.032836
GRZip Compressed ArchiveGRZ.M2.08.001607
GRZip II Compressed ArchiveGRZ.M2.08.001608
GTCoach Training LessonTRN.M2.06.001346
GTKtalog Catalog ArchiveGTK.M2.23.003116
GUEmap DocumentGMP.M2.28.003773
Guide DocumentGUI.M1.00.0092
Guild Wars DataFFNA.M2.28.003729
GVA2000 Author LectureGDB.M2.17.00758
GZA Compressed ArchiveGZA.M2.08.001609
Gzip Unix ArchiveGZ, Z, ?Z, ??Z, TAR.M2.28.0044
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC VideoH264.M2.28.003786
H2O Compressed ArchiveH2O.M2.15.002370
HackMaster Hack..M2.23.003279
Half-Life Saved GameSAV.M1.05.00367
HALion Sound SampleFXB.M2.28.003753
Hallmark Card Studio CardHMK.H2.27.003633
Hammer Compressed Game DataHMR.M3.31.004796
HanDBase Database..M2.23.003282
Hangul Word Processor DocumentHWP.M3.19.002756
HAP Archive v2.10HAP.M3.31.004797
HAP Archive v3.00HAP.M3.31.001429
Hard Disk Image/MBRIMG, DD.H2.32.024104
Hard Disk Image/MBR (FAT12)IMG, DD.H3.19.002676
Hard Disk Image/MBR (FAT16)IMG, DD.H3.19.002677
Hard Disk Image/MBR (FAT32)IMG, DD.H3.19.002678
Hard Disk Image/MBR (Linux)IMG, DD.H2.18.002680
Hard Disk Image/MBR (NTFS)IMG, DD, BAK.H2.18.002679
Hard Disk Image/MBR (SysLinux)IMG, DD.H2.22.003126
Harlequin RIP ImagePGB.M3.16.00515
Harmony Assistant MelodyMYR.M2.31.004040
Harvard Graphics ChartCHT.M1.00.00200
Harvard Graphics Draw ImageHDW.H2.07.001423
Harvard Graphics PalettePAL.M1.00.0094
Harvard Graphics PresentationPRS, SH3.M2.19.00974
Harvard Graphics Presentation (OLE)PR4.H3.23.003656
Harvard Graphics Presentation for DOSSHW.M2.19.002750
Harvard Graphics Symbol ImageSYW.M2.19.002735
HBasic Source CodeBAS.M2.20.002874
HCLab ChartHCG.M2.28.003789
HDF5 ArchiveH5.M2.28.003787
Helix Nuts and Bolts Stronghold Encrypted ArchiveSAF, LPD.M2.35.00838
Help File (General)HLP, HSP, HLX.M3.16.0057
Hercules CKD DASD Image..M2.25.003426
Hercules CKD DASD shadow Image..M2.25.003428
Hercules Compressed CKD DASD Image..M2.25.003427
Hex Workshop Hex Editor BookmarkHBK.M2.07.001487
Hex Workshop Hex Editor Character MapMAP.M2.10.001896
Hierarchical Data Format File (v4)HDF.M3.19.00775
Hierarchical Data Format File (v5)HDF, HE5.M3.19.002411
High Efficiency Image Container ImageHEIC.M3.36.004841
High Sierra CD-ROM Filesystem..M2.22.003135
HiJaak PCL Soft FontTPF.M2.26.003603
HiP Compressed ArchiveHIP.M2.28.003793
Hitachi Raster Format ImageHRF.M2.08.001653
HLGuard Z ConfigurationZCFG.M3.08.004480
HMI MusicHMI.M3.28.004766
Home World 2 Game ArchiveBIG.M2.08.001634
Home World 2 ROT Graphic ImageROT.H2.10.001866
Hotbar Compressed Skin ImageXIP.M3.07.004451
HP Bitmap Image..M2.23.003243
HP Digital Imaging Cover Page TemplateCVR.M2.14.002235
HP Digital Imaging Product Assistant DatabaseDBF.M2.18.00647
HP DocumentHPD.H2.27.003634
HP Graphics Language DrawingHGL, HPGL, PLT, HPG.M3.16.00778
HP Graphics Language Drawing (PJL)HPGL, HGL, PLTYH3.16.00841
HP Palmtop 100/200LX IconICN.M3.16.001488
HP Printer Control Language FilePCL, PRN, PJ, PJXL.M3.16.00193
HP Printer Control Language Image (PJL)PCL, PRN, PJ, PJXLYH3.16.00836
HP Printer Font MetricsPFM.M2.28.003816
HP Raster Printer Driver ObjectsRPO.M3.12.004553
HP Scanner ProfileSPF.M2.14.002236
HP-48/48sx/49 Graphic Object BitmapGRO.M2.29.001676
HPA ArchiveHPA.M2.24.003367
HRU BitmapHRU.M2.08.001655
HSI PalettePAL.M1.00.00192
HSI Raw PictureRAWYM2.25.00194
Hudson Entertainment SoundHES.M2.28.003791
Husqvarna Home Embroidery ImageVIP.M2.09.001705
Hyper ArchiveHYP.M2.08.0049
Hyper File MemoMMO.M2.30.003991
HyperStudio Sound Sample..M2.29.003933
HyperStudio Stack (MacBinary)STK.M2.16.002447
I3 Fax ImageI3F.H2.27.003635
IBM BookManager BookshelfBKS.M2.20.002890
IBM BookManager Bookshelf BookBOO.M2.29.003949
IBM BookManager Bookshelf IndexBKI.M2.20.002889
IBM DB2 ConversionCNV.M3.15.004629
IBM DCA Final Form TextFFT.M2.19.00723
IBM DCA Revisable Form TextRFT.M2.19.001010
IBM Filing Assistant Database..M2.07.00267
IBM Graphics Data Format ImageGDF.L2.28.003826
IBM OS/2 2.0 Setup InformationINF.M3.16.003277
IBM Picture Interchange Format ImageGDF.L2.28.003827
IBM Plans+ Spreadsheet Model Definition~MD.M2.31.004024
IBM Storyboard ImagePIC.M2.08.001678
iBooks Asset..M3.09.004514
ICC ProfileICM, ICC, CC, PF.M3.00.00337
ICE Book Reader Book..M2.10.001821
ICE Compressed DOS ProgramCOM.M2.10.001814
Ice Tracker Module Song..M3.28.004765
ICEOWS Compressed ArchiveICE.M2.08.001611
Ichitaro DocumentJTD.M2.16.002436
Ichitaro Document (OLE)JTD.H3.23.003644
Icon Library FileICL.L2.00.00789
IconAuthor Font Style TemplateFTT.M2.07.001384
IconAuthor SmartObjectSMT.M2.07.001398
IconAuthor Start FileIWM, IW.M2.07.00438
Icy Tower ReplayITR.M2.29.003852
Id Software Game Map (Quake)BSP, TMP.M1.05.00385
Id Software Game ModelMDL.M1.05.00386
Id Software RoQ MovieROQ.M3.16.002108
id Software SpriteSPR.M2.37.004258
Id Software Sprite (Quake 2)WAL.M2.21.001134
Idle Scripting Language Object Library BytecodeIDOL.M2.28.003817
IESNA Photometric DataIES.M2.28.003819
IFF 3D Object..H2.18.002634
IFF Raster Font..H2.23.003248
IFF Retargetable Graphic ImageRGFX, RGX.H2.18.012652
IFF Sound SampleSAMP.H2.18.002638
IFF Tracker SongTRKR.H3.16.002642
IFF Vector Font..H2.23.003249
IFF YUV ImageYUVN.H2.18.002643
iGO Digital Elevation MapDEM.M2.25.003442
iGO MapFBL.M2.25.003502
iGO Phoneme GPS DataPHR.M2.32.004100
IKEA Kitchen Planner DocumentFPF.M2.28.003745
IMA4 Encoded AudioIMA4.M2.26.003590
Image Professional Compressed BitmapPMBC.H2.18.002636
ImageDisk Disk ImageIMD.M2.26.003599
Imagic Film/Picture ImageIC1, IC2, IC3.M2.12.002142
Imagine 3D ObjectTDDD, TDD.H2.25.002293
Imagine Staging Stage Editor FileISTG.H2.10.001881
Imaging for Windows Image BookmarkIBK.H2.27.003636
Imago Morpheus Module MusicIMF.M3.16.002577
Img3 Encrypted/Signed ContainerIMG3.M2.29.003842
iMovie Project (Binary)IMOVIEPROJ.M3.19.003843
Impress Presentation / TemplateSDD, VOR.H3.19.002540
Impromptu ReportIMR.H2.27.003639
Impulse Tracker InstrumentITI.M2.24.003386
Impulse Tracker Sample..M2.24.003385
IncrediMail Address Book and Temporary ContactsIMB.M3.16.003841
Indeo Video Format ExtensionIFV.M3.04.014393
Index File (Unknown Source)IND, IDX, Index.L1.05.00362
iNEW Emulator AudioSND.M2.17.002582
Infini-D 3D ImageINFINI.M2.17.002539
Infinity Game Engine Area DescriptionARE.M2.10.001868
Infinity Game Engine Character InfoCHR.M2.10.001869
Infinity Game Engine Compressed TilesetTIZ.M3.01.004309
Infinity Game Engine Creature DescriptionCRE.M2.10.001871
Infinity Game Engine GUI ElementsCHU.M2.10.001870
Info File DatabaseFLR.M3.33.004811
Info-Zip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003165
Information Magic DataIMR.M2.27.003640
Informed Filler Form (MacBinary)IFM.M2.16.00474
Informed Filler Template (MacBinary)ITP.M2.16.00475
Informed Interchange Document (MacBinary)IIF.M2.16.00476
Informed Package Document (MacBinary)IPK.M2.16.00477
InfoSoft Localization DatabaseENU, ESN, ITA, ENG.M2.07.001412
Inno Setup Uninstall LogDAT.M3.16.001341
InPage DocumentINP.H2.27.003641
InstallShield 3.x ArchiveZ, LIB, INS, 1, ??_.M2.15.00334
InstallShield 5 Cabinet ArchiveCAB, HDR.M2.08.00347
InstallShield ArchiveEX_, ??_.M1.05.00359
InstallShield DataBIN, CFG.M2.10.001348
InstallShield Definition FileDAT, CDF, DEF, FDF, INI.M2.00.001197
InstallShield IndexINX.M2.25.001293
InstallShield Install ScriptINS.M2.00.00154
InstallShield LogILG.H3.16.001024
InstallShield Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003168
InstallShield Skin FileSKIN, SKN.M2.17.001313
InstallShield Uninstall ScriptISU.M1.00.00204
Intel Wireless Event Profile ImporterEPI.M2.18.00651
Intellifont Scalable TypefaceLIB.M2.14.002323
Interchange File FormatIFF.H2.07.00233
Interface Builder Help Index (binary)HELPINDEX.M2.24.003409
Interface Builder User Interface Resource (binary)NIB.M2.24.003407
Intergraph Scanned ImageCIT.M2.25.003418
Intergraph SmartSketch DrawingIGR.H2.27.003638
Interlex VocabularyILX.M2.29.003840
International Laser Display Association 2D ImageILD.M2.17.002537
International Laser Display Association 3D ImageILD.M2.17.002536
International Laser Display Association Colour PaletteILD.M2.17.002538
International Patching System ArchiveIPS.M3.18.004673
Internet Database Search Agent..M2.07.001371
Internet Document SetITS.L2.00.00806
Internet Low Bit Rate Codec SoundLBC.M2.16.00493
Interplay ACM MusicACM.M3.23.004716
Interplay MovieMVE.M2.06.001342
Intuit Form IndexFDFI.M3.12.004557
Intuit Interchange Format DataIIF.M2.23.00797
Intuity AUDIX Multimedia MessageLVP.M2.16.00505
Intuity AUDIX Multimedia Msg (MacBinary)LVP.M2.16.00507
Iomega Backup113.M3.20.004692
Iomega Loadable Driver ModuleILM.M2.06.001350
IPF Disk ImageIPF.M3.35.004839
iPhoto Library ThumbnailsDATA.M3.09.004512
IRCAM Audio Sample (Intel)SF.M2.24.002587
IRCAM Audio Sample (Motorola)SF.M2.24.002588
iSilo Document..M3.16.003283
ISIS Schematic Capture SchematicDSN.M2.25.003457
IslandDraw Image..M2.23.003255
IslandWrite Document..M2.23.003254
ISO 9660 CD-ROM Image (Data Mode 1)ISO.M2.07.00803
IsoBuster CD/DVD ImageIBP.M2.28.003811
iTunes Cover Flow DataITC.M3.36.003851
iTunes Music DatabaseITL.M3.09.002811
iWork Keynote PresentationKEY.M3.19.004105
iWork Numbers SpreadsheetNUMBERS.M3.19.004107
iWork Pages DocumentPAGES.M3.19.004106
IXimager Disk ImageASB, IDIF, IRBF, IEIF.M2.21.002918
J Wavelet Image Codec BitmapWIC.M2.08.001685
JAM ArchiveJAM.M2.22.003114
Jamcracker Tracker Module MusicJAM.M3.19.002578
Janome NH10000 Sewing Machine Stitch FJEF.M2.11.002021
Japan Crossword Dmitry Torshin FormatJCC.M2.10.001882
JAR Compressed ArchiveJAR.M2.07.001430
JARCS Compressed ArchiveJAR, J.M2.24.001431
JasperReports JasperPrint DocumentJRPRINT.M3.07.024463
Java Applet Cache IndexIDX.M3.16.001867
Java ArchiveJAR, ZIP, BASE, MZP.M3.29.001432
Java Class (Compiled)CLASS, CLA, CLS.M2.03.09343
Java Pack200 ArchiveJARYM2.25.003419
Java Runtime Environment Certification..M2.07.001421
Java Runtime Environment Time Zone Inf..M2.07.001418
Java Runtime Environment Time Zone Map..M2.07.001419
Java Serialized ObjectSER.M2.12.03440
Java Server PageJSP, JS.M2.22.00813
Java Shared ArchiveJSA.M2.18.001948
Javacard API Export FileEXP.M2.14.002333
JAWS for Windows ScriptJSB.M2.07.001386
Jazz Communications Terminal Data (MacBinary)..M2.31.004032
Jazz Database (MacBinary)..M2.31.004028
Jazz Form (MacBinary)..M2.31.004029
Jazz Graphics Image (MacBinary)..M2.31.004031
Jazz Wordprocessor Document (MacBinary)..M2.31.004030
Jazz Worksheet..M2.31.004026
Jazz Worksheet (MacBinary)..M2.31.004027
JBIG Raster BitmapJBG.M2.08.001657
Jeff's Image Format BitmapJIF.M3.19.001658
Jeppesen Flight LogLBK.M3.16.004635
Jerusalem (B) VIRUS!COM.M1.00.00151
Jeskola Buzz SongBMX, BMW.M3.20.004696
Jet-VoiceMail AudioCVF.M2.21.002991
Jetico Encrypted ArchiveBCA.M2.08.001572
JFile Database..M2.23.003284
JFile Pro Database..M2.23.003285
Jigsaw GameJIG.M2.10.001883
JobEditor32 Job Data (ASCII)JBI.M2.29.003855
Journey To The Center Of The Earth Archive0000.M2.15.00632
Jovian Logic Video Capture ImageVIYM3.16.00184
JPEG File Interchange Format + MAC Resource ForkJPGYH3.08.011332
JPEG File Interchange Format ImageJPEG, JFIF, JPG, CMP, JIF, THM, JPEYH3.36.00185
JPEG File Interchange Format Image (MacBinary)JPEG, JFIF, JPG, JFI, CMP, JIF, J, JPE.M2.16.001733
JPEG Network Graphic BitmapJNGYH2.25.001659
JPEG-2000 Bitmap ImageJP2, JPG2, JPX, MJ2, MJP2, JPM, J2K.M2.06.001294
JPEG-2000 Bitmap Image (MacBinary)JP2, JPG2, JPX, MJ2, MJP2, JPM.M2.16.00509
JPEG-2000 Code Stream BitmapJPCYM2.25.001660
Jrchive Compressed ArchiveJRC.M2.08.001612
JungUm Office DocumentGUL, BKG.H2.17.002510
Jupiter Ace SnapshotACE.M2.15.00711
Jupiter Ace TapeTAP.M2.11.002052
JustWrite DocumentJW.L2.28.003828
JWPce DocumentJCE.M2.29.003856
KaraFun Karaoke SongKFN.M3.16.003874
Karaoke MIDI FileKAR, MID, MF.M2.25.00815
Kaspersky Anti-virus Toolkit KeyKEY.M2.17.00817
Kaspersky Lab Black List FileLST.M2.29.003903
Katorzer Music CompositionKAT.M2.29.003868
KBOOM Compressed Archive..M2.08.001613
KChart DocumentCHRT.H3.22.002476
KeePass Password DatabaseKDB.M2.29.003870
Kettley Publishing Application TemplateMLH.M2.14.002214
Kettley Publishing Report TemplateKPF.M2.14.002213
Keyboard Script LayoutKBD.M2.17.00541
Keyboard System DriverSYS.M2.00.001216
KeyCreator DesignCKD.H2.27.003618
KGB Archiver Compressed ArchiveKGB.M2.15.002372
Khoros Visualization ImageVIFF, XV, VIFYM2.15.001119
Kidspiration DocumentKID.M2.29.003875
Kingsoft DocumentWPS.M2.27.003674
Kingsoft Document (OLE)WPS.H3.23.003675
Kingsoft WorkbookWLS.H2.27.003673
KiriKiri Adventure Game System PackageXP3.M3.07.004456
KiSS Paper Doll FileCEL.M2.17.00614
Klik'n'Play Game DataGAM.M2.28.003761
Knowledge Interchange File Format ImageKIF.M2.29.003876
Kodak Camera FirmwareFW.M2.28.003752
Kodak Color Management System ProfileTOL, ICC.M2.21.001094
Kodak Photo CD ImagePCD.H2.28.00932
Kodak Photo CD overview packOPA, PCD.M2.22.003053
Kodak Precision Color Management SystemPT.M2.07.001394
Kodak YCC Printer ImageICC, YCC.M3.16.00788
KoFax Group 4 Facsimile ImageKFX.M2.31.00818
Kolbe Test ResultsART.M2.06.001323
Korg SongSNG.M2.36.004246
Korg Trinity/Triton MultisampleKMP.M2.00.00821
Korg Trinity/Triton Sound SampleKSF.M2.29.00824
KryoFlux Disk ImageRAW.M3.35.004840
KSS MusicKSS.M3.21.004702
KSSX MusicKSS.M3.21.004703
Kurzweil 2000 SampleKR1, KRZ.M2.06.00823
Kurzweil 2500 SampleK25.M2.22.00814
Kye Game DataKYE.M2.03.06825
LA Lossless Compressed AudioLA.M2.29.001701
Label Factory Deluxe Install FileINS.M2.14.002229
Label Factory Deluxe JobJOB, PMJ.M2.14.002226
Label Factory Deluxe StyleSTY.M2.14.002230
Label Factory Deluxe TemplateTPL, ORG.M2.14.002228
LabVIEW Binary DatalogDAT.M2.21.002999
LABView Virtual InstrumentVI.M2.17.001117
Larc ArchiveLZS, LZH.M1.00.0052
Larc Self Extracting Archive (COM)COM.M1.00.0035
Larc Self Extracting Archive (EXE)EXE.M1.00.0078
LDBS Disk ImageLDBS.M3.35.004837
Lecturnity Multimedia Audio/Video/Clips Presentation DocumentLPD.M2.29.003897
Legacy DocumentLEG.M2.19.00831
Legal Hash Database(s) Match (Bad).YH2.07.001369
Legal Hash Database(s) Match (Good).YH2.07.001368
LegaSuite GUI J Walk RuntimeJWR.M2.29.003866
LegglessMusicEditor Sound/ModuleLME.M3.16.001893
LEGO CAD ModelMODEL.M2.30.003993
Lego ImageLIF.M2.23.003313
Lepton Compressed JPEG ImageLEP.M3.16.004652
Letraset ImageRIFF.L2.00.001012
Lexar Encrypted DataLRS.M2.29.003900
Lexmark Enhanced MetaFileLEMF.M2.26.003588
LGLZ Compressed DOS ProgramCOM.M2.10.001815
LHarc Compressed ArchiveLHA, LZH, LHn, LZn, LHD, LZS.M3.19.0050
LHarc Self Extracting Archive (C64)..M2.08.001595
LHarc Self Extracting Archive (COM)COM, EXE.M1.00.0036
LHarc Self Extracting Archive (EXE)EXE.M1.00.0080
LightWave 3D FPBM ImageFPBM.H2.25.002275
LightWave 3D Layered ObjectLWLO.H2.23.003244
LightWave 3D ObjectLWOB, LWO.H2.30.00845
Lightwave Normal MapNMF.M2.10.001927
LimeWire ThemeLWTP.H3.02.003579
Limit Compressed ArchiveLIM.M2.22.001614
Lineage II ReplayL2R.M2.29.003882
Link Notebook ChartLNB, ANB.H3.02.001238
Linksys Router Configuration BackupBIN.M2.18.00763
Linux Compressed ROM File System (CRAMFS) (Intel)..M2.22.003136
Linux Compressed ROM File System (CRAMFS) (Motorola)CMG.M2.21.002973
Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 File System Disk Image..M2.22.003132
Linux Journalled Flash File System 2 Image (JFFS2)..M2.22.003142
Linux Journalled Flash File System Image (JFFS,Intel)..M2.22.003139
Linux Journalled Flash File System Image (JFFS,Motorola)..M2.22.003140
Linux Kernel Boot Image..M2.22.003102
Linux Logical Volume Manager 1LVM1.M2.26.003532
Linux Logical Volume Manager 2LVM2.M2.26.003533
Linux Logical Volume Manager Snapshot..M3.16.003534
Linux Swap File (Intel)..M2.22.003101
Linux Symbolic Link..M3.26.004743
Linux Unified Key Setup Encrypted Data..M2.22.003087
Liquid Executable BytecodeLDX.M2.29.003884
LIST Interchange File FormatIFF, FTXT, FTX.H2.30.003967
Live for Speed Single Player ReplaySPR.M2.37.004259
Livewire DocumentLVW.M2.29.003906
LOB Compressed ArchiveLOB.M2.18.002644
Localization Resource PackagePAK.M3.25.004563
Lode Runner Puzzle SetPZL.M1.00.00227
Logitech Desktop Messenger User ProfileDAT, BAK.M2.18.00605
Logitech RSA Crypto KeyTXT.M2.18.001146
LOGO!Soft Comfort CircuitLSC.M2.29.003901
Long Range ZIP ArchiveLRZ.M3.32.004799
Lossless Predictive Audio CompressionPAC, LPAC.M2.08.001363
Lotus 123 FileAPC, APD, APF, ASD, RI.M2.03.0697
Lotus 123 FileXLT.M1.00.00102
Lotus 123 Ver. 1 & 1A WorksheetWKS.M1.00.00106
Lotus 123 Ver. 2 / Symphony 1.1 WorksheetWK1, WKS.M1.00.00104
Lotus 123 Ver. 3 & 4 WorksheetWK3, WK4, 123, 12M.M2.07.00105
Lotus 123 Ver. 3 Format FileFM3.M2.07.001433
Lotus 123 Ver. 4 Format FileFMT.M2.07.001434
Lotus 123 Worksheet (MacBinary)123, WK1, WK3, WK4.M2.16.002483
Lotus Approach DocumentAPR, MPR.H2.19.002512
Lotus Approach IndexADX.M2.07.001435
Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 FilePRZ, DGM, SMC, MAS, SYM, PRE, BW, PAL.M2.28.00976
Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster LookMAS.H2.19.00858
Lotus Freelance PresentationPRE.M2.19.00973
Lotus Manuscript Document..M2.19.002745
Lotus Notes Database Storage FacilityNS2, NSF, NTF, NDL, NS#, NSG, NSH.M2.13.05900
Lotus Notes Full Text IndexFT.L2.00.00745
Lotus Notes Internal ClipboardNCF.L2.00.00891
Lotus Organiser Paper Layout DefinitionPLT.M2.19.00954
Lotus Organiser ReportREP.M2.11.002007
Lotus Organizer FileORG, OR2, OR3.M2.19.00916
Lotus PicturePIC.M2.12.002143
Lotus SnapshotSNP.L2.28.003829
Lotus Symphony SpreadsheetWR1, WRK, WKS, SYM.M2.27.001154
Lotus Word Pro 96/97 DocumentLWP, MWP.M2.23.00846
Lotus Word Pro 97 SmartmasterMWP.L2.00.00889
Lotus Works DocumentDOC.M2.19.002761
Low Level Virtual Machine BytecodeBC.M2.20.002879
Low Level Virtual Machine Bytecode (Compressed)BC.M2.20.002880
LU ArchiveLBR.M1.00.0051
Lua BytecodeLUAC.M3.22.004715
LucasFilm Data ArchiveLFD.M2.29.003885
LuraDocument Format ImageLDF.M2.13.00693
LuraWave Format ImageLWF.M2.08.001661
LyNX ArchiveLNX.M3.17.004664
Lytro ImageLFP.M3.30.004781
LyX DocumentLYX.M2.26.003572
LZ ArchiveLZ.M3.10.004533
LZ4 Compressed StreamLZ4.M3.16.004642
LZA Animation/VideoLZA.M2.12.002103
LZexe Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M1.00.0079
LZFSE Compressed ArchiveLZFSE.M3.22.004710
Lzip Compressed ArchiveLZ.M3.10.003422
LZMA Compressed ArchiveLZMA.M2.19.022815
lzop Compressed ArchiveLZO.M2.08.001615
LZS221 ArchiveLZS.M2.22.003069
LZX ArchiveLZX.M2.29.00471
M.U.G.E.N FontFNT.M2.28.003741
M.U.G.E.N. SoundSND.M2.36.004244
Mac Draw ImageZZZ.M2.28.003715
Mac Draw Image (MacBinary)..M2.09.001768
Mac Draw Pro Image (MacBinary)MDP.M2.09.001769
Mac OS Dialog Layout (MacBinary)..M2.26.003522
Mac OS Icon (MacBinary)..M2.26.003520
Mac OS Menu (MacBinary)..M2.26.003521
Mac OS X Code Signing Requirement..M2.23.003208
Mac OS X Detached Code Signature..M2.23.003198
Mac OS X Dynamic Library (32bit Intel)DYLIB, KEXT.M2.29.013960
Mac OS X Dynamic Library (64bit Intel)DYLIB, KEXT.M3.09.003961
Mac OS X Dynamic Library (PowerPC 32-bit)DYLIB, KEXT.M2.29.013963
Mac OS X Dynamic Library (PowerPC 64-bit)DYLIB, KEXT.M3.16.004639
Mac OS X Folder InformationDS_STORE.M2.25.003460
Mac OS X Keychain DatabaseDB.M2.23.003206
Mac OS X Package Bill of MaterialsBOM.M2.27.003687
Mac OS X Program (32bit Intel)KEXT.M2.29.013686
Mac OS X Program (64bit Intel)..M2.29.013959
Mac OS X Program (PowerPC 32-bit)..M2.29.013962
Mac OS X Program (PowerPC 64-bit)..M3.16.004638
MacBinary (Mac Data + Resource Fork)MACYH3.06.0113
MacDraft DrawingMDD.M2.30.003977
MacDraw DrawingDRW.M2.25.003454
Macintosh Alert Box Definition (MacBinary)..M3.38.004865
Macintosh Alias (MacBinary)..M3.38.001786
Macintosh Control Panel (MacBinary)..M2.09.001781
Macintosh Desk Accessory (MacBinary)..M2.09.001789
Macintosh Desktop Database..M2.06.00951
Macintosh Disk ImageDMF, DMG.M3.36.001245
Macintosh Disk Image (MacBinary)DMF, DMG.M2.09.001801
Macintosh Extension (MacBinary)..M2.09.001782
Macintosh Finder (MacBinary)..M2.09.001783
Macintosh Font Suitcase (MacBinary)..M2.09.001784
Macintosh IFF Picture..H2.23.003250
Macintosh Keyboard Layout (MacBinary)..M2.09.001791
Macintosh Program (MacBinary)..M2.13.001731
Macintosh Resource File (MacBinary)RSR.M2.13.001788
Macintosh Shared Library (MacBinary)..M2.09.001787
Macintosh System File (MacBinary)..M2.09.001780
Macintosh System Suitcase (MacBinary)..M2.09.001785
Macro Express MacroMEX.M2.30.003982
Macromedia Director CastCST.M2.28.003758
Macromedia Director File (Intel)DCR.H2.30.023970
Macromedia Director File (Macintosh)DCR.H2.30.00285
Macromedia Director MovieDIR.M2.03.06526
Macromedia Director Movie (Intel)DXR, CXT, DIR.M2.04.00271
Macromedia Director Movie (MacBinary)DIR.M2.09.001752
Macromedia Director Movie (Macintosh)DXR, CXT, DIR.H2.25.00169
Macromedia Director Resources (MacBinary)SKL.M2.09.001067
Macromedia Director Video Java ResourceDJR.M2.25.003448
Macromedia Extra Program ExtensionX16, X32.L2.00.001157
Macromedia Flash MX Shared Object LibrarySOL, SSL.M3.29.00435
MacWrite Document (MacBinary)..M2.21.001762
MacWrite II (MacBinary)..M2.16.002448
MacWrite II Document (MacBinary)..M2.09.001753
MacWrite II Model (MacBinary)..M2.09.001754
MacWrite Pro Document (MacBinary)..M2.09.001751
Magellan GPS Waypoint DataTRK.M3.02.004331
Magic Lantern VideoMLV.M3.16.004649
MAIET Encrypted File SystemMEF.M2.30.003981
MainActor ProjectMPF.M2.11.00450
MakeTZX ZX Spectrum Tape ImageTZX.M3.19.002067
MalieGF BitmapMGF.M2.30.003984
MAME Compressed Hard Disk ImageCHD.M2.23.003234
MapBrowser/MapWriter Vector MapCBD.M2.21.002942
MapDraw Chemical Sequence MapMPD.M2.30.003996
MapInfo MapMAP.M2.00.001196
MapInfo WorkspaceWOR.M2.12.002127
MapSource GPS Mapping InterfaceMPS.M2.10.001913
MAR ArchiveMAR.M2.29.003057
MASS-11 Export Document..H2.19.002746
MASS-11 Native Document..H2.19.002747
Massive Development Package ArchivePAK.M2.07.001501
Mastercam GeometryMC9.M2.30.003973
Material Exchange Format FileMXF.M2.10.001921
Material Exchange Format File (MacBinary)MXF.M2.16.002450
MathCaD DocumentMCD.M3.19.001898
MathRevolt PlotMRP.M2.26.003574
MathVision Matrix..H2.18.002633
MATLAB Variables Binary DataMAT.M3.19.003917
MAUD Audio SampleMAUD.H2.18.002586
Max Payne DataMPS, MP2S.M2.11.001975
Max Payne Saved GameMPS, MP2S.M2.11.001914
MaxBlast Language TranslationLNG.M2.06.001295
MaxBlast Localized MenuBIN.M2.10.001951
Maya 3D Image (32bit; binary)mb.M3.19.002273
Maya 3D Image (64bit; binary)mb.M3.19.004661
Maya ASCII SceneMA.M2.29.003913
MBasic Source CodeMBI.M2.29.003919
McAfee Firewall Log/DatabaseEDB, XDB, ELOG.M3.16.001382
McAfee Firewall Neotrace LocationsLOCA, LOC.M2.07.001389
McAfee Firewall Settingsidx, ini.M2.11.002080
McAfee Personal Firewall DataMPF.M2.11.002081
McAfee Quarantined File DetailsBUP.H3.11.004550
McAfee VirusScan Configuration DataDAT.M3.06.004441
McAfee VirusScan LogETL, BAK.M3.16.004436
McAfee VirusScan Olympus DatabaseDAT.M2.11.002085
McAfee VirusScan Quarantined FileMCQ.M3.00.001299
McAfee VirusScan UpdateUPM, GEM.M2.28.002092
McIDAS System Satellite ImageGOE, GOES.M2.08.001654
MCrypt 2.2 Encrypted Data.YM2.23.003100
MCrypt 2.5 Encrypted Data.YM2.23.003099
MDCD Compressed ArchiveMD.M2.22.001617
MDL 3d Image (Binary)MDL.M2.17.002543
MDL Molfile Transportable Graphic ImageTGF.M3.01.004303
Media Center Recorded Television ShowWTV.M3.06.004428
Media Direct ConfigurationKC.M2.18.00663
Media Safe Encrypted DataENC.M2.19.002797
MediaForge Runtime Player Distribution ProjectXMFG.M3.07.004453
Mediatek FontMTF.M2.31.004036
MediaZip Compressed ArchiveMZF.M2.08.001619
Medical Biosignals DataEBS.M2.18.002673
Medical Waveform DescriptionMWF.M2.16.002484
Medical Waveform Description (MacBinary)MWF.M2.16.002485
Merriam-Webster's Pocket DictionaryPDB.M2.32.004093
MicroDesign Area ImageMDA.M2.08.001663
MicroDesign Page ImageMDP.M2.08.001664
Micrognosis Compressed ArchiveMCA.M2.08.001616
Microsoft At Work Fax DocumentAWD.H2.27.003612
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer ReportMBSA.M2.29.003877
Microsoft Installer Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003163
Microsoft Network (MSN) ArchiveMAR, MARC.M2.06.001343
Microsoft Network (MSN) DataDAT.M2.06.001344
Microsoft Roaming Browser Password..M3.25.004734
MicroStation CAD DrawingDGN.M3.10.00674
MicroStation CAD Modification ResourceM01.M2.29.003909
MicroStation CAD Symbology ResourcesRSC.M2.34.004182
MicroStation v8 CAD Drawing (OLE)DGN.H3.23.003275
Midi Sample Dump Standard (comp)SDX.L2.00.001053
Midi Sample Dump Standard (raw)SDS.L2.00.001049
Midtown Madness 3 DataCDDS.M2.21.002949
Mighty Draw DOS LibraryMDL.M2.10.001905
Mighty Draw DrawingMIG.M2.30.003986
Mighty Draw Windows LibraryMWL.M2.31.004041
MightyFax FileAPF.M2.20.002864
Mikmod Module MusicUNI.M3.16.002585
MikroTik RouterOS Upgrade PackageNPK.M2.31.004052
MikuMikuDance PolygonMovieMaker FilePMM.M2.33.004121
Milestones ProjectMLS.M3.15.002736
Miliki Super Compressor Pro ArchiveQCF.M2.34.004156
MilkShape 3D ModelMS3D.M2.14.002292
Mindmaper MindManager MapMMP.M2.26.00878
Minecraft Land DatabaseLDB.M3.13.004587
Minecraft Level Data..M3.33.004588
Minecraft Level Manifest..M3.13.004589
Minitab ProjectMPJ.H2.27.003648
MIO Compressed AudioMIO.M2.07.001532
Mio Technology Generic Communications FormatMIO.M2.30.003987
MIPS Archive..M2.23.003213
Mirage Microdrive Snapshot Tape ImageSNX, SNAPSHOT.M3.35.004834
MJP VideoMJP.M2.30.003989
MKS Source Integrity FileUSE.L2.00.001108
MKS Source Integrity Project UseTRN.L2.00.001099
MLP Audio Stream (Intel)MLP.M3.19.00498
MLP Audio Stream (Motorola)MLP.M3.19.00497
MM Video EmailWEM, VEM.M2.12.002094
MMS Composer SongMCF.M2.30.003974
Mobile 3D GraphicM3G.M2.29.003911
MobileDB Database..M2.23.003286
Mobipocket eBook..M2.23.003297
Mobipocket eBook Auxiliary DataMBP.M2.26.003577
Monarch Graphic ImageMGF.M2.28.00870
Monarch ModelMOD.M2.30.003992
Monkey's Lossless Compressed AudioAPE.M3.21.001697
Moove Resource DescriptionMPZ.M2.30.004000
MoPaQ ArchiveMPQ.M2.22.003117
Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls Plug-in..M2.10.001846
Mosaic Twin SpreadsheetWKU, WKT.L2.28.003830
MosASCII Graphics LibraryMGL.M2.26.003555
MosASCII Project WorkspaceMPF, MPW.M2.26.003556
Motif Icon FileUIL.L2.00.001105
MotoRacer 3 Bike ModelF3D.M2.25.003499
Motorola RAZR Flash ImageSHX.M2.36.004229
Motorola RAZR Phone SkinSKI.M2.36.004236
Moxcel SpreadsheetMXL.M2.19.002770
Mozilla ArchiveMAR.M2.15.00857
Mozilla Browser Extension PackageXPI.H3.02.002511
Mozilla Firefox Browser ManifestJA.M3.25.004731
Mozilla Firefox Compressed Portable DataMOZLZ4, JSONLZ4.M3.24.004730
Mozilla Firefox Safe Browsing DatabaseSBSTORE.M3.24.004724
MPEG 2 Transport StreamMP2T, MPEG.M2.16.002424
MPEG 4 AnimationMP4, MPEG, MPG4.M3.14.002423
MPEG 4 Animation (MacBinary)MP4, MPEG, MPG4.M2.16.002449
MPEG AnimationMPG, MPEG, MPE, M1V, ENC, MPA, MPS, M2VYH2.19.00246
MPEG Movie Fragment..M3.12.004554
MPEG Music File (+ID3v1 Tags)MP3, MP2, MPGAYH3.06.01349
MPEG Music File (+ID3v2 Tags)MP3, MP2, MPGAYH3.06.011239
MPEG Music File (MacBinary)MP3, MP2, MPGA.M2.09.001749
MPU-401 Trakker Module..M3.16.003398
MrSID ImageSID.M2.21.002920
MS .NET Framework Library Design ObjectLDO.M2.07.001387
MS 3D Pinball DataDAT.M2.06.001347
MS Access DatabaseMDE.L2.00.00865
MS Access Database ProjectADP.H2.26.02483
MS Access Database Template (Open XML)ACCDT.H3.23.002396
MS Access Database Wizard TemplateMDZ.H2.17.00327
MS Access Database/Template/AdditionMDB, MDT, MDA, MDE, DPM, WCD, MDW, SBC.M2.11.00330
MS Access Database/WizardACC, ACCDU, ACCDE, ACCDA, ACCDB.M2.15.00522
MS Access FormMAF.L2.00.00852
MS Access Lock FileLDB.M2.27.00829
MS Access MacroMAM.L2.00.00854
MS Access ModuleMAD.L2.00.00851
MS Access QueryMAQ.L2.00.00856
MS Access Report / SnapshotRPT, SNP.H2.17.001521
MS Access Report Snapshot (Compressed)SNP.H2.07.011560
MS ActiveMovie GraphGRF.H2.17.00769
MS Agent/Assistant CharacterACS, ACG, ACF.H2.17.001207
MS Album Media DatabaseABM.M2.06.001268
MS Album Media SceneSCN.M2.06.001351
MS Application Profile SettingsPIP.M2.13.001179
MS Briefcase Database..M1.05.00394
MS Channel Definition FormatCDF-MS, CDF.M2.17.022618
MS Chat Animated CharacterAVB.M2.26.00389
MS Chat BackgroundBGB.M2.26.003542
MS ClipArt GalleryCAG.H2.17.00328
MS Compatibility DatabaseCAT.M1.05.00360
MS Compiled Toolbar MenuCTM.M2.12.001945
MS Compound Document (OLE) (General)OBD, PPT, DOC, XLS.H3.23.00274
MS Compress 5.0 Archive??$, ??_, ?_, IBT, CEB, EX_.M2.18.002667
MS Compress 6.22 Archive??$, ??_, ?_, IBT.M2.18.002666
MS Compress Archive??$, ??_, ?_, IBT.M2.17.0047
MS Cryptnet URL Cache Metadata..M3.16.004508
MS Cryptographic URL Metadata..M2.10.001940
MS Data Transformation ServicesDTS.H2.17.002194
MS Datamap DataDAT.M2.00.001226
MS Datamap IndexID.M2.00.001181
MS Datamap IndexIND.M2.00.001205
MS Debug Information FileDBG.M2.28.00345
MS Developer Studio Project (Binary)MDP, VCP.M2.28.003813
MS Developer Studio Workspace OptionsOPT.H2.17.00914
MS Dial-up Networking ExportDUN.M2.00.00689
MS Digital Rights Management License StoreHDS.M3.00.003017
MS DirectMusic StyleSTY.H2.07.001471
MS DirectMusic Support FileTPJ, TPL, PER, CDM.M2.13.001220
MS Download File IndexSFC, SF0.M2.07.00425
MS Dr. Watson Memory DumpDMP, HDMP, MDMP.M2.13.001284
MS Dr. Watson User DumpDMP.M2.14.002232
MS Draw PalettePAL.M1.00.00220
MS Encarta DocumentEWL.L2.00.00707
MS Encarta Encyclopedia Yearbook and Web Links UpdateEYB.M2.25.003496
MS Encrypted Structured Storage Object..H3.18.003642
MS Event Trace LogETL.M3.16.004562
MS Excel 2007-2010 Spreadsheet (Open XML)XLSX, XLAM.H3.23.002209
MS Excel 2007-2010 Spreadsheet+Macro (Open XML)XLSM.H3.23.004219
MS Excel 2007-2010 Template (Open XML)XLTX.H3.23.004220
MS Excel 2007-2010 Template+Macros (Open XML)XLTM.H3.23.004221
MS Excel ChartXLC.H2.26.00109
MS Excel GraphGRA.H2.26.00768
MS Excel MacroXLMYH2.19.00110
MS Excel Spreadsheet (MacBinary)XLS.M2.28.001766
MS Excel Spreadsheet (Open XML,Binary)XLSB.H3.22.002626
MS Excel Worksheet/Template (OLE)XLS, XLA, XLT, XLB, WWS, XLM.H3.37.00111
MS Excel Workspace/WorkbookXLWYH2.19.00195
MS Exchange SettingsRWZ.M2.00.001186
MS Exchange Shortcut/LinkXNK.M2.22.001164
MS Exchange/Outlook Offline Storage (2003-2010)OST.M3.12.004560
MS Exchange/Outlook Offline Storage (2013)OST.M3.12.004561
MS Exchange/Outlook Offline Storage (97-2002)OST.M3.12.00920
MS Exchange/Security Configuration Database (ESE)EDB, SDB.M2.31.001195
MS Expedia Streets 98 Push-PinsGPD.M2.14.002215
MS Expression 3 Graphic ImageXPR.M3.19.002131
MS F# Optimization and SignaturesOPTDATA, SIGDATA.M3.09.004511
MS Find Saved SearchFND.M2.28.00257
MS Font FileFNT.M2.19.002801
MS Forms CacheDAT.M3.16.001202
MS Forms Command ButtonTCS.H2.28.003759
MS Foundation Classes (MFC) HierarchyHIE.M2.13.002176
MS FoxPro Class LibraryVCT, VCX, SCT.M3.36.001116
MS FoxPro Database ContainerDCT.M2.27.003710
MS FoxPro FormSCX, VCX.M2.26.001041
MS FoxPro menusMNT, MNX.M2.27.00882
MS FoxPro Report FileFRT, FRX, PJT, MNT, LBT.M2.27.00741
MS FoxPro Table MemoFPT, DCT.M2.31.003711
MS Golf Map ObjectLMP.M2.28.003820
MS Groove System StoreXSS, XSSR.M2.21.003019
MS Groove System Store LogXSSLOG.M3.16.003021
MS Help 2 Merged Keyword IndexHXW, HXH, HXD, ITS, HXQ, HXR, EIT, H1?.M3.16.001944
MS Help Compiler Phrase TablePH.L2.00.00943
MS Help ContainerMSHC.H3.16.014542
MS Help Library IndexMSHI.M3.02.004345
MS HTML Help IndexCHS.M3.16.001278
MS HyperTerminal ShortcutHT.M1.00.00312
MS InfoPath Dynamic Form/TemplateXSN.H2.19.042842
MS Internet Explorer CacheDAT.M3.16.00103
MS Internet Explorer Cache IndexDAT.M3.16.003562
MS Internet Explorer v11 Tracking Protection ListTPL.M3.22.004706
MS ISAM DatabaseDB, MNY.M2.07.001330
MS Language Character SetNLS, NLP.M3.12.00354
MS Language Web CacheENG, DEU, ENU, ESN, FRA, ITA, NLD.M3.16.001182
MS LightSwitch PackageLSPKG.H3.11.004547
MS Linker DatabaseILK.M2.15.00369
MS Management ConsoleMSC.H2.17.002199
MS Media Connect Persistent DataTXT.M2.10.001954
MS Messenger Plus! Backup ConfigurationPLD.M2.33.004111
MS Messenger Plus! Encrypted Chat LogPLE.M3.16.004112
MS Messenger Plus! Sound PackPLP.M2.33.004115
MS MIDI Instrument Definition (Intel)IDD, IDF.H2.07.00792
MS MIDI Instrument Definition (Motorola)IDD, IDF.H2.17.002267
MS Money DataMNY, MN?.M1.00.0045
MS Money Support FileCSM.M2.07.001381
MS Multi-Media MovieMMM.H1.00.00324
MS Network Driver Protocol SupportSX, SY, P.M2.07.001472
MS Network ShortcutMCC.H2.26.00237
MS NT Operating System Loader..M2.00.001193
MS Office 2007-2012 Theme Effects (Open XML)THMX, EFTX.H3.33.024014
MS Office Binder Document/Template/WizardOBD, OBT, OBZ, BIN.H2.26.00326
MS Office Clip ArtMMC.M2.00.001192
MS Office Data (Open XML) (General)XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, XLSM, DOCM, PPTM, ???X.H3.23.002207
MS Office Document Imaging FileMDI.M3.19.001904
MS Office FAX Cover PageCVP.M2.06.001282
MS Office Imaging Language FileLNG, SHP, LC.M2.12.001296
MS Office Macro Reference (OLE)MSO.H3.23.00591
MS Office Macro Reference (RAW)MSO.M2.17.00596
MS Office Profile SettingsOPS.M2.07.001408
MS Office Saved SearchOSS.L2.00.00919
MS Office/Publisher BorderBDR.M2.06.001208
MS OLE 1.0 Native Compound Package.YM3.05.024415
MS OLE Object LibraryOLB.L2.00.00911
MS OneNote Table Of ContentsONETOC.M3.26.004749
MS Operating System Localization DBnnn.M2.07.001553
MS Outlook Add-In Extensions DatabaseDAT.M2.11.002086
MS Outlook Address BookOAB.M3.16.001178
MS Outlook AutoComplete FileNK2.M2.18.001300
MS Outlook Email Account SettingsIAF.M2.07.001372
MS Outlook Express Account Information..M2.24.003330
MS Outlook Express Custom Property Stream (NTFS ADS)..M2.25.003514
MS Outlook Express Email DatabaseDBX.M3.19.001203
MS Outlook Express Email IndexIDX.M1.05.00366
MS Outlook Express Email MailboxMBX.M1.05.00365
MS Outlook Express Email TreeNCH.M1.05.00393
MS Outlook Express Folder Database..M3.19.003329
MS Outlook Express Offline Database..M2.24.003331
MS Outlook Form TemplateOFT.H2.17.00909
MS Outlook Journal Object..H3.08.024486
MS Outlook MessageMSG.H3.29.01148
MS Outlook Navigation BarFAV.M2.00.00713
MS Outlook Personal Information Store (2003 - 2007)PST.M2.18.012724
MS Outlook Personal Information Store (97 - 2002)PST.M2.24.00336
MS Outlook Remote EmailRHC.M2.03.061191
MS Outlook Send/Receive SettingsSRS.H2.17.002204
MS Packed Digital SignatureP7X.M3.25.004736
MS PC Health Help Center QueryQUERY.M2.07.001395
MS PhonebookPBK.L2.00.00929
MS Picture It! Multilayer PictureMIX.H3.19.001358
MS PicturesPCS.H2.17.00329
MS PipeLine Component FilePCF.H2.17.001464
MS Plotter Control DefinitionPCD.M2.12.002147
MS Pocket Access DatabaseCDB.M2.13.002157
MS Pocket Excel SpreadsheetPXL.M2.11.00986
MS PocketPC Device EmulatorBIN.M2.18.00619
MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Presentation (Open XML)PPTX.H3.23.002210
MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Presentation+Macros (Open XML)PPTM.H3.23.004222
MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Slides (Open XML)PPSX.H3.23.004224
MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Slides+Macros (Open XML)PPSM.H3.23.004225
MS PowerPoint 2007-2010 Template (Open XML)POTX.H3.23.004223
MS PowerPoint Slides (MacBinary)PPT, PPA, POT, PPS.M2.28.001758
MS PowerPoint Slides (OLE)PPT, PPA, POT, PPS.H3.33.02164
MS PowerPoint WizardPWZ.H2.17.00985
MS Print Spooler ShadowSHD.M2.10.001946
MS Private KeyPVK.M2.11.002000
MS Profiler OutputPRF.M2.18.00622
MS ProjectMPP, MPT.H3.37.00348
MS Proofing/Language DictionaryLEX, DAT, SVE, NLD, FRA, DEU, THS.M3.12.001184
MS Publisher DocumentPUB.H2.28.001356
MS Publisher Job Submission PublicationJSP.H2.26.00127
MS Publisher Wizard TemplatePOC.M2.06.001304
MS Quarter-Inch Cartridge Backup SetQIC.M2.11.00992
MS QueryQRY.L2.00.00995
MS Query DatabaseDBF.M1.00.0065
MS Query Database IndexMDX.M2.18.0068
MS QuickBASIC CoordinatesQCF.M2.34.004155
MS QuickBASIC Source CodeBAS.M2.19.002782
MS Reader Ebook (EBO)EBO.M3.19.001482
MS Reader Ebook (LIT)LIT.M3.19.001892
MS Recorder MacroREC.L2.00.001009
MS RegMaid DocumentRMD.L2.00.001016
MS Rich Text Format Document (MacBinary)RTF, DOC, WRI, WBK.M2.09.001756
MS Scan ConfigurationRVP.L2.00.001025
MS ScanDisk/CHKDSK Fragment FileCHK.L1.05.00452
MS Schedule+ EventSCH.M2.14.002234
MS Schedule+ ScheduleSC2, SCD.L2.00.001031
MS Search LogTMP.M3.16.00628
MS Search System Index000.M2.18.00661
MS Setup PackagePKG.M2.03.06953
MS Software PoliciesPOL.M2.19.001189
MS Speech Recognition Engine ArticlesART.H2.17.002198
MS Speech Recognition Engine DataAM, DLM, LXA, NGR, SMP, NUS.M3.24.001273
MS Spell Checker Dictionary (Win95)DIC.M2.17.002524
MS Spelling Auto Correct ListACL.M3.00.00373
MS SQL Server Data Tier Application PackageDACPAC.H3.11.004545
MS SQL Server Database Tape BackupBAK.H2.18.021463
MS Step by Step Interactive TrainingCBZ, LDZ.M2.06.001275
MS Streets and Trips / MapPoint MapEST, PTM.H2.27.003628
MS Temporary Disk FileTDF, TD2.M2.10.001231
MS Terminal FileTRM.M2.03.061098
MS TWAIN Device Temporary FileMTX.M2.13.001938
MS Virtual Earth 3D ImageDAT.M2.23.003314
MS Virtual PC Hard Disk ImageVHD.H2.14.002335
MS Virtual PC Language DictionaryDICT.M2.15.00646
MS Virtual Server Hard Disk ImageVHD.H2.17.00579
MS Visio 2 Document/Drawing/Shapes/TemplateVSS, VSD, VST.M2.19.001132
MS Visio 2013 Document (Open XML)VSDX.H3.23.004551
MS Visio 3/4 Document/Drawing/Shapes/TemplateVSD, VSS, VST, VT.H3.05.001130
MS Visio FoxPro Memory VariablesMEM.M3.12.004552
MS Visio Shape StreamVSH.H2.29.013964
MS Visio WorkspaceVSW.L2.00.001133
MS Visual Basic Active DocumentVBD.H2.17.001357
MS Visual Basic Custom ControlVBX.L2.00.001114
MS Visual BASIC FormFRM, CTL.M2.23.001223
MS Visual BASIC Form IndexFRX.M2.31.001224
MS Visual Basic ProjectVBP.M2.07.001112
MS Visual Basic WorkspaceVBW.M2.00.001113
MS Visual C v1 Precompiled HeaderPCH.M2.23.003262
MS Visual C++ Compiled ResourcesRES, APS, RCT.M1.05.00402
MS Visual C++ Debug FileSBR.M2.15.00376
MS Visual C++ DLL Exports FileEXP.M2.14.00368
MS Visual C++ Precompiled HeaderPCH.M1.05.00371
MS Visual C++ Precompiled Header CachePCC.M2.06.001336
MS Visual C++ Registry SourceRGS.M2.13.00422
MS Visual FoxPro DatabaseDBF, PJX, DBCYH2.30.042762
MS Visual Foxpro ProjectPJT, PJX.M2.27.00952
MS Visual Source Safe Code ControlSCC.M2.13.001033
MS Visual Studio AddIn Store IndexSTORE.M3.11.004538
MS Visual Studio Compiled ResourceRSC, RSR.M2.13.001312
MS Visual Studio Debugger ConfigurationVSDCONFIG.M3.11.004540
MS Visual Studio ExtensionVSIX.H3.11.004549
MS Visual Studio Extension CacheCACHE.H3.16.004548
MS Visual Studio Keyboard TemplateVSK.M3.06.00585
MS Visual Studio Solution User OptionsSUO.H2.17.002195
MS Visual Studio Symbol CacheSYMCACHE.M3.16.004288
MS Visual Studio Toolbox DataTBD.M2.13.001949
MS Visual Studio.NET C# Incr. BuildINCR.M2.09.001806
MS Visual Studio.NET C# Project DataPROJDATA.M2.12.001807
MS Visual Studio.NET CacheCACHE, MAP.M3.16.002522
MS Visual Studio.NET Compiled ResourceRESOURCES.M2.09.001804
MS Visual Studio.NET LicensesLICENSES.M2.12.00503
MS Visual Studio.NET Strong Name KeySNK, DAT, KEY.M2.12.001805
MS Windows .NET Library (32 bit)DLL, TLB, OCX, CPL, HX?YH3.16.002686
MS Windows .NET Library (64 bit)DLL, TLB, OCX, CPL, HX?YH3.16.002685
MS Windows .NET Program (32 bit)EXE, SCR, MOD, SYS, BIN, COMYH2.18.002682
MS Windows .NET Program (64 bit)EXE, SCR, MOD, SYS, BIN, COMYH2.18.002683
MS Windows 3.1 Registry HiveDAT, DA0, SAV.M2.24.003334
MS Windows 3.x Screen Grabber2GR, 3GRYH2.03.10222
MS Windows 3.x Screen SaverSCRYH2.03.10294
MS Windows 95 Password List FilePWL.M3.16.00304
MS Windows 98 Password ListPWL.M2.10.0093
MS Windows Address BookWAB, WA~, WAB~.M3.16.00341
MS Windows Application LogDTC.M3.16.001286
MS Windows Application Usage LogLGC, LGD, LGG, JSON.M3.29.001374
MS Windows Audio ConverterACMYH2.03.10295
MS Windows Backup Password (XP/Vista)PSW.M2.33.004135
MS Windows Backup Utility Tape ImageBAK, BKF.M2.18.022727
MS Windows Cabinet ArchiveCAB, PKG, ??Z, ??_, GDP, CDM, MSU.M2.07.0099
MS Windows Cabinet Archive (MacBinary)CAB, PKG, ??Z, ??_, GDP.M2.16.002487
MS Windows Cabinet Installer Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003170
MS Windows Cache DatabaseDB.M3.16.004439
MS Windows CalendarCALYM3.16.00165
MS Windows Card File (Win 3.x)CRD.M2.14.002321
MS Windows Card File (Win NT)CRDYM2.25.00117
MS Windows CB DataCBD.M2.00.001187
MS Windows CE Cabinet ArchiveCAB.M2.23.003259
MS Windows Client Download DataDAT.M2.10.001962
MS Windows Clipboard/PictureCLP.M2.08.00196
MS Windows CMU Manager BitmapCMU.M2.07.001549
MS Windows Color Palette (Intel)PAL.M1.00.00320
MS Windows Color Palette (Motorola)PAL.H2.17.002263
MS Windows Color SchemeSCM.H2.17.002202
MS Windows COM+ LibraryCLB, DAT, APL.M2.15.001198
MS Windows Compatibility Solution DatabaseSDB.M2.24.00627
MS Windows Compiled HTML Help ModuleCHM, CHI, CHQ, CHW, SLL.M3.19.00338
MS Windows Compiled ResourcesRES.M3.33.02225
MS Windows Control Panel AppletCPL, DLL, EXEYH2.03.10296
MS Windows Crash DumpKDMP.M2.27.003679
MS Windows Cue CardsCUE.M2.06.00432
MS Windows Disk Map FileDMF.M1.00.00136
MS Windows Driver (16 bit)DRV, DLL, VBXYH2.03.10292
MS Windows Driver (16 bit)EXE, VXD, SYS, DRV, 386YH2.03.10290
MS Windows Enhanced MetafileEMF, TMP, WMF.M2.35.00702
MS Windows Error Mini Dump (32-bit)DMP.M2.14.002231
MS Windows Error Mini Dump (64-bit)DMP.M2.24.003332
MS Windows Event CacheBIN.M3.16.002078
MS Windows Event LogEVT.M3.16.001185
MS Windows Fax Cover PageCPE, CPD, COV.M2.13.0098
MS Windows Fax Cover Page (compiled)CVR, SQM.M2.13.002162
MS Windows Font Cache Index..M2.07.00377
MS Windows Help Answer WizardAW.M2.06.00374
MS Windows Help FileHLP, GID, LHP.M3.16.00115
MS Windows Help Full Text Search CacheFTS, FTG.M3.00.00372
MS Windows Help Text SearchTSC.M1.05.00370
MS Windows Icon Cache DatabaseDB.M3.16.001329
MS Windows Input MethodIM, LM.M3.29.004728
MS Windows Installer Package / Wizard (OLE)MSI, MST, DAT, MSM, WID, WIM, CUB.H3.29.001211
MS Windows Installer/Upgrade PatchMSP, DAT.H3.12.001361
MS Windows Isolated Storage DataDAT.M3.06.004435
MS Windows JournalJNT, JTP.M3.19.002616
MS Windows Language ResourceDAT.M2.24.003411
MS Windows Library (16 bit)DLL, DRV, VBX, EXEYH3.06.01291
MS Windows Library (32 bit)DLL, TLB, OCX, CPL, HX?YH3.16.00325
MS Windows Library (64 bit)DLL, TLB, OCX, CPL, HX?YH3.16.002684
MS Windows Live ContactsWIN, ADDRESSBOOK, MECONTACT.M3.16.003020
MS Windows Localization DictionaryDUB.M3.24.004723
MS Windows Media Active StreamWMV, WMA, ASF, ASR, DVR-MS.H2.19.001259
MS Windows Media Catalog DatabaseWMDB.M2.18.002723
MS Windows Media Compressed DatabaseWMDB.M2.18.002722
MS Windows Media DatabaseWMDB, BIN, SDF.M2.06.001319
MS Windows Mobile SettingsPROVXML.M2.27.003680
MS Windows Movie Maker ProjectMSWMM.H2.27.002200
MS Windows MSinfo DataMOF.M3.16.004640
MS Windows Netmon CaptureCAP.M2.07.001449
MS Windows Network Service Performance DataDAT.M2.18.00601
MS Windows NT Binary Printer DescriptionBUD.M3.26.004750
MS Windows NT System DriverSYS.M2.00.001204
MS Windows Office Toolbar ButtonTBB.M1.04.01339
MS Windows OLE Type LibraryTLB, TWD, OLB.M2.11.00100
MS Windows Package Deployment MetadataPCKGDEP.M3.25.004738
MS Windows Package Deployment Recovery MetadataRECOVERY.M3.25.004739
MS Windows Performance Monitor ChartPMC.M2.13.002156
MS Windows Performance Monitor LogPML.M3.16.004120
MS Windows Performance Monitor WorkspacePMW.M2.28.003815
MS Windows Prefetch CachePF.M3.16.0018
MS Windows Printer DriverWPD.M1.00.00253
MS Windows Profile System FileDAT, LOG, ADR.M2.19.001232
MS Windows Program (16 bit)EXE, MOD, BINYH2.03.10288
MS Windows Program (32 bit)EXE, SCR, MOD, SYS, BIN, COMYH2.03.1077
MS Windows Program (64 bit)EXE, SCR, MOD, SYS, BIN, COMYH2.18.002681
MS Windows Program (WIN386)EXE.H2.03.10289
MS Windows Program GroupGRP, GRBYM3.06.01113
MS Windows Program InformationPIFYH3.06.01116
MS Windows Recycled File Reference..M3.09.004438
MS Windows Recycled Files..M2.00.001177
MS Windows Registry HiveDAT, DA0, SAV.M2.00.00101
MS Windows Registry LogLOG, LOG?.M3.29.001237
MS Windows Resource CacheDIR, CMF, MNI, TOC, HIT.M3.16.003412
MS Windows Security CatalogCAT.M3.00.001233
MS Windows Security Credential History..M3.16.001936
MS Windows Security Credentials..M2.11.002087
MS Windows Service Control Manager Log..M3.24.004721
MS Windows Service Control Manager LogEVM.M3.25.004732
MS Windows Shortcut/LinkLNK.M2.14.00314
MS Windows Sound MixMIX.M1.00.00254
MS Windows Store App PackageAPPX.H3.11.004544
MS Windows Swap FileSWP.L1.05.00350
MS Windows System Event LogLOG, ALT, LO_.M3.16.001236
MS Windows Task Scheduler TaskJOB.M2.26.003567
MS Windows True Type FontTTF.M2.06.00357
MS Windows Update Binary Delta Compressed, MUI, VCH, CompositeFont.M3.24.004646
MS Windows Vault CredentialsVCRD.M3.25.004740
MS Windows Vault PolicyVPOL.M3.11.004537
MS Windows Vault SchemaVSCH.M3.11.004536
MS Windows Vista Event LogEVTX.M3.16.003333
MS Windows Vista Event MessageMTA.M3.16.004108
MS Windows Vista Icon Cache DatabaseDB.M3.16.002617
MS Windows Visual FoxPro ApplicationAPP.M2.06.00504
MS Windows Welcome BitmapWBM.M2.06.00391
MS Word 2007-2010 Document (Open XML)DOCX.H3.23.002208
MS Word 2007-2010 Document+Macros (Open XML)DOCM.H3.23.004216
MS Word 2007-2010 Template (Open XML)DOTX.H3.23.004217
MS Word 2007-2010 Template+Macros (Open XML)DOTM.H3.23.004218
MS Word 6.0/95 Document (pre-OLE)DOC, DOT, WIZ, WZS, WRI, WBKYM3.19.002738
MS Word 97-2003 Document (OLE)DOC, DOT, WIZ, WZS, WRI, WBK.H3.23.00229
MS Word Add-InWLL, WWL.L2.00.001149
MS Word Exclusion DictionaryEXC.L2.00.00708
MS Word for DOS FontDAT.M1.00.00121
MS Word for DOS Printer DefinitionPRD.M1.00.00118
MS Word for DOS Style SheetSTY.M1.00.00119
MS Word for DOS/Macintosh DocumentDOCYH3.05.00217
MS Word for DOS/WordPerfect FontUS?, R8?.M1.00.00120
MS Word for Mac Document (MacBinary)MCW, DOC.M2.28.001761
MS Word for Mac Glossary (MacBinary)..M3.38.004874
MS Word for Macintosh DocumentMCW, DOCYM2.21.00216
MS Word for OS/2 DocumentDOC.M2.19.002763
MS Word Printer Definition (MacBinary)PRD.M2.09.001763
MS Word Template (MacBinary)DOT.M2.09.001760
MS Word/Publisher WizardWIZ.L2.00.001147
MS Works Database (MacBinary)WDB.M2.09.001740
MS Works Database (OLE)WDB, DB.H3.23.00567
MS Works Database 2 for MacDB, DB2.M2.21.003009
MS Works Database 2 for Windows/DOSWDB.M2.21.003005
MS Works Database 3 for MacDB, DB3.M2.21.003008
MS Works Database 3 for WindowsWDB.M2.28.003006
MS Works Database WizardWWD, WDB.H2.26.002392
MS Works Document (MacBinary)WPS.M2.09.001742
MS Works for DOS DocumentWPS, WWP.H2.28.00134
MS Works for Mac 2 DocumentWP2.M2.19.002759
MS Works for Mac 3 DocumentWP.M2.19.002758
MS Works for Mac 4 Database/Doc/Sheet (OLE)DB4, WP4, SS4.H3.23.002757
MS Works for Windows 3 Document (OLE)WPS, WWP.H3.23.002624
MS Works PortfolioWSB.H2.17.001140
MS Works Spreadsheet (MacBinary)WKS.M2.09.001741
MS Works Spreadsheet (OLE)WWS, WLR.H3.23.002625
MS Works Spreadsheet 2 for MacSS2, SS.M2.21.003010
MS Works Spreadsheet 2 for Windows/DOSWKS.M2.21.003007
MS Works Spreadsheet 3 for MacSS3, SS.M2.21.003011
MS Works Spreadsheet for DOSWKS.M2.21.002125
MS Write / Word BackupWRI, WBK, TMP, DOC.H2.17.001136
MS Write DocumentWRIYH1.00.00215
MS XBox 360 ProgramXEX.M2.11.001972
MS XBox ProgramXBE.M2.11.001973
MSC Nastran Desktop DocumentWM3.M3.06.004420
MSN Application ExtensionNAV.H2.17.00580
MSN Messenger DataDAT.M3.16.00626
MSX DOS Disk ImageDSK.M2.10.001829
MTV MovieAMV.H2.18.002699
MTV VideoMTV.M2.17.00887
Mujahideen Secrets 2ENC.M2.21.002925
Multi-Image Network Graphics AnimationMNG.H2.30.04881
MultiBit BlockchainSPVCHAIN.M3.16.004628
MultiBit Core Wallet DataDAT.M3.14.004594
MultiBit WalletWALLET.M3.05.004397
MultiBit Wallet InformationINFO.M3.15.004631
MultiMate DocumentPAT, DOC, DOX.H2.19.00122
Multimedia Fusion FileCCA.M2.21.002947
Mupen64 Movie CaptureM64.M2.29.003912
Musepack AudioMPC.M3.21.001535
Music Construction Set Instrument..H3.05.003941
Music Construction Set Song..H3.05.003942
MusicIndiaOnline Trident Player MusicMIA.M2.30.003985
Musicline Module MusicML.M3.16.002579
MusicMatch Theme FileMMZ.M2.10.001129
Musicmatch Visual Slide ShowMVS.M2.06.001354
MusicTime/Doom SoundMUS.M2.10.001920
Musink SongMUSINK.M3.30.004780
Must Music AudioWVZ.M3.06.004431
muvee autoProducer ProjectMVE.H2.27.003649
Mybase DatabaseNYF.M2.31.004060
MyDVD Style TemplateDVD.M2.06.001287
MyLittleBase DatabaseMLB.M2.26.003548
MyPhoneExplorer BackupMPB.M2.26.003601
MySQL Database IndexMYI.M2.11.001974
MySQL Generic Database DictionaryFRM.M2.28.002387
MySQL ISAM Table Handler DataISM.M3.19.003848
MythTV NuppelVideoNUVYM2.25.003197
Nadeo Games File FormatGBX.M2.10.001853
Nancy Codec VideoNOA.M2.24.002106
NanoZip Compressed ArchiveNZ.M2.31.004061
NASA Imaging Radar Data..M2.28.003720
NaShrink ArchiveNSK.M2.14.00472
National Imagery Transmission Format Image v1.0NITF, NTF, NSIF.M2.22.00897
National Imagery Transmission Format Image v2.xNTF, NITF.M2.22.002930
National Transfer Format MapNTF.M2.10.001931
Natural Language Processing RuleRUL.M2.18.00597
NAVIGON MapMAP.M2.29.003915
Navisworks DocumentNWD.M3.19.004059
Navitel Navigator MapNM2, NTM.M2.26.003592
Navitel Navigator MapRUS.M2.34.004189
Navy Interchange File Format ImageNIFF.M2.16.002415
NCR G4 ImageNCR.M2.26.003557
NCSA Interactive Color Raster ImageICR.M2.17.00791
NeatImage ProfileDNP.M2.25.003450
Need For Speed Game DataLZC.M2.29.003908
NeoChrome AnimationANI.M2.07.001517
NeoChrome Bitmap ImageNEOYM2.12.00893
Nero CD Audio CompilationNRA.M2.31.004054
Nero CD/DVD ImageNRG.M2.19.022821
Nero ISO CD-ROM CompilationNRI, NR3.M2.15.002386
Nero Media Player SkinNPS.M2.15.002399
Nero Wave Editor PresetPRE.M2.18.00603
NeroVision Express ProjectNVC.M2.10.001932
NetBoot Disk Image..M2.22.003127
NetImmerse Format FileNIF.M2.10.001925
NetMail/3000 / DeskLink / MS92 File..M2.16.002486
Netscape Certificate/Security DatabaseDB, HST.M2.06.001328
Netscape Communicator Address BookNA2.M3.16.00436
Netscape News/Mail MessagesSNM.M2.13.00344
Netscape v3 & v4 Address BookNAB.M3.16.003263
Netscape XUL FastLoad ScriptMFL.M2.30.003983
NetWare Loadable ModuleNLM, LAN.M1.00.00203
Network Exchange MapNTXMAP.M2.06.001301
Network Monitor CaptureCAP.M3.19.002937
NetXRay/SnifferPro CaptureCAP.M2.07.001450
NeWS Bitmap FontNEWS.M2.22.00894
NeWS Font Family..M2.22.003044
Newton PDA Package Archive..M2.23.003205
NeXT/Sun/UNIX Sound CCITT G.721 Raw 4 bit ADPCMG721.M2.22.00753
NeXT/Sun/UNIX Sound CCITT G.723 Raw 3 bit ADPCMG723.M2.22.00754
NHTSA UDS-1992 Crash Test DataUDS.M3.03.004354
Nintendo DS nDs-mPeG VideoDPG.M2.25.003452
Nintendo DS Sound Format Rip2SFLIB, MINI2SF, SMAP.M3.21.004520
Nintendo Entertainment System ROM ImageNES.M2.11.002010
Nintendo Entertainment System SoundNSF, NSA.M3.16.001437
Nintendo Entertainment System Sound ExtendedNSFE.M3.21.004704
Nintendo Famicom (NES) Disk SystemFDS.M2.25.003512
Nintendo Game Cube Movie.YH2.25.003196
Nintendo Gameboy MusicGBS.M3.16.003763
NitPicker Backup IpflowS.M3.16.002015
Nokia 9210 Communicator VideoNIM.M2.16.00523
Nokia Group Graphics ImageNGG.M2.26.003558
Nokia LogoManager BitmapNLM.M2.26.001665
Nokia Operator (Manager) Logo ImageNOL.M2.26.001666
Nokia PC Suite Content Copier ImageNCC.M2.31.004045
Nomad II VoiceNVF.M2.09.001718
NOMAD MP3 Manager Voice AudioSC4YM2.35.004204
Nonlinear Uniform Rational B-SplNURBS, TXT.L2.00.00903
Nortel Voice Block Sound (MacBinary)VBK.M2.16.00508
Norton AntiVirus Live Advisor PreferencesVCPREF.M2.14.002216
Norton AntiVirus Live Update ProfileUSERPROFILE.M2.14.002218
Norton Antivirus LogLOG.M3.16.00653
Norton AntiVirus Quarantined File..M2.07.001120
Norton AntiVirus Scan DataDAT.M2.18.00606
Norton AntiVirus Scheduled TasksSCA, RUL, DAT.M2.18.002401
Norton AntiVirus Update SessionLIVEREG, USERPROFILE.M2.14.002217
Norton Disk Doctor UndoDAT.M2.21.002931
Norton GuidesNG.M3.16.003691
Norton Internet Security DefinitionDAT.M2.18.001326
Norton Internet Security Web DefinitionsBIN.M2.18.00616
Norton QBackup DataQBD, QBI.M3.12.004558
Norton Security LogDAT.M3.16.004440
Norton Spam DefinitionsMBK.M2.18.002400
Norton Spam Filter PatternSPM.M2.18.00666
Norton Utilities Directory TreeNCD.M1.00.00272
Norton Virus DefinitionsDAT, KC, nnn.M2.18.001201
Norton Virus Definitions (compressed)..H3.02.00935
Norton Virus Definitions UpdateBIN.M2.18.00598
Norton Virus Definitions Update CertificateDAT, BAK.M2.18.00608
Norton Virus Definitions Update IndexDAT.M2.18.00600
Norton Virus Definitions Update InformationINF.M2.18.00610
Notation Interchange File Format (Intel)NIF, RMI.M3.19.002271
Notation Interchange File Format (Motorola)NIF, RMI.H3.19.001926
NoteCenter Encrypted NotesHNE.M2.28.003801
Noteworthy Composer SongNWC.M2.17.00904
Novel PerfectWorks DocumentWPW.L2.00.001152
Novell Archive??_.M1.00.00309
Novell Groupwise Address BookNAB.M3.16.004043
Novell LANalyzer CaptureTR1.M3.16.001441
Novell Print Definition FilePDF.M1.00.0086
Novell ZENworks Desktop Management Image ArchiveZMG.M3.09.004490
NPack Archive..M2.22.003075
NRV ArchiveNRV.M2.22.003071
NS/Elite Display Macro Object PathMOP.M2.10.001912
NTI CD and DVD-Maker ImageCDM.M3.36.002951
NuGet PackageNUPKG.H3.11.004541
Nullsoft Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003169
Nullsoft Streaming VideoNSV.M2.12.002107
NUT Open ContainerNUT.M3.19.004057
NVidia MIDI Instrument BankBNK.M2.07.001422
NVIDIA SceneNVB.M2.31.004058
NVIDIA Scene Graphic ImageNBF.M2.31.004044
NView Graphic Card Update ProfileTVP.M2.13.002155
o65 Program..M2.24.003327
Object Oriented Graphics Library: 4x4 Transformations (Binary)GRP, PRJ.M2.17.002559
Object Oriented Graphics Library: Bezier (Binary)BBP, BEZ.M2.17.002550
Object Oriented Graphics Library: Mesh (Binary)MESH.M2.17.002548
Object Oriented Graphics Library: Objects (Binary)OFF.M2.17.002552
Object Oriented Graphics Library: Quadrilaterals (Binary)QUAD.M2.17.002547
Object Oriented Graphics Library: Vectors (Binary)VECT.M2.17.002554
Objective Caml Abstract Syntax Tree Implementation..M2.23.003271
Objective Caml Abstract Syntax Tree Interface..M2.23.003272
Objective Caml Executable..M2.23.003265
Objective Caml InterfaceCMI.M2.23.003266
Objective Caml LibraryCMA.M2.23.003268
Objective Caml Native LibraryCMXA.M2.23.003270
Objective Caml Native ObjectCMX.M2.23.003269
Objective Caml ObjectCMO.M2.23.003267
Obsidium ProjectOPF.M2.11.001976
OctaMED Compressed Tracker ModuleMED, MMD.M3.16.003387
Octave Data (Intel)..M2.23.003273
Octave Data (Motorola)..M2.23.003274
OfficeWriter Document..M2.19.002764
OGG FLAC Compressed AudioOGG.M3.19.002922
OGG Theora Video..M3.19.003337
OGG Vorbis Compressed AudioOGG, OGA.M2.24.001537
OGG Vorbis Compressed Audio (MacBinary)OGG.M2.16.002451
OGG Vorbis Compressed VideoOGM, OGV.M2.26.001934
OGG Vorbis Compressed Video (MacBinary)OGM, OGV.M2.26.003593
OKI MSM6376 Synthesizer Chip PCM FilePCM.M2.03.06934
Oktalyzer Tracker Music ModuleOKT.M3.19.00910
OllyDbg Module InformationUDD.M2.11.002068
Olympus Raw ImageORF.M3.31.004787
OmniForm FormOFM.H2.27.002515
OmniPage Character Recognition TreeBCT.M2.07.001415
OmniPage DocumentOPD.H2.27.003652
OmniPass Exported UserOPI.M2.32.004075
Omnis Web Client Form CacheFCA.M3.16.003505
OneDrive Sync LogODL.M3.16.004515
OneNote NoteONE.M3.19.002376
OnlineTvRecorder Encoded VideoOTRKEY.M2.32.004081
OOP Compressed ArchiveOOP.M2.08.001620
Open Cubic Player Module InforationMDZ.M2.24.003392
Open eBookMEB.M2.30.003980
Open Publication Structure eBookEPUB.H3.02.003573
OpenBSD Linkable Format..M2.23.003276
openCanvas ImageOCI.M2.32.004068
OpenDark Compressed Archive..M2.21.002995
OpenDocument ChartODC.H3.22.002488
OpenDocument Chart TemplateOTC.H3.22.002489
OpenDocument Database.YH3.22.003376
OpenDocument FormulaODF.H3.22.002490
OpenDocument Formula TemplateOTF.H3.22.002491
OpenDocument GraphicsODG.H3.22.002492
OpenDocument Graphics TemplateOTG.H3.22.002493
OpenDocument ImageODI.H3.22.002494
OpenDocument Image TemplateOTI.H3.22.002495
OpenDocument Office DocumentODT, O?I, O?G, O?F, O?C, O?T, OD?, OT?.H3.22.001499
OpenDocument PresentationODP.H3.22.002496
OpenDocument Presentation TemplateOTP.H3.22.002497
OpenDocument SpreadsheetODS.H3.22.002498
OpenDocument Spreadsheet TemplateOTS.H3.22.002499
OpenDocument TextODT.H3.22.002500
OpenDocument Text MasterOTM.H3.22.002501
OpenDocument Text TemplateOTT.H3.22.002502
OpenDocument Text WebOTH.H3.22.002503
openEHR Archetype Definition LanguageADL.M2.18.002691
OpenEXR High Dynamic-Range BitmapEXR.M3.19.001674
Openflight Scene Description 3D ModelFLT.M2.14.00729
OpenFont Encrypted Scalable Binary..M2.22.003046
OpenFont Scalable Binary..M2.22.003045
Opengroup/POSIX TAR ArchiveTAR.M3.14.002314
Openlab Raw FormatOLRW, OLR.M2.32.004070
OpenSceneGraph Native Binary Image..M2.26.003582
OpenSSL Encrypted DataENC.M2.18.00620
OpenStreetMap GPS DataOSB.M2.32.004078
Opentech Digital STB SoftwarePGM.M2.32.004098
OpenType Compact Font FormatOTF.M2.11.001303
Opera BookmarkADR.M2.07.001478
OptimFROG Encoded AudioOFR.M2.09.001719
OptionScope WorksheetOSC.M2.32.004079
Opus Creator Multimedia FileILM.M2.29.003839
Oracle 7 DataNLB.M2.03.06898
Oracle 7 Data DescriptionPLI.L2.00.00956
Oracle ASM Tagged Volume Image..M2.22.003146
Oracle Clustered File System Disk Image (OracleCFS)..M2.22.003145
Oracle Executable FormFMX.M2.17.00733
OrCAD Capture CIS Database Config.DBC.M1.03.00333
OrCAD Capture ProjectOPJ.M1.03.00332
Orchida Embroidery System PatternEMB.H2.27.003627
Oren Scientific Wordprocessor DocumentZGT.M2.12.002134
OrgPlus Organization ChartOPX.M2.17.00915
Oric Disk Image (New MFM)DSK.M3.35.004836
Oric Disk Image (Old)DSK.M3.35.004835
Origin Analysis PackOPK.M2.32.004076
OS/2 Bitmap Graphic ArrayBGA.M2.07.001542
OS/2 IconICO.M2.08.001683
OS/2 Library (32 bit)DLL, EXEYH2.15.002397
OS/2 Presentation Manager MetafileMET.H2.19.00869
OtsAV Media Library InformationOMX.M2.32.004072
Outerra Captured VideoYOG.M3.08.004476
Ovation Pro DocumentDPD.M2.19.002794
OziExplorer Map (Binary)OZF2.M2.32.004082
OziExplorer Plot TrackPLT.M2.11.001989
P-CAD DatabasePCB.M2.32.004091
PABX Background BitmapPIX.M2.08.00949
Pack Magic Archive..M2.24.003380
PackDir Compressed ArchivePACKDIR.M3.18.004665
PackJPG Compressed JPEG ImagePJG.M2.32.004102
PageMaker 3.0 DocumentPM3.M3.19.00131
PageMaker 3.0 Document (MacBinary)PM3.M3.19.00555
PageMaker 3.0 FilePT3.M1.00.00132
PageMaker 4.0 DocumentPM4.M3.19.00962
PageMaker 4.0 Document (MacBinary)PM4.M3.19.001809
PageMaker 5.0 Document (MacBinary)PM5.M3.19.00963
PageMaker 6.0 Document (MacBinary)PM6.M3.19.00964
PageMaker 6.5 DocumentP65.H3.19.002196
PageMaker 6.5 Publication (MacBinary)P65.M2.09.00923
Pagestream DocumentDOC.H2.14.002315
PageWunder DocumentPWF.M2.33.004136
Paint Shop Pro Deformation MapPSPDEFORMATION, PSP.M2.06.001306
Paint Shop Pro GradientPSPGRADIENT, GRD, PSP.M2.10.001307
Paint Shop Pro Image Browser CacheJBF.M3.16.00810
Paint Shop Pro Line StylePSPSTYLEDLINE, PSP.M2.07.001378
Paint Shop Pro PalettePAL.M2.32.004085
Paint Shop Pro Support DataPSPCACHE, PSP.M3.16.001393
Paint.NET ImagePDN.M2.22.001985
PAKLEO Compressed ArchivePLL.M2.08.001627
Palm OS Address BookDAT, BAK, ABA.M3.16.00461
Palm OS Application..M2.23.003278
Palm OS Application Data (MacBinary)PDB.M3.16.001799
Palm OS CalendarDBA.M3.16.004651
Palm OS Database (MacBinary)PDB.M3.16.001798
Palm OS Database/DocumentPDB.M2.07.001337
Palm OS DatebookDAT, BAK.M3.16.00462
Palm OS Dynamic LibraryPRC.M2.23.003295
Palm OS ExpensesDAT, BAK, DB.M3.16.001241
Palm OS Memo PadDAT, BAK.M3.16.00464
Palm OS PatchPRC.M2.23.003296
Palm OS Resource FilePRC.M3.16.00972
Palm OS To Do ListDAT, BAK.M3.16.00463
Palm OS Zire Photo DatabaseDB.M2.21.002928
Panasonic Raw ImageRAW, RW2, RWL.M3.31.004788
Panasonic SD Voice Editor FilePLM.M3.04.004114
Pando PackagePANDO.M2.32.004086
PaperPort Database Map FileSBC, BIN.M2.14.002233
PaperPort Scanned ImageMAX.H2.19.00383
PaperPort Slide ShowFSS.M2.07.00356
PaperPort Thumbnail ImagesPTN.M2.07.00434
PAQ ArchivePAQ.M2.24.003374
PAQ1 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001621
PAQ2 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001622
PAQ3 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001623
PAQ4 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001624
PAQ5 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001625
PAQ6 Compressed Archive..M2.08.001626
PAQ8x Compressed ArchivePAQ8J?, PAQ8?.M2.32.002373
Paradox 7 ReportRSL.L2.00.001022
Paradox FormFSL.M2.37.00743
Paradox Memo HolderMB.M2.21.003018
Parity Archive Reconstruction FilePAR.M2.24.003379
Parity Archive Volume Set Specification 1PAR.M2.23.012406
Parity Archive Volume Set Specification 2PAR2.M2.11.001980
particleIllusion 3 Emitter LibraryIL3.M2.29.003838
PassMark PerformanceTest DataPT.M2.33.004138
Password Boss DatabasePWB.M2.33.004145
Password Safe DatabasePSAFE3.M2.33.004134
Password Tracker Deluxe Tracking ListPWT.M2.34.004146
Pasti Atari Floppy Disk ImageSTX.M3.34.004822
PathAway MapPRC.M2.25.003430
PC File IndexNDX, NDS.M2.19.002773
PC File Letter / ReportLTR, REP.M2.19.002774
PC Link ImageC64.M2.08.001597
PC Stomper Data FileDB1, DSX, DWR, LGS, SY0, DST, DSN, AP0.M2.18.001283
PC64 Native FilePnn, Snn, Unn, Rnn.M2.08.001599
PC64 Saved-Session ImageFRZ, C64.M2.08.001598
PCA Security Signatures CatalogCAT, SIG.M2.03.06469
pcAnywhere Host FileBHF.M2.11.001983
PCAP Next Generation DumpPCAPNG.M3.22.004707
PCB DocumentPCBDOC.H2.27.003654
PCMCIA Configuration LibraryCLB.M1.00.00153
PCO B16 Digital Camera ImageB16.M3.31.004791
PCR Graphic ImagePCR.M1.00.0090
PCStitch PatternPAT.M2.10.001858
PDS PictureIBD.M1.00.00191
PDZ Archive..M2.24.003371
Peachtree Accounting DataDAT, DDF.M2.28.003756
Peachtree Accounting FormAFM.M2.28.003755
PeanutPress eBook..M2.23.003287
PECompact2 Compressed ExecutableEXE.M2.22.003159
PeopleSoft ReportRPT.M2.03.06460
Perfect Keyboard Macro4PK.H2.27.003609
Perfect Office DocumentDOC.M2.17.002603
Perfect Office Email Database..M2.22.003107
Perfect ZX Tape ImagePZX.M3.36.004849
PerFORM Communicator File PacketFPK.M2.28.003747
PerFORM DatabaseFRF, FRP.M2.28.003746
PerFORM PRO FormFRL.M2.28.003748
Personal Ancestral Family DatabasePAF.M3.19.004084
PestPatrol Scan StringsDAT.M2.07.001454
Petite Compressed ExecutableEXE.M2.22.003160
Pfaff Home Embroidery ImagePCS.M2.11.002022
PFS: 1st Publisher Directory SummaryDIR.M2.07.001554
PFS: 1st Publisher DocumentPUB.M1.00.00130
PFS: 1st Publisher MacroMAC.M1.00.00128
PFS: First Choice Database / PFS:FileFOL, PFS.M2.21.003004
PFS: First Choice Document / PFS:WriteDOC, PFS, PFB.M2.21.003003
PFS: First Choice Spreadsheet / PFS:Professional PlanFCS, SS.M3.37.003831
PFT ArchivePFT.M2.22.003076
PGC Portfolio Graphics Compressed BitmapPGF.M2.08.001668
Phillips Compact Disk Interactive FileCDI, IFF.M2.16.00500
Phone DoublerQCALL, QCA.M2.16.002464
PhoneTools Internal Graphic ImageDGR.M2.25.003447
Photo Express Pattern/GalleryPST, SMP, PE4.M2.11.001339
Photo Express TemplateTPX.H2.27.003672
Photo Lab FileEFIF.M2.16.00671
PhotoBase CatalogCAT.M2.10.001969
PhotoDeluxe Clipart GalleryGAL.M1.05.00363
PhotoDeluxe Lighting Style Plug-in..M2.07.001410
PhotoDeluxe Support FilePSP.M2.07.001392
PhotoDraw Multilayer PictureMIX.H2.30.003988
PhotoImpact Color MapMAP.M1.05.00392
PhotoImpact DataQCP.M2.07.00390
PhotoImpact Graphic ImageUFO.H2.17.002205
PhotoImpact Pencil StyleGAP.M2.06.00396
PhotoImpact Presets/Clipart ImagesSMP, UOL, PST.M2.11.00395
Photomerge CompositionPMG.M2.33.004119
PhotoModeler ProjectPMR.M2.33.004122
Photono-Software Stealther SkinSKN.M2.11.002033
Photoshop Color BookACB, 8BCB.M2.19.042621
Photosmart Photo Printing AlbumALBM.H2.27.003610
PhotoStudio AlbumABM, ALB.M2.10.001965
PhotoStudio ImagePSF, LOG.M2.07.001390
PhotoStudio MacroMCR.M2.10.001963
PhotoSuite AlbumCTF.M2.07.00417
PhotoSuite Picture CatalogCTG.M2.06.001327
PIC Graphic ImagePIC.M1.00.00159
Pick Ax Secure Graphic ImagePAX.M2.26.003559
PICS AnimationPCS.L2.00.00936
PictureGear Studio FileBXU.M2.20.002913
PictureMaker Blue Channel Image DataB8.M2.20.001650
PictureMaker Green Channel Image DataG8.M2.08.001649
PictureMaker Red Channel Image DataR8.M2.08.001648
PIM Compressed ArchivePIM.M2.19.022822
Pinnacle Sound BankPSB.L2.00.00977
Pinnacle Studio HollywoodFX Plug-In Video Editing DataHFZ.M2.28.003792
Pinnacle Studio SceneSCN.M2.17.001038
PINs encrypted dataPINS.M2.16.00947
Pioneer OEL ScreensaverLKD.M2.29.003892
Pixar PicturePICIO, PIXAR, PIC, PXR.L2.00.00945
Pixela Digital PicturePME.M2.33.004117
Pixelmatro Graphic ImagePXM.M2.34.004148
PixelPaint Professional ImagePIXELPAINT.L2.00.00950
Pixie Paint DrawingPXI.M2.34.004147
PK Arc Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M1.00.0081
PK Lite Compressed DOS ProgramCOM.M2.10.001818
PK Pak ArchiveARC, PAK.M2.25.0020
PKCS12 Personal Exchange FormatPFX, P12.M3.26.004744
PKZip ArchiveZIP, JAR, WMZ.M3.12.0112
PKZip Archive (Encrypted)ZIP, JAR, WMZYH3.02.003176
PKZip Archive (MacBinary)ZIP.M2.09.001735
PKZip Archive Split FileCA1, CA2, CA3, CA4, CA5, CA6, CA7, CAn.M2.06.001272
PKZip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE, ZIP.M1.00.00283
PlanPerfect Data.YM2.22.003106
PlanPerfect Worksheet.YM2.22.003105
PlayReady VideoPYV.M2.35.014150
PlaySID MusicSID, PSID.M2.08.001593
PlayStation 2 IconSYS.M2.11.002050
Playstation 3 Game Disc DescriptionSFB.M2.35.004215
PlayStation ADPCM SoundVAG.M2.07.001524
PlayStation ExecutableEXE.M2.08.001690
PlayStation Patch FilePPF.M2.11.00970
Playstation Sound FormatPSF.M3.16.001391
Playstation ThemeGIM, P3T.M2.28.003770
PlayStation2 TIM2 BitmapTM2.M2.08.001091
Plucker DocumentPDB.M2.23.002453
PMarc ArchivePMA.M2.22.003115
PMarc SFX ArchivePMA.M2.24.003377
Pocket CE ApplicationAPP.M2.11.001978
Pocket Streets MapMPS.M2.10.001915
Pocket Tanks EmitterEMI.M2.25.003479
Polynomial Texture MapPTM.M2.11.001992
Polyphonic Phone RingtonePMD.M2.19.002771
PolySons Wave SoundPSOD, PSO.M2.29.003934
PolySpace Check ResultsCHK.M3.10.004528
PopCom SFX Archive..M2.24.003378
Portable Arbitrary Map Image (Binary)PAM.M2.14.002276
Portable BitMap Image (Binary)PBM, PNM.M1.00.00186
Portable GreyMap Image (Binary)PGM, PNM, PBM.M1.00.00187
Portable Monochrome Recursive Format ImageMRF.M2.17.002592
Portable Network Graphics BitmapPNGYH3.29.00965
Portable Network Graphics Bitmap (MacBinary)PNG.M3.38.004867
Portable PixMap Image (Binary)PPM, PNM, PBM.M1.00.00188
Portrait Innovations ImagePI2.M2.14.002245
Ports of Call Saved GameTRP.M3.02.004332
Poser Scene DocumentPZ3.M2.34.004151
Post-it-Notes (MacBinary)PWN.M2.16.002456
PostgreSQL Custom Database Dump..M2.26.003540
Power Music Song/ModulePM.M3.16.001990
PowerArchiver Encrypted ArchivePAE.M2.32.004083
PowerBASIC Compiled UnitPBU.M2.11.001982
PowerBASIC Debugger SymbolsPDB, PBD.M2.11.00908
PowerBASIC ResourcePBR.M2.11.00931
PowerBuilder Dynamic LibraryPBD, DLL.M2.03.06927
PowerBuilder Dynamic Library (MacBinary)PBD, DLL.M2.16.002504
PowerISO Direct Access ArchiveDAA.M2.19.002791
Powerpacker ArchivePP.M2.22.002306
PowerProducer ProjectPPP.M2.33.004127
PowerRegister DataDAT.M2.10.001953
PowerShell XML SchemaRLD.M3.24.004725
PowerSoft ReportPSR.M3.20.023658
PowerSoft Report (OLE)PSR.H3.23.003659
PPMD ArchivePPMD.M2.22.003077
PPMZ ArchivePMZ.M2.22.003065
PPMZ2 ArchivePMZ.M2.14.002305
Precompiled Setup InformationPNF.M2.30.00346
Preminet FilePREMINET.M2.16.002505
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Private KeyringSKA, SKR.M2.07.001066
Pretty Good Privacy Encrypted Data..M2.16.002435
Pretty Good Privacy Key/Signature/DataPGP.M2.16.00942
Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Block..M2.16.002432
Pretty Good Privacy Public KeyringPKR.M2.16.001452
Pretty Good Privacy Signature..M2.16.002434
Pretty Good Privacy Signed Message..M2.16.002433
Pretty Good Privacy Virtual Disk ImagePGD.M2.09.001730
Pretty Simple ArchivePSA.M2.14.002307
Primavera Project Management ExchangeXER.M3.07.004446
Print Shop Graphic ImagePDS.M2.32.004095
Printed Circuit Board LayoutLYT.M2.29.003907
Printer Escape Codes/OutputPRN.M3.16.00223
Printer Separator PageSEP, HPC, GPD.M3.16.00459
Printronix Graphics FilePTX.L2.00.00981
Pro Evolution Soccer Game ArchiveAFS.M2.15.00547
Pro Motion Sprites Sequence/AnimationSPR.M2.11.002042
PRO-PACK Archive..M2.24.003366
Pro/DESKTOP DesignDES.H2.27.003621
PRO100 3D Interior Design ProjectSTO.M2.37.004277
ProCite Bibliography v4PDT.M3.27.004751
Professional Write DocumentPW.M3.26.00161
Program OverlayOVL, OVR, DVR, DRV, OVn, RSR.M1.00.0027
Program TracebackPGTB.H3.16.002635
Progressive Graphics ImagePGF.M2.08.001669
Project Dogwaffle Animated BrushANB.M2.20.002863
Project Dogwaffle AnimationDWA.M2.25.003463
Project Dogwaffle Layered BitmapLYR.M2.26.003606
PROMT DocumentSTD.H2.27.003670
Pronto Remote Control Codes FileCCF.M2.07.001462
PROP Interchange File Format..H2.30.003968
Prosa State Transition Diagram ModelSTM.M2.17.001064
ProShow Workspace / Slide ShowPPR, PSH.M2.33.004128
Protracker 3 Module MusicMOD.H3.16.002580
Protracker Studio 16 FormatPS16.M3.16.001996
Provector 2D ImageDR2D.H2.25.002278
PS2 Powersave FileMAX.M2.17.00859
Pscript Binary PostScript Printer DescBPD.M2.13.002158
PsiMail Internet Provider TemplatePRV.L2.00.00975
Psion Agenda FileAGN.M2.18.002622
Psion Compressed eBookZVR.M3.09.004498
Psion Series 3 BitmapPIC.M2.08.001003
Psion Series 3 DatabaseDBF.M2.11.001997
Psion Series 3 eBookTCR.M3.19.004293
Psion Series 3 Word DocumentWRD.M2.11.00912
Psion Series 3/3a Printer DriverWDR.M2.12.002114
PSpice Capture Design/Library/SymbolsDSN, DBK, OLB, OBK.H2.27.00331
PSU Designer 2 ProjectPSU.M2.33.004137
PTgui ProjectPTS.M2.33.004142
PUCrunch Archive..M2.22.003067
Puffer ASCII Armored Encrypted ArchiveAPUF.M3.15.004618
Puffer Encrypted ArchivePUF.M3.15.004625
Pulsar POP3 Daemon Mailbox Cache..M3.16.003298
PureVoice AudioQCPYM3.19.001090
PUT Compressed ArchivePUT, INS.M2.24.00800
PwrDev Visual Designer ProjectVD.M2.11.002073
Python BytecodePYC.M3.19.004149
Python Tkinter LibraryPYC.M2.10.001956
Python Tkinter Library IconsICNS.M2.07.00445
Q&A Write DocumentQW.M3.19.00999
Q0 Graphic HeaderFALYM2.25.00190
QazaR Compressed ArchiveAZA.M2.18.002719
QED Symbolic Math Data StructureTREE.H2.18.002641
QEMU Qcow Disk ImageIMG.M2.13.001448
QEMU Suspend Disk ImageIMG.M2.23.003260
Qimage FilterFLT.M3.15.004633
QLFC Compressed ArchiveGQ.M2.08.001606
QlikView DocumentQVW.M2.34.004160
Qpress Compressed ArchiveQP03.M2.34.004158
Quake 2 MapBSP.M2.20.002906
Quake 2 Player ModelMD2.M2.10.001902
Quake 3 Arena ModelMD3.M2.10.001903
Quake Colored Light DataLIT.M2.29.003891
Quantum ArchiveQ.M2.22.003058
QuArk Compressed ArchiveARK.M2.08.001629
Quark XPress Document (MacBinary)QXD.M2.16.001764
Quark XPress Document/Template (English,Intel)QXD, QXT, QWD, QWT, QXL, QXB.M3.19.001000
Quark XPress Document/Template (English,Motorola)QXD, QXT, QWD, QWT, QXL, QXB.M3.19.001439
Quark XPress Document/Template (Korean,Intel)QXD, QXT, QWD, QWT, QXL, QXB.M2.22.003112
Quark XPress Document/Template (Korean,Motorola)QXD, QXT, QWD, QWT, QXL, QXB.M2.22.003113
Quark XPress Template (MacBinary)QXT.M2.09.001765
Quartus II SRAM ObjectSOF.M2.36.004248
Quasijarus Strong Compressed ArchiveZ.M2.22.003121
Quatro Pro DataQPW, CLP.H2.17.00155
QuattroPro for DOS SpreadsheetWQ1, WQ2.M2.27.001153
QuattroPro SpreadsheetWB1, WB2, WB3.M2.09.001135
Quexal Source CodeQX.H2.27.003660
Quick Release Sector Transfer Disk ImageQRST.M3.35.004830
Quick3D Model ObjectQ3O.M2.07.001502
Quick3D Model SceneQ3S.M2.07.001503
QuickArt DocumentQAD, PF.L2.00.00988
QuickBooks & Family Tree Spelling Lexicon DictionaryCLX.M2.23.001958
QuickBooks Auto Correction DictionarySOT.H3.11.004546
QuickBooks for Windows Accountant's BackupQBX, QBM.H2.23.003308
QuickBooks for Windows Application DataDAT.M2.23.003306
QuickBooks for Windows BackupQBB.M2.34.004154
QuickBooks for Windows Component File Search DictionaryCFS.M3.25.004344
QuickBooks for Windows Component File Search Index..M3.24.004722
QuickBooks for Windows DataQBW.M2.19.00989
QuickBooks for Windows Data (Encrypted)QBW, TLG, ADR, old.M3.29.003304
QuickBooks for Windows Form PartFP6.M2.27.003704
QuickBooks for Windows Import MapFIM.M2.27.003703
QuickBooks for Windows Message DatabaseQMD.M2.27.003708
QuickBooks for Windows Object Information (Binary)QBOT.M2.27.003707
Quickbooks for Windows Search IndexCFX.M3.25.004735
Quickbooks Printer SettingsQBP.M3.12.004559
Quickbooks Segment Data..M3.12.004564
QuickDraw 3D Metafile3DMF.M3.19.00655
QuickDraw Associated Font Resource (MacBinary)..M2.26.003518
QuickDraw Font Resource (MacBinary)..M2.26.003517
Quicken DataQDF, QSD, ABD, CFG, DIR.M2.11.001308
Quicken Electronic LibraryQEL, QFI, DAT, DES, QBR.M3.29.001309
Quicken Price HistoryQPH.M3.16.001443
Quicken QuickFinder InformationIDX.M2.07.001447
QuickFileCollection ArchiveQFC.M2.22.001628
QuickSheet Spreadsheet..M2.23.003288
QuickTime DataMAPPING, QDAT, QTR, BITMAP.M2.10.001297
QuickTime ImageQTI, QTIF, QTS, QTX, QIF.M2.23.01997
QuickTime Preferences FileQTP.M2.06.00998
QuickTime Xtra Plug-inX16, X32, 68K, PPC, APP.M2.05.001266
R:Base DatabaseRBF.L2.28.003832
RabbitGraph Chart..M2.22.003137
RAD Developer Color SchemeRCS.M2.11.002004
Radiance 3D Scene Octree..M2.28.003714
Radiance High Dynamic Range ImageHDR.M2.17.002568
RagTime Classic Document (MacBinary)..M3.38.004872
RagTime DocumentRTD.M2.34.004186
Railroad Tycoon Building CategoryBCA.M2.08.001567
Railroad Tycoon Building TypeBTY.M2.08.001568
Railroad Tycoon Car/Cargo PropertiesCAR, CTY.M2.08.001570
Railroad Tycoon Locomotive PropertiesLCO.M2.08.001569
Railroad Tycoon Packaged GraphicsPK4.M2.08.001571
Raima Arcserve Database00?, DAT.M2.14.001218
Random Access Compression ArchiveRAC.M3.32.004800
Random or Encrypted Data (Headerless)..M2.31.004015
RandyTab Guitar TablatureRTAB.M2.34.004185
RAR Compressed ArchiveRAR, Rnn, Snn.M2.08.001252
RAR Password Cracker ProjectRPC.M2.34.004180
RAR Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.35.033164
RARC Compressed ArchiveARC.M2.26.003596
Raster Document ObjectRDO.M2.10.00664
Rave Reports ProjectRAV.M2.26.003583
Raw GSM 6.10 Audio StreamGSM, JRS.M3.29.00771
Rawzor ImageRWZ.M3.31.004789
RCFile Columnar DataRC.M3.22.004712
RdosPlay Raw Audio..M2.24.003396
Real 3D Rendering..H2.23.003245
Real Pool ImageRGB.M1.05.00387
Real Tracker Music ModuleRTM.M3.16.001023
Real-DRAW ImageRDW.M2.34.004168
REALbasic ProjectRB.M2.11.002002
RealFlight Radio Control Flying FileAIRPORTS.M2.19.042858
Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM MusicRAD.M3.16.00662
RealJukebox Data FileDAT.M2.11.002077
RealJukebox UpgradeRUP.M2.10.001942
RealMedia Audio/Video StreamRM, RMJ, RAM, RA, RT, RP, RPA.M2.13.001015
RealMedia Metadata BackupTMD.M2.06.001316
RealMedia Secure ClipRMX.M2.34.004178
RealPlayer Live ChannelCHL, GD.M2.14.002225
RealPlayer Selected TrackSTE.M2.11.001004
RealPlayer VideoIVR.M3.14.004600
RealSID MusicSID.M2.08.001594
Reason SongRPS.M2.25.001724
Reason Sound BankRFLYM2.09.001722
ReBirth SongRBS.M2.09.001720
ReCycled Audio Loop Export FileREXYM2.25.001721
Red Faction II Game DataPEG.M2.11.001986
Red Hat Package Manager ArchiveRPM.M3.20.001019
Red Hat Package Manager Archive DeltaRPM.M2.27.003701
Redolog Hard Disk Image..M2.17.00564
Reduq ArchiveRDQ.M2.14.002309
Reflex DatabaseRXD.M1.00.00138
Reflex ReportRXR.M1.00.00139
Reiser File System Disk Image (ReiserFS)..M2.22.003138
REKO CardsetREKO, RKP.M2.34.004171
Remote Desktop Protocol ConnectionRDP.M2.11.002005
RemoteKeys Profile..M2.34.004177
RepliGo Virtual Print FileRGO.M2.11.002008
Resco Encrypted FileRXF.M2.34.004192
Rescue Rover DataROV.L2.00.001018
Resident Compressor Archive..M2.18.002650
ReSOF Compressed ArchiveSOF.M2.08.001636
Resource Interchange File Format (Intel)RIFF, RIF, AVI, WAV, BND.H3.16.00212
Resource Interchange File Format (Motorola)RIFX, RIF, AVI, WAV, BND, RIFF.H3.16.003969
Resource Texture ExtensionRTX.M2.07.00439
Resume Builder 4 ResumeRB4.M2.34.004164
Revolution MetaCard Stack (Binary)REV.M2.34.004173
Revolution Resource ArchiveCLU.M2.18.002662
RF64 Broadcast Wave Format AudioRF64, WAV.M3.21.004701
RFFlow DiagramFLO.M3.33.004812
Rhino 3D Model3DMF, 3DM.M2.14.002282
Rich Map FileRMF.M2.17.001017
Ricoh Digital Camera ImageJ6I.M2.26.003554
RISC OS Chunk File Format Data..M2.24.003347
RISC OS Digital Symphony Sequence..M3.16.003355
RISC OS Digital Symphony Song..M3.16.003354
RISC OS Digital Symphony Sound Sample..M2.24.003353
RISC OS ExecutableAIF.M2.24.003350
RISC OS Font..M2.24.003351
RISC OS LibraryALF.M2.24.003349
RISC OS Music..M2.24.003352
RISC OS ObjectAOF.M2.24.003348
RISC OS Squish Archive..M2.24.003375
RKive AUdio Compressed AudioRK, RKA, RKAU.M2.15.002375
RLE Graphic ImageRLE.M1.00.0091
Road Rash Saved GameRRS.L2.00.001021
RoboForm CacheRFO.M3.16.004175
RoboHELP K-keywords Project IndexKKW.L2.00.00820
RoboHELP Project InformationRBH.L2.00.001006
RocketEdition eBookRB.M2.11.002003
ROM Chip ImageBIN, ROM.M2.07.00256
Romanian archiver eXpert AchiveRAX.M2.24.002308
Round-Robin DatabaseRRD.M3.16.002832
Rowperfect Session AnalysisSTG.M3.16.004648
RPG Maker Graphic ImageXYZ.M2.08.001687
RS7000 OS ImagePGM.M3.16.001987
RSA Crypto KeyPUB, PPK, DAT.M3.29.002395
RTE Encoded FileRTE.M2.34.004187
Rune MapRUN.M2.34.004188
Runtime Software Disk ImageDAT.M2.15.002356
RWSD Audio StreamRWSD.M2.34.004190
RxWord Capture FormPRI.M2.12.002144
Rzip ArchiveRZ.M2.14.002310
Safari Web BookmarkWEBBOOKMARK.M2.27.003678
Safe Media Recorded VoiceZVR.M3.09.004499
SafeGuard PrivateCrypto Encrypted ArchiveUTI.M3.19.004365
Sage Backup000.M3.09.004489
Samba Trivial DatabaseTDB.M2.26.003539
Samna Word Document..H2.19.002766
Samsung YP-P2 ThemeUCI.M3.03.004349
Sangduck SpriteSPR.M2.37.004260
SAP MusicSAP.M2.27.003663
SAP Thomson Disk ImageSAP.M2.27.003664
SAS DatabaseSAS7BDAT.M2.35.004198
SAS Transport XPORT FormatXPT.M3.08.004464
SatHawk DataSAT.M2.35.004199
Savings Bonds Wizard DataSBW.M2.11.002018
SBC Compressed AudioSBC.M2.08.001631
Sc2gears Mouse Print DataSMPD.M2.36.004240
Scalable Polyphony MIDI MusicMID.M2.16.00496
ScanVec Inspire Native FileSCI.L2.00.001037
Scifer Compressed ArchiveSEN, BA.M3.18.004666
SciTex ContinuousTone ImageCT, SCT, SCITEX.M3.36.004844
SciTex ContinuousTone Image(MacBinary)CT, SCT, SCITEX.M3.36.001736
SCO Compressed ArchiveLZH.M2.22.003120
SCO Unix DriverO.M2.06.001302
Scodl PictureSCD.M1.00.00211
Scratch Finished ProductSB.M2.26.003604
Scream Tracker v3 Instrument/SampleS3I, SMP, SND.M3.19.001026
ScreenCam MovieSCM.M2.12.002109
ScriptBasic Binary File (32 bit)BBF.M2.20.002876
ScriptBasic Binary File (64 bit)BBF.M2.20.002877
Sculpt3D Scene ModelSCENE.H2.18.001034
SDL Motion JPEG VideoMJPG, MJPEG, SMJPEG.M2.23.002110
SE Linux Policy Database..M2.26.003531
Sea ArchiveSEAYM3.06.01261
Seagate Backup Tape ImageBKF.H2.18.022728
Sealed GIF ImageSGI, SGIF, S1G.M2.16.002425
Seattle Film Works JPEG ImageSFW.L2.00.001059
SeeMail Video (MacBinary)SEE.M2.16.00449
SeeYou WaypointNDB.M2.31.004047
Sega FILM/CPK File FormatCPK, SND.M2.12.002101
Segmented Hypergraphics BitmapSHG.M2.08.001680
Selectable Mode Vocoder SoundSMV.M2.16.00491
Semone ArchiveONE.M2.15.00473
Senddisk File..M1.00.00142
SeqBox ArchiveSBX, SEQBOX.M3.17.004663
Set BitmapIMG.M2.07.001458
Setup Information File Index1.M2.06.001322
SFzip SoundFont ArchiveSFZ.M2.08.001028
SGI File System Disk Image..M2.22.003133
SGI SoundTrack Project..M2.24.003384
SGI XFS File System Disk Image..M2.22.003134
SGI XFS File System Metadump Image..M2.27.003693
ShadownProtect Backup (Full Image)SPF.M3.15.004627
ShapeShifter ThemeGUIKIT.M2.28.003784
SharkPort Saved PS2 GamesSPS.M2.37.004261
Sharp Cell Phone Ringing Melody..M2.24.003393
Sheppy's ImageMaker Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003201
ShipInBottle Compressed ArchiveSIB, SHINBO.M2.36.004230
Shockwave 3D ModelW3D.M2.14.00611
Shockwave AudioSWA.M2.07.001084
Shockwave Flash ObjectSWF, SPLYH3.09.00429
Shockwave Flash Object (MacBinary)SWF.M2.09.001759
Shockwave Movie ObjectMOO.M2.17.001030
Shorten Compressed AudioSHN.M2.16.001723
Show Partner Graphics ImageGX2.M3.16.004654
Show.kit TemplateSKS.M2.36.004237
ShowBiz ProjectSBZ.M2.11.002019
Shrink Compressed DOS ProgramCOM.M2.10.001816
ShrinkIt Apple ][ Compressed ArchiveBXY, BLU.M2.20.002368
Shrinkit/Nulib/NuFile ArchiveSHK.M3.19.002312
Sibelius Music ScoreSIB.M3.19.004231
Sierra Game Data FileGRD.M2.00.001209
Sierra Game Data FilePRF, PKF.M2.00.00381
Sierra Generations Geneology FamilyUDS.M3.03.004355
Sierra User ProfileLOG.M2.00.001217
Sigma Camera RAW Picture ImageX3F.M2.19.042844
SigmaPlot Exchange FileJXF.M2.28.003722
SigmaPlot NotebookJNB.H2.27.003643
SignPlot Traffic SignSP.M2.36.004249
Silicon Graphics ObjectSGO.H2.25.001061
Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap ImageSGI, BW, RGB, RLE, IRIS, RGBAYM2.25.00176
Simple Highspeed Archiver ArchiveSHARC.M3.32.004801
Simple Musical Score IFF MIDISMU, IFF, SMUS, MUS.H3.16.00198
Simple ROM File System Image (ROMFS)IMG.M2.14.002334
Simple User Interface Toolkit LibrarySUI.M2.11.002047
SimpleText Document (MacBinary)TXT, TEXT.M2.09.001773
Sims Archive, TheFAR.M2.07.001603
Sims Extensive Audio, TheXA.M2.07.001538
Sims Game Data, TheIFF.M2.07.001523
SimulationX Encrypted ModelISM.M2.29.003849
Sinclair Disk ImageSCL.M2.35.004207
Site Publisher ProjectSPJ.M2.37.004256
Six-2-Four (624) Packed DOS ExecutableCOM.M2.14.001813
SkinCrafter SkinSKF.M2.36.004235
SKY Compressed ArchiveSKY.M2.08.001635
Skype ConversationDAT.M3.16.001935
Skype Conversation Audio (Compressed)SIL.M3.14.004598
Skype Extra Plug-inSPARC.M2.36.004251
Skype Localization DataMLS.M2.19.002737
Skype Profile and ContactsDBB.M2.19.002753
Skype Voice MailDAT.M2.11.002079
SlamDB DatabaseTDB.M3.00.004294
SLIM Compressed Archive..M3.32.004807
Slim! Compressed ArchiveFB.M2.08.00715
Smacker Compressed MovieSMK.M2.12.002111
Small Business Publisher DocumentSBPF.M2.35.004203
Smart BootManager Backup Disk Image..M2.22.003124
SmartDraw DrawingSDR.M3.19.001048
SmartDraw LibrarySDL.L2.00.001046
SmartDraw TemplateSDT.M2.25.001050
SmartSniff Saved PacketsSSP.M2.37.004269
Smith Corona Word Processor DocumentPWP.M2.19.00984
SnagIt Capture ImageSNAG.M2.27.003667
Sniffer CaptureSNF.M3.16.004245
Softbook eBook Import FileIMP.M2.29.003844
SoftImage 3D ImagePIC.M2.08.001677
Softlib Compressed ArchiveSLB.M3.18.004667
Software Game ArchiveSGA.M2.08.001633
Solid Edge 3D CAD ModelPAR.H2.27.003653
Solid Edge Assembly DocumentASM.H2.27.003611
Solid Edge Draft DocumentDFT.H2.27.003622
Solid Edge Packaged CollaborationPCF.H2.27.003655
SolidWorks 2001 AssemblySLDASM.H3.02.033668
SolidWorks 2001 DrawingSLDDRW.H3.02.034346
SolidWorks 2001 PartSLDPRT.H3.02.033669
SolidWorks eDrawings Assembly (Compressed)EASM.M2.31.004017
SolidWorks eDrawings Assembly (Zip Compressed)EASM.M3.34.014829
Solitaire Image Recorder ImageSIR.M2.17.002595
Solo Explorer TranscriptionW2M.M3.05.004395
Sonarc Compressed RAW PCM AudioSNC.M2.09.001725
Sonarc Compressed VOC AudioVC.M2.07.001525
Sonic Foundry ACID 3 MusicACD.M2.05.001265
Sonic Foundry MIDI Sysex Sample ResourceSFR.M3.16.001058
Sonic Foundry Vegas Video ProjectVEG, VF.M2.11.002076
Sonic Foundry VideoEditor Wave64 AudioW64.M3.21.001527
Sonic Global ImageGI.M3.36.004845
Sonic SkinSKN.H3.02.002389
Sonique Document with GraphicsSGF.M2.11.002032
Sony MovieMQV.M2.19.022820
Sony OpenMG Music FormatOMA.M2.15.002383
Sony Playstation Portable MoviePMF.M2.33.004118
Sony RAW ImageARW.M2.20.002865
Sound Blaster Studio II Package SongPAC.M2.06.00925
Sound Blaster Studio II Sound SampleSOU.M2.09.001703
Sound Designer I Audio FileDIG.M2.03.06675
Sound Forge Peak Data FileSFK.M2.11.002026
Sound Shop Sound..M2.29.001076
Sound Smith Sound..H3.05.003940
Sound Tools FileHCOM.L2.00.00774
SoundFX Module SongSFX, SFX2.M3.28.004763
SoundHelix SongXML.M3.30.004786
SoundStage Sound File DataSFD.L2.00.001056
SoundStage Sound File InformationSFI.L2.00.001057
Soundtracker v2.6 Module SongST26.M3.28.004764
Source Edit Language DefinitionLNG.M2.11.002040
SpacEyes 3D Viewer ProjectSPV.M2.26.003598
SPACK ArchiveSIP.M3.10.004532
SpchComp Encoded Speech/AudioSPC.M2.07.001559
Spectrum 512 Smooshed ImageSPC, SPU, SPS.M2.07.001073
Speculator 97 ShapshotZX82.M3.09.004501
SpeedTouch Router FirmwareBIN.M3.17.004655
Speex Encoded AudioSPX.M3.21.001727
Speex Lossy Audio Codec Raw AudioSPEEX.M2.17.002589
SPHERE Speech Recog Lexical TranscriptLTT, NDX, SRT.M2.09.001728
SPHERE Speech Recognition WaveformNIST, SPH.M2.09.00896
Spider Solitaire Saved GameSPIDERSOLITAIR.M2.37.004254
SpinnerBaker eXtractor Compressed ArchiveSB.M2.08.001632
sPlan Circuit Diagram..M2.26.003575
Splint ArchiveSPL.M2.14.001074
SPOT Satellite ImageSPOT.L2.00.001075
SPPACK AudioD.M2.15.002379
Sprint DocumentSPR.M2.11.002043
Sprint Music Store Phone MusicKOZ, MP3.M2.15.002382
Sprite Backup Mobile Device ImagePBF.M2.32.004088
SPSS Chart LookCLO.M2.11.002044
SPSS DataSAV.M3.19.001446
SPSS TemplateCHT, SCT.M2.21.002962
SPSS User Table LookupTLO.M2.11.002045
SpyBot-Search-and-Destroy SignatureSIG.M2.11.002028
SQL Server Database Changes LogLDF.M3.16.001556
SQL Server Master DatabaseMDF, NDF.M2.13.00519
SQLite DatabaseDB, SQLITEDB.M3.33.003677
SQLite Database Shared MemoryDB-SHM, SQLITE-SHM.M3.26.004741
SQLite Database Write-Ahead LogSQLITE-WAL.M3.26.004742
Squash ArchiveARH.M2.14.002299
Squash File System Disk Image (Squashfs,Intel)..M2.22.003143
Squash File System Disk Image (Squashfs,Motorola)..M2.22.003144
Squeeze Archive?Q?.M1.00.0055
Squeeze Compressed ArchiveSQZ.M2.08.001639
Squish Compressed Archive..M2.08.001637
Sqweez ArchiveSQZ.M2.14.00478
SQX Archiver Compressed ArchiveSQX.M2.15.001638
SR2 Compressed ArchiveSR2.M2.37.004265
SSCE Spelling Lexicon DatabaseSDF.M2.18.002721
SSCE Spelling Lexicon DictionaryCLX, TLX.M2.23.002146
STAD Graphic ImagePAC.M2.06.001364
Standard Archive FormatSAF, POD.M2.22.003041
Standard CPCEMU Style Disk ImageDSK.M2.10.001828
Star Wars Galaxies ArchiveTRE.M3.02.004329
StarCalc Spreadsheet / TemplateSDC, VOR.H3.19.002607
Stardock ArchiveDOCZIP.M2.25.003451
StarDraw Image / TemplateSDA, VOR.H3.19.002608
StarMath FormulaSMF.H2.17.022541
StarView MetafileSVM.M3.00.004281
StarWriter Document / TemplateSDW, VOR.H3.19.001052
Steganos Security Suite Virtual Secure DriveSLE.M3.15.004615
Steinberg VST2 Music Plugin PresetsFXP.M3.30.004779
Stereo CAD-3D Objects Graphics Image3D2.M2.17.00654
Still Picture Interchange File Format (SPIFF)SPIFF, SPF, JPG, JPEG.M2.21.002921
StockChartX DataSTX.M2.11.002046
Stonecracker ArchiveSTC.M2.14.00479
StormFront SkinSKN.H2.27.003666
STOS Animation BankMBK.M2.18.002657
STOS Memory Bank Sounds / ImagesMBK, MBS.M3.23.004719
Streamline Compressed ArchiveSAR.M2.08.001630
Street Atlas Transfer FileDMT.H2.27.003623
String Data ResourceMSG.M3.00.00378
Structured Fax Format ImageSFF.M2.08.001679
Studio Session Song (MacBinary)SSS.M3.21.004699
StuffIt Apple ][ ArchiveSIT.M2.29.003926
StuffIt Mac ArchiveSIT, BIN, SITX, DAT.M3.18.00262
StuffIt Mac Archive (MacBinary)SIT, BIN.M2.09.001757
StuffIt Self-Extrc Archive (MacBinary)..M2.09.001795
Stunt Island FilmFLM.M1.00.0054
Sun Compacted Archive..M2.22.003118
Sun TAAC Image FileTAAC, VFF, SUNIFF, IFF.L2.00.00794
Sun xVM VirtualBox Disk ImageVDI.M2.27.003694
Super Nintendo MovieSMV.M2.36.004241
Super Nintendo System ROM ImageSMC.M2.19.032834
Super Project Plus..M2.31.004025
Super Smooth AnimationSSA.H2.23.003247
SuperCalc WorksheetCAL.M2.19.002777
SuperKey MacroMAC.M1.00.00144
SuperMap World GIS DatabaseSDB.M2.35.004209
SuperMemo Database..M2.23.003289
SuperREP Compressed ArchiveSREP.M2.37.004266
SuperView Graphic BitmapSVG.M2.08.001681
Swag Reader PacketSWG.M2.11.002049
Sweet 16 Apple Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.003202
SWiSH Max Multimedia EffectsSFX.M3.09.004505
SWiSH ProjectSWI.M3.00.004284
Sybase Compressed Data..M2.28.003757
Sybase Localization FileLCU.M2.17.002523
Sybase Translation TableUCT, UST.M2.23.003305
Symbian 3a/3c/3mx Waveform SoundWVE.M2.07.001529
Symbian Application ResourceRSC.M2.34.004183
Symbian Clipart Images..M2.23.003227
Symbian Clipboard..M2.21.003028
Symbian Database..M2.21.003033
Symbian Device Driver..M2.21.003036
Symbian EasyFax Initialization..M2.21.003032
Symbian File (General)..M2.21.003026
Symbian Font..M2.21.003015
Symbian Initialization FileINI.M2.21.003034
Symbian LibraryDLL, OPX.M2.21.003035
Symbian Multi BitMap ImageMBM.M2.23.001662
Symbian Organiser ExecutableOPO.M2.21.00913
Symbian Oval ApplicationAPP.M2.11.001977
Symbian Printer Definition..M2.21.003037
Symbian Printer Driver..M2.21.003027
Symbian Series 3/OS 9.x InstallerSISX.M3.20.004234
Symbian Sketch Image..M2.21.003029
Symbian Spreadsheet..M2.21.003031
Symbian TextEd Document..M2.23.003226
Symbian TomeRaider Compressed eBook DocumentTR.M2.11.002063
Symbian Word Document..M2.21.003030
Symbian World Data FileDBW.M2.23.003228
Symbian/EPOC release 3, 4, 5 InstallerSIS.M3.20.004691
Symbian/EPOC release 6 InstallerSIS.M3.20.002029
Symbian/Psion A-Law Voice Note AudioPSI.M2.21.00978
Symbolic Debugging DefinitionsSYM.M2.11.00563
SymbOS VID VideoVID.M2.26.001118
Symphonie SymMOD Tracker Module..M3.16.003388
Symphony 1.0 WorksheetWKS, WRK.M1.00.00107
Symphony Dialog Graphic ImageSDG, RDG.M2.21.003014
Symphony DictionaryDIC.M2.21.003012
Symphony Registry DatabaseRDB.M2.21.003013
SynthLAB InstrumentWAV.M2.29.003932
SynthLAB Instrument BankBNK.M2.29.003936
SynthLAB MIDI SequenceSEQ, SL, BK1.M3.16.003935
SYSLINUX Boot Logo Image..M2.22.003103
System Deployment ImageSDI.M2.35.004211
System DriverSYS, BIN, COM.H3.12.00214
SysV R4 PKG DatastreamsPKG.M2.16.002431
SZip Compressed FileSZ, SZIP.M2.08.001640
Tableau Packaged WorkbookTWBX.M3.20.004697
TabWorks FileTWF.L2.00.001100
TAC Compressed AudioTST.M2.09.001729
Tag Image File Format (Intel)TIFF, TIF, SEPYM3.19.00321
Taijin Media Net Karaoke SongTJN.M3.01.004310
TAK Lossless Compressed AudioTAK.M2.15.002384
Tape Archive FileTAR.M2.23.011087
Targa Bitmap ImageTGA, VDA, I?B, VST, TARGA, PIX, BPX, IVBYH3.14.0019
TaxACT FormTA0, TA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA8, TA9, TAn.M2.06.001315
TCPDump / Libpcap Capture..M2.07.001442
TealDoc Document..M2.23.003290
TealInfo Database..M2.23.003291
TealMeal Database..M2.23.003292
TealPaint Image..M2.23.003293
TECkit Compiled MappingTEC.M3.00.004296
Tektronix Plot 10 DrawingP10.L2.00.00922
TeleDisk ArchiveTD0, TD1, TD2, TD3, TD?YM2.11.00112
Teleport Pro ProjectTPP.M2.11.001096
Telix Phone BookFON.M2.14.002340
Telvox Compressed CODEC..M2.08.001642
Temporary Data File (Unknown Source)TMP.L1.05.00379
Terragen 2 WorldTGW.M3.01.004305
Terragen TerrainTERRAIN, TER.M3.00.004298
Terse Compressed Archive..M3.32.004802
Texas Instruments Calculator Data92I, 89I, 86I, 85I, 83I, 82I, 73I, 80I.M2.24.001539
Texas Instruments Calculator Emulator Skin..M2.24.003345
Texas Instruments Calculator Flash Upgrade92I.M2.24.003344
TexMod PackageTPF.M3.02.004326
Text Adventure Development System Game DataGAM.M2.23.001486
Text Adventure Development System Game ResourcesGAM.M2.23.003180
Text Adventure Development System Img.T3.M2.07.001508
Text Adventure Development System Saved GameGAM.M2.23.003181
TextMaker DocumentTMD.M2.11.002059
The Bat! Address BookABD.M3.16.002055
The Bat! Email HivesTBB.M2.11.002056
The Bat! Hive IndexABD.M2.11.002057
The Final Musicsystem eXtended Module MusicTFX.M3.16.002583
The Hive Level DataL95.M2.28.003807
The Movies Editor Text String DatabaseLHTS.M2.29.003886
The Nemesis Project Game ArchiveCLT.M2.15.00543
ThemeEngine Theme/SkinUSKN.M3.03.004363
thinBasic Console Script (Obfuscated)TBASICCX.M3.00.004287
thinBasic GUI Script (Obfuscated)TBASICX.M3.00.004291
thinEdge ModelM15.M2.29.003910
ThinkDB Database..M2.23.003294
thinkdesign CAD DrawingE3.H2.27.003626
Thor Compressed ArchiveTHR.M3.01.004306
Thumbs Plus DatabaseDB, TDB.H3.29.011089
Thunderscan ImageSCAN.L2.00.001032
TI Interactive WorkbookTII.M3.01.004308
TI-Nspire CAS OS ImageTNC.M3.01.004319
TI-Nspire DocumentTNS.M3.01.004320
TI-Nspire OS ImageTNO, TNC.M3.01.004318
TI-Nspire PublishView DocumentTNSP.M3.01.004321
Tiger Map FileTIG.L2.00.001092
Time Line FileMAP, T#?.M1.00.00147
Timeless Multi-user Time and Expense DataTMD.H3.07.014462
Timeline Maker DiagramTLM, TLMP, TLM3, TLM4, TLMZ.M3.33.004813
TimeSink AdGatewayIDX, CDB.M2.14.002223
Timezone Information DB (compiled)..M2.14.002339
Tina Pro for Windows V6.0+ Package SchematicsSCH, TSC.M2.35.004206
TinkerPlots DocumentTP.M3.02.004325
TK3 eBookTK3.M2.11.002058
tKC Cracking TutorialTKC.M3.01.004312
TMPGEnc Conversion TemplateMCF.M2.10.001901
Toast CD ImageTOAST.M3.16.004322
Toast CD Image (MacBinary)TOAST.M3.38.004875
Toast CD Project (MacBinary)..M3.38.004869
Tochal PackageTPK.M3.02.004327
TomTom Traffic DataDAT.M2.21.003000
ToolMaker User Interface DesignTMUI.H2.18.002640
TOP4 ArchiveTOP, TO4, T4.M2.22.003072
TopSolid ProjectTOPPRJ.M3.02.004324
TopStudio Encrypted DataENCRYPTED.M2.25.003483
Total Annihilation Saved GameHPI.M2.08.001652
Total Word DocumentTW.L2.28.003833
TPac Archive..M2.22.003079
Trackjoy Block FileBLK.M2.10.001886
Trackjoy GUS Tracker ModuleJOY.M3.16.001884
Trackjoy GUS Tracker SongTJS.M3.16.001885
Transform Compressed FileTFM.M2.08.001641
Tree Generator 3D TreeTGF.M3.01.004304
Trend Micro Pattern File000, nnn.M2.17.002518
True Box Shot CoverDRC.M3.26.004747
TrueCrypt Dynamic VolumeTC.M2.31.003175
TrueSpace 3D Object (Binary)COB, SCN.M3.19.001470
TrueType Font CollectionTTC.M2.13.002159
TTA (True Audio) Free Lossless AudioTTA.M3.21.002405
TTW Compressed ArchiveCR.M3.32.004803
TuneUp Style Boot ScreenTBS.M2.26.003570
Turbo C Project FilePRJ.M1.00.00303
Turbo Compiler Context FileDSK.M2.06.001285
Turbo Packer Compressed Archive..M3.32.004808
Turbo Pascal Symbol TablePSM.M2.11.001998
Turbo Pascal UnitTPU, TP.M1.00.00226
Turbo Silver 12bit RGB ImageRGBN.H2.18.012594
Turbo Silver 24bit RGB ImageRGB8.H2.18.012593
TurboTax DHTML Help IndexLIF.M3.16.002390
TurboTax Form (1)1PE, 1PH.M2.15.00928
TurboTax Form (2)HEFS.M2.15.002398
TurboTax ProfileProfile.M3.24.004726
TurboTax Tax ReturnTAX.M2.11.002093
Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum SetWFD.L2.00.001143
Turtle Beach WaveFront ProgramWFP.L2.00.001144
TV Paint Image..H2.18.00827
TValue DataTV4.M2.26.003551
TVgenial SkinTVGSKIN.M3.02.004336
Typhoon Voice FileO01.L2.00.00905
Tzip Compressed ArchiveTZ.M3.32.004804
u-boot/PPCBoot Disk Image (JFFS,Motorola)..M2.22.003141
UC Browser ThemeUCT.M3.03.004352
UFA Compressed ArchiveUFA.M2.07.001438
UFOCaptureV2 MapDAT.M2.21.003001
UHArc Compressed ArchiveUHA.M2.28.00484
UHBC Archive..M2.24.003372
Uhuru Sound Software Musical Score..H2.23.003253
Uhuru Sound Software Voice..H2.23.003252
Ulead DVD MovieFactory ProjectDWZ.H2.27.003625
UltraCompressor II compressed archiveUC2.M2.14.001643
UltraISO Disc ImageISZ.M2.29.003850
Ultrix Compacted Archive..M2.22.003119
UMD PhotobookUMD.M3.03.004357
Unicode ExtensionsUCE.M2.20.001190
Unicode Font MetricsUFM.M2.13.002161
Unicode Translated FontsNTF.M2.17.002521
Unicode Type FontUTF.M2.13.002182
Unified Emulator FormatUEF.M3.19.001844
Uniform Office Format DocumentUOP.H3.37.004858
Unigraphics PartPRT.H2.27.003657
Unity3d EnvironmentUNITYWEB.M2.16.00486
Universal 3D ImageU3D.M3.19.004347
Universal Voxel TranslatorTOX.M3.22.004709
UNIX Compress ArchiveZ, TAZ, TGZ, GZ, GTAR.M2.07.001088
Unix Fast File System V1 Disk Image (Intel)..M2.22.003128
Unix Fast File System V1 Disk Image (Motorola)..M2.22.003130
Unix Fast File System V2 Disk Image (Intel)..M2.22.003129
Unix Fast File System V2 Disk Image (Motorola)..M2.22.002731
UNIX Program Library (32-bit)SO.M2.14.002265
UNIX Program Library (64-bit)SO.M2.14.001251
UNIX Program/Program Library (32-bit)ELF.M2.14.002264
UNIX Program/Program Library (64-bit)ELF.M2.14.001250
Unreal Game ArchiveUNR, UMX, UAX, UTX, UVX, UKX, USX, U??.M2.15.00382
UPS Patch ArchiveUPS.M3.18.004674
UPX Compressed ExecutableEXE.M2.22.003158
US Telephony Audio FileULAW.L2.00.001106
USA 98: Streets & Destination Map FileGMF.M1.05.00397
USA 98: Streets & Destination TourU98.M1.05.00398
Utah Raster Toolkit ImageRLE, URTYM2.25.00210
Valve Game MapBSP.M2.20.002904
Valve PackageVPK.M3.04.004383
Valve TextureVTF.M3.19.003580
VAX 3.0 Archive..M2.22.003055
VBOX Voice Message Audio..M2.23.003223
VCDIFF Compressed ArchiveVCDIFF.M3.18.004675
Vectrex GameGAM.M2.07.001484
Ventrilo Audio RecordingVRF.M3.04.004388
Ventura Graphic ImageVGR.M2.28.003798
Ventura Publisher ChapterCHP.H2.27.003616
Ventura Publisher FileCAP, CHP, STY.M1.00.00152
Ventura Publisher PublicationVP.L2.00.001126
Ventura Publisher Style Sheet (OLE)STY.H3.23.003671
Venturi Client KeyENC.M2.23.003303
Vertex ShaderVS, CSO, PS.M3.29.004727
Vi IMproved Encrypted DataVIM.M2.22.003091
Vi IMproved Swap File..M2.22.003092
Video CDVCD.M2.19.032837
Video CD MPEG MovieDAT.H2.08.00446
Video Game MusicVGM.M3.04.004375
Viewpoint Executable (compressed)MTJ.M2.13.002151
Viewpoint iPix FileMTS.M2.10.001941
Viewpoint Java Script (compressed)MTJ.M2.13.002152
Viewpoint Library (compressed)MTJ.M2.13.002150
Viewpoint Scene Attributes (compressed)MTZ.M2.13.002149
Viking Designer 1 Embroidery ImageSHV.M2.11.002024
Viking Embroidery DiskPHV.M2.32.004101
Virtual Business Card FileVCF.M2.35.03421
Virtual CD v4 logVBL.M3.16.004368
Virtual CDROM FileFCD.M2.03.06716
Virtual Game Station Memory Card SaveVGS.M2.12.002095
Virtual MC-10 Tape ImageC10.M2.07.001480
Virtual Reality World (Binary)WRL, IVR, BEH, LIT, WRZ.M1.05.00413
Virtual TI SkinSKN.M2.24.002034
VirtualBox Disk ImageVDI.M3.05.013207
VirtuaNES Movie CaptureVMV.M3.04.004381
Virtutech CRAFF..M2.24.003339
Vis5D DatasetV5D.M3.03.004367
VisiForm FormVFT.M3.04.004373
VisioModeler (Infomodeler)IMD.M2.24.002163
Visionary ImageVIS.M2.16.002473
Vista Digital Elevation Model DataDEM.M2.03.061244
Vista Graphic ImageVST.M2.08.001684
VistaDB DatabaseVDB.M2.11.002075
Visual CertExam Suite ExamVCE.M2.17.001115
Visual Objects Application Export FileAEF.M2.18.002694
Visual Paradigm for UML License KeyZVPL.M3.09.004497
Visual Pinball TableVPT.H2.26.003581
VisualBoyAdvance Movie CaptureVBM.M3.03.004369
VITec BitmapVIT, ICC.M2.08.001682
Vivid Ray-Tracer ImageIMGYM2.25.00182
VivoActive Streaming VideoVIV, VIVO.M2.17.001121
ViX Image CatalogVIX.M3.04.004377
VMS VAX Executable..M2.26.003524
VMware Cached Application DataAPPINFO.H3.16.004591
VMware Cached Application IconAPPICON.M3.16.004590
VMWare Installer Data..M3.25.004733
VMware NVRAM..M2.24.003338
VMware Virtual Disk DescriptorVMDK.M2.10.001877
VMware Virtual Disk ImageVMDK.M3.19.001878
Vocaloid Motion Data..M3.04.004380
VocalTec Media DescriptorVMD.M3.15.004630
Volkswriter DocumentVWL, VW3, VW4.M2.31.003834
Vorbis Lossy Audio Codec Raw AudioVORBIS.M2.17.002590
VORT Raster ImageVORT.M2.08.001124
Voxel AnimationVXL.M3.05.004394
VSARC Archive..M2.24.003370
VTeX Multiple Master Font MetricsMFM.M2.13.002169
VTX dVS TextureVTX.M2.25.003432
Vue Function DefinitionFNC.M2.28.003740
VXL Computer Vision DataVXL.M2.24.003336
VxWorks EST Flat Binary Image..M2.26.003527
Walkman NW-S23 MP3 ArchiveDAT.M2.15.001726
Waltop Digital Ink-pad Graphic ImageTOP.M3.02.004323
Wang PC DocumentIWP.L2.28.003835
Warc Archive..M2.24.003335
Warcraft III Game MapW3M, W3X.M2.07.001511
Warcraft III Recorded GameW3G, W3Z.M2.07.001510
Warhammer 40,000 TextureRSH.M2.11.002012
Warlords Battlecry ArchiveXCR.M2.08.001645
WatchGuard Cloaked FileCLK.M2.21.002966
WaveL Wavelet Compressed BitmapIWC.M2.08.001656
WaveZIP Lossless Compressed AudioMCP.M2.07.001531
WavPack Lossless Compressed AudioWV, WVCYH3.21.001528
WBEM RepositoryREP.M2.06.001310
WBEM Repository Database MapMAP.M2.11.002082
WBEM Repository Database Support FileBTR, DATA.M2.07.00437
Weather Tool Weather DataWEA.M3.05.004404
WeatherLink Weather DataWLK.M3.06.004419
Web Open Font Format Package 1.0WOFF.M3.19.004422
Web Open Font Format Package 2.0WOFF2.M3.19.004650
WebDesigner TemplateHMP.M2.06.001292
WebEx RecordingWRF.M2.19.032840
WebEx Universal Communications DataUCF.M2.21.003025
WebShots ImageWBZ.M3.05.004400
Westmead EEGEEG.M3.16.002619
WHAP Compressed Amiga ArchiveAP.M2.19.002780
WhatsUp Gold Network MapWUP.M3.06.004429
WhatsUp Gold Virtual DeviceDSE.M2.25.003456
WhereIsIt CatalogCTF.M3.15.004619
Whisper 32 PasswordsWSP.M3.06.004426
Wii Texture PaletteTPL.M3.14.004596
WildTangent Compressed Game DataWSAD, WSMO, WSGO, WSBM.M2.15.002402
WildTangent Compressed JPEG ImageWJP.M2.15.00518
WildTangent Compressed Wave SoundWWV.M2.15.00895
WildTangent Game DataCDAS, CDANFO, CDAET, WTCFG, CDAED, CDAES.M2.15.00899
WildTangent World DataWDAT.M2.21.003024
WinAHX THX Tracker Instrument..M3.16.003846
WinAHX Tracker MusicAHX.M3.23.004720
Winamp Signal Processing Studio DSP-EffectSPS.M2.37.004262
Winamp3 Compiled ScriptMAKI.M2.29.003914
WinArchiver Extended Disc ImageXDI.M3.07.004443
WinBreadboard Circuit SchematicWBD.M3.05.004398
WinCC User Archive ExportUAP.M3.03.004348
WINDEV Component DescriptionWDI.M2.12.002121
WINDEV Compressed ArchiveWDZ.M2.08.001644
WINDEV Controls' Styles DescriptionGAB.M2.12.002118
WINDEV Hyper File DatabaseFIC.M2.12.002117
WINDEV IndexNDX.M2.17.002516
WINDEV Procedures' SetWDG.M2.12.002120
WINDEV ProjectWDP.M2.12.002122
WINDEV ReportWDE.M2.12.002119
WINDEV Run-Time TemplateWDY.M2.12.002124
WINDEV WindowWDW.M2.12.002123
Windows Binary Performance Log (Win2K)BLG.M3.29.002206
Windows Driver Public Verification Key(s)VP.M2.30.004012
Windows ELS Transliteration IndexNLT.M2.30.004009
Windows Media (HD) PhotoWDP, HDP, WMP.M2.21.002919
Windows Migration BackupMIG.M2.26.003578
Windows NT Media Services Database..M2.07.001413
Windows Product Activation DatabaseDBL.M2.13.002166
Windows Update StatusGRL.M2.30.004010
Windows User State Migration Tool DataDAT.M3.15.004624
Windows Word DictionaryWWD.M2.30.004011
WinDump / Winpcap CaptureACP, PCAP.M3.19.001457
WinDVD Bookmark FileBMK.M2.03.06599
Windwos Sidebar StyleWSSTYLES.M3.06.004427
WinFax Received DocumentFXR.M2.26.003586
Wing Commander III MVE MovieMVE.H2.12.002105
WinGenea Family TreeWDF.M3.05.004401
Wings 3D MeshWINGS.M3.05.004410
Wingz Compiled Script..M2.23.003257
Wingz Help..M2.23.003258
Wingz SpreadsheetWKZ.M2.23.003256
WinHex Position DataPOS.M2.11.001993
WinHki Compressed ArchiveHKI.M2.08.001610
WinHki Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003167
WinImage fileIMA, WIL, DAT.M2.24.00798
WinIMP ArchiveIMP.M2.08.00537
Wink PresentationWNK.M3.06.004421
WinPharoah CaptureETH.M3.16.001444
WinPharoah FilterFTR.M2.07.001215
WinRK ArchiveRK.M2.15.002374
Winstep Xtreme Theme PackXTREME.M3.08.004469
Wintec Tools GPS logTK1.M3.16.004311
WinUAE Saved StateUSS.M2.11.002071
WinUndelete IndexWUI.M3.36.004843
WinView CCD Camera ImageSPE.M2.37.004252
WinXComp Grouped Compressed ArchiveGCF.M2.28.001605
WinZip Archive (Advanced)ZIPX.H3.12.014571
WinZip Archive (Encrypted)ZIPYH3.02.003177
WinZip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE, ZIP.H2.35.03584
WinZix Compressed ArchiveZIX.M2.19.042845
Wiped Data (zeroes)..H2.32.024103
Wireless BitmapWBMP.M2.15.00525
Wireless LAN Encrypted ProfileENC.M2.18.00602
Wise Installer Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003161
Wolfenstein Weapon Definition ScriptWEAP.M3.05.004405
Word Pro Graphic / AMI Draw Vector ImageSDW.M2.34.003822
WordMARC Plus DocumentWMC, DOC.L2.28.003836
WordPerfect Assistant TemplateAST.M2.06.001324
WordPerfect Block.YM2.22.002252
WordPerfect Calendar.YM3.16.003104
WordPerfect Dictionary Rules.YM2.22.002258
WordPerfect Display ResourceDRSYM2.22.002255
WordPerfect DocumentDOC, WP, WKB, WPD, WPT, WP#.M2.25.00157
WordPerfect Document (MacBinary)DOC, WP, WKB, WPD, WPT, WP#.M2.16.001738
WordPerfect Document (Macintosh)DOC, TXTYM2.22.002259
WordPerfect Document (OLE)DOC.M3.23.003965
WordPerfect Document (VAX)DOCYM2.22.002260
WordPerfect Document TemplateWPX.H2.17.001360
WordPerfect Equation ResourceQRSYM2.22.002257
WordPerfect External Spelling Dictionary..M2.14.002261
WordPerfect File (General)WP?, ?RS, ALL, LAB, MOR, CBD.M2.19.00163
WordPerfect Help.YM3.16.002247
WordPerfect Hyphenation Code/Data.YM2.22.002251
WordPerfect Keyboard Definition.YM2.22.002248
WordPerfect MacroWPM, WCM.M2.22.00158
WordPerfect Office Color CorrectionCC, PF, ICM.M2.28.001276
WordPerfect Office NotebookNB.M1.00.00207
WordPerfect OverlayFILYM2.22.002256
WordPerfect Printer ResourcePRSYM2.22.002250
WordPerfect Setup/Installation DataSET, INSYM2.22.002254
WordPerfect Spelling Lexicon DictionaryLEX, MOR, ADV.M2.22.001425
WordPerfect Thesaurus.YM2.22.002249
WordPerfect Video Driver.YM2.22.002253
WordStar 2000 DocumentWS2.M3.19.002748
WordStar DocumentWS1, WS2, WS3, WS4, WS5, WS6, WS7, DOCYH2.19.00458
WordStar for WindowsWSD, DOCYH2.12.00465
Working Model Motion SimulationWM.M2.19.032838
Workshare DeltaView FileWDF.H2.17.001255
World Machine Data FileTMD.M2.11.002060
WOZ Disk ImageWOZ.M3.33.004817
WRAptor Compressed Archive (C64)WRA.M2.08.001590
Write Now Document (MacBinary)..M2.09.001755
WWPack ArchiveWWP.M2.24.003373
X-Protector ProjectXPF.M2.12.002129
X-Windows Portable Compiled FontPCF.M2.13.022211
X1 ArchiveX1.M2.22.003059
X11/NeWS Bitmap Font..M2.22.003047
X11/NeWS Font Family..M2.22.003048
XACT Global SettingsXGS.M3.07.004450
XACT Sound BankXSB.M3.16.004467
XACT Wave BankXWB.M3.08.004472
XAML BinaryXBF.M3.24.004729
Xara Web DocumentWEB.M2.12.001141
Xara X Vector DrawingXAR.M2.15.001159
Xargon Game DataXR1.L2.00.001167
XBase/dBase Compount IndexCDX, DCX.M2.06.001325
Xen Saved Domain..M2.26.003535
XenoDream Graphics DataXEP.M3.07.004445
Xerox InterPress Typesetting Data..M2.24.003343
Xerox Scanner TemplateXST.M2.11.002090
XESS WorksheetXS3, XS4, XS5.M3.08.004466
XGS Apple IIGS Emulator 2IMG Disk Image2MG, 2IMG.M2.23.001476
Xing MPEG AnimationMPG, MPE, M1V, ENC.H2.19.00247
XMS Adlib ModuleXMS.M3.16.003391
XNA Game Studio Binary PackageXNB.M3.07.004454
XnView Cache DatabaseDB.M3.16.001952
XnView FilterHFP.H2.19.00443
xo65 Library..M2.24.003326
xo65 Program..M2.24.003325
XPack ArchiveXPA.M2.22.003083
XPACK Disk ImageXDI.M3.35.004832
XPack Single Archive..M2.24.003382
XPCOM Type LibraryXPT.M2.06.001320
XProfan Compiled UnitPCU.M2.11.001984
Xtra CacheMCH.M3.16.001298
XTree DataXTP.L2.00.001168
XZ Compressed ArchiveXZ.M3.19.003541
XZP ContainerXZP.M3.08.004474
YAC Compressed ArchiveYC.M2.08.001646
Yaesu Radio Memory ImageRDF.M2.34.004167
YAFA animation..H2.23.003246
Yahoo! Anti-Spy Quarantine IndexDAT.M2.11.002084
Yahoo! Messenger Voice MailPOST.M2.33.004124
Yahoo! Online Protection Region FileRGN.M2.11.002088
Yahoo! WidgetWIDGET.M2.15.002341
Yamaha Music Production Studio PatternR2P.M3.16.001505
Yamaha Music Production Studio SampleR3A, R3P.M3.16.001507
Yamaha Music Production Studio Seq.R2A.M3.16.001504
Yamaha Music Production Studio SongR2S.M3.16.001506
Yamaha Sound-VQ LocatorVQE, VQL.L2.00.001127
Yamaha SY-Series Wave SoundSYW.L2.00.001085
Yamaha TwinVQF MusicVQF.M2.15.001128
Yamaha TX16W Wave SoundTXWYM2.23.001103
YanCEyWare Reader eBookYBK.M2.26.003571
YAODL 3D SceneYAODL, YDL.M2.12.00809
Yaz0 Compressed ArchiveSZS.M3.32.004805
YBS ArchiveYBS.M2.22.001172
Yokogawa Oscilloscope Captured DataWVF.M3.06.004430
Yountel Unicode FontFNT.M2.28.003742
Yozo Office DocumentEIO.M3.37.004856
YUV4MPEG2 VideoY4M.M3.08.004475
Zebra MetafileZBR.M2.22.003043
Zelda Classic Quest DataQST.M2.34.00996
Zemana Threats DatabaseZDB.M3.11.004539
ZET Compressed ArchiveZET.M2.24.003381
Ziff Davis Bench Zip ArchiveZIP.M2.28.003837
Zillions of Games Saved GameZSG.M3.09.004493
Zinc Interface Library IconZINC.L2.00.001175
Zinio Electronic MagazineZNO.M2.05.001261
Zinio Electronic Magazine AnnotationsZNA.M2.07.001416
Zinio Media DatabaseZMC.M2.13.002167
ZipForm DataZFX.H2.27.003676
ZipGenius Compressed ArchiveCZIP.M2.15.002369
Zisofs Compressed Archive..M3.14.004601
ZjStream Page Description Language (Intel)ZJS.M3.16.004485
ZjStream Page Description Language (Motorola)ZJS.M3.16.004484
ZModeler 3D ModelZ3D.M3.08.004479
ZoneAlarm Firewall Debug LogLOG.M3.16.003179
ZoneAlarm Mailsafe LogLDB, RDB.M3.16.003544
Zoo Compressed ArchiveZOO.M2.16.0056
Zoo Tycoon Game FileZOO.M2.11.002017
ZoomBrowser DatabaseZBD.M2.06.001321
ZoomBrowser Database IndexINFO.M2.10.001880
Zoot DatabaseZOT.M2.12.002136
Zope Binary ExportZEXP.M3.19.004483
ZPack ArchiveZPK.M2.22.003062
ZPAQ Compressed ArchiveZPAQ.M3.19.003600
ZSNES Movie CaptureZMV.M3.09.004491
ZSNES Saved StateZST.M3.09.004494
ZSQ Compressed ArchiveZZZ, ?Z?.M3.32.004806
Zune PlaylistZPL.M3.09.004492
ZX Spectrum Replay FileRZX.M2.11.002014
ZX Spectrum State SnapshotSZX.M3.00.004289
ZX Spectrum Tape FileTAP.M3.19.002053
ZX-Edit DocumentZED.M3.08.004481
ZX-Editor Second Edition DocumentZXE.M3.09.004503
ZX-Modules Meta ArchiveZXB.M3.09.004502
ZyXEL Voice AudioZYX, ZVD.M2.08.001702
Zzip Compressed ArchiveZZ.M2.22.002846
Zzip Self Extracting ArchiveEXE.M2.22.003166