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Cabinet/Archive Binary Bitmap/Raster Digital Audio Music Notes Text Translated Vector Floating Header Compressed Encrypted

Description File Extensions M A Modified Index
A.M.Composer MusicAMC.M2.20.002862
ABC Music Language SongABC.M2.16.00520
Abyss's Highest Experience MusicAHX.M2.17.00534
Ad-Lib Composer MusicROLYH1.00.0023
Ad-Lib Instrument BankBNKYM1.00.00224
Adlib Tracker II InstrumentA2I.M3.28.004767
Adlib Tracker II Instrument BankA2B.M3.28.004768
Adlib Tracker II Module SongA2M.M3.28.004769
Adlib Tracker II PatternA2P.M3.28.004771
Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module SongA2T.M3.28.004770
Akai S5000/S6000 MIDI Keyboard SampleAKP.H2.18.002623
AlbumWrap Music ArchiveMP3YH3.16.001561
Aley's ModuleALM.M3.16.002860
All SoundTracker Module MusicAST.M3.27.004752
Amiga ScreamTracker MusicSTM, STXYM3.16.00141
Amiga SoundTracker MusicEMD.H3.16.001602
Amiga SoundTracker MusicMOD, NSTYM3.19.0016
Amiga Wanton Packer Song/ModuleWN.M3.16.002126
AMOS Music BankABK.M3.16.00480
AMusic AdLib Tracker MusicAMD.M3.16.002572
Analog Box Modular SongABOX2.M3.33.004818
Animation Studio Sound EffectsSEC.M2.29.003957
APlayer Module MusicUNI.M3.16.002584
Apple ][ MusicSNG, TUNE, SONG.M2.32.003921
Apple IIgs Wave BankWBNK.M2.29.003938
AProSys Module MusicAPS.M3.27.004753
Art Of Noise ModuleAON.M3.27.003186
Atari ST YM2149 Module/SongYM.M3.16.001514
Audio Manager ModuleAMM.M2.18.002654
Audio Manager Module (RIFF)AMM.H2.18.002653
Audition On-line Dance Battle MusicABM.M2.15.002347
AXS Realtime Analog Synthesizer ModuleAXS.H2.25.002658
Beepola Module SongBBSONG.M3.27.004754
Bells Whistles and Sound Boards Module MusicGDM.M3.16.002576
Boom Tracker v4.0 Module SongCFF.M3.30.004777
Cakewalk Music Audio ProjectWRK.M2.17.001155
Cakewalk Overture ScoreOVE.M2.32.001095
Capella Music SheetCAP.M3.16.002936
CMS Music Rudiments MusicCMS.M2.29.003955
CMS Organ MusicORG.M1.00.0029
Common Musical ScoreCMUS.H2.18.002631
ConcertWare Music Score (MacBinary)..M3.38.004866
Creative Music FileCMFYM1.00.0039
Csound Unified File Format for Orchestras and ScoresCSD.M3.16.002987
DCM Music ModuleDCM.M3.16.002669
DeskMate SongSNG.M2.29.003946
Digibooster MusicDIGI.M2.17.002573
Digibooster Pro Tracker Module..M2.24.003389
Digital Multi-Track Module/SongS3MYM3.16.00235
Digital Sheet Music (Intel)MTD.H3.16.004034
Digital Sheet Music (Motorola)MTD.H3.16.001918
Digital Trainer Encrypted ScoreEDF.M3.16.003470
DigiTrakker moduleDTM, MDL.M2.14.00688
DisorderTracker 2 ModulePLM.M2.06.00957
DOS Sound Interface Kit Module MusicDSM.H3.16.002574
DOSBox Raw OPL (DRO) SongDRO.M3.30.004778
Drum Blaster Title/SongDTL.M2.29.003953
Dual Module Player MusicAMFYM3.16.00231
Dynamic Studio Module..M3.16.003390
ECX Module Music..M3.16.003363
Edlib FM tracker Module MusicEDL.M3.16.002575
EdLib ModuleJCH.M3.16.003397
eMelody RingtoneEMY.M3.16.003481
Encore Musical NotationENC.M3.16.002799
eXotic Adlib Module..M3.16.003399
eXtra Simple Music Module..M3.16.003400
Farandoyle Composer Music ModuleFAR.M3.16.00712
FastTracker 2 Extended Music ModuleXM.M2.14.001163
Finale Music ScoreMUS.M3.16.001919
Frontier: First Encounters MusicHMP.M2.10.001865
FunkTracker ModuleFNK.M2.14.00735
Future Composer Module MusicBSI.M3.27.004757
Future Composer Music ModuleWOW.M3.16.001150
Fuxoft AY Music Chip LanguageFXM.M2.28.003754
GlueMon Song/ModuleGLUE.M3.16.001860
Graoumftracker New Music ModuleGT2.M2.14.00772
Guitar Pro TablatureGTP.M3.16.001862
Harmony Assistant MelodyMYR.M2.31.004040
Hippel-COSO Module Music..M3.16.003362
HMI MusicHMI.M3.28.004766
Holy Noise Module Music..M3.16.003361
Ice Tracker Module Song..M3.28.004765
Id Software Internal Data (Doom)WAD, RTS.M3.16.00282
Id Software Internal Data (Quake)PAK.M3.16.00430
Id Software Internal Data 3.0WAD.M3.16.00375
Id Software Internal Data 3.0 HpackHPK.M3.16.00431
Id Software Patch (Doom)WAD.M3.16.00322
Id Software RoQ MovieROQ.M3.16.002108
IFF Tracker SongTRKR.H3.16.002642
Imago Morpheus Module MusicIMF.M3.16.002577
iMelody Ringtone SoundIMY, IMELODY.M2.29.001879
Impulse Tracker Music ModuleIT.M3.19.00805
Jamcracker Tracker Module MusicJAM.M3.19.002578
KaraFun Karaoke SongKFN.M3.16.003874
Karaoke MIDI FileKAR, MID, MF.M2.25.00815
Katorzer Music CompositionKAT.M2.29.003868
Kimwitu++ Music..M2.24.003395
LegglessMusicEditor Sound/ModuleLME.M3.16.001893
Liquid Digitized Sample SoundLDS.M3.27.004758
Liquid Tracker Song/ModuleLIQ.M3.16.001891
Lyra MIDI MusicLYR.M1.00.00108
Madtracker Music ModuleMTI, MT2.M2.17.002268
Master Tracker Module MusicMTS.M3.16.003690
MedlySound Sound ModuleMSO.M3.16.001917
Midi Sequencer Music (MacBinary)MID.M2.09.001794
Mikmod Module MusicUNI.M3.16.002585
MMS Composer SongMCF.M2.30.003974
Mobile XMF MusicMXMF, XMF.M3.21.00494
Mobile XMF Music (MacBinary)MXMF.M2.16.00495
Modular Sound FileFTMYM3.16.00317
MOZART Music DocumentMZ.M2.10.001922
MPU-401 Trakker Module..M3.16.003398
MS Midi Musical Instrument Song (Intel)RMI.H3.19.00311
MS Midi Musical Musical Instrument Song (Motorola)RMI.H2.17.002270
Mugician Module Music..M3.16.003358
MultiTracker Module MusicMTMYM3.19.00245
Music Construction Set Song..H3.05.003942
Music Studio SongMSS, STY, SND, CHORUS, SNG.M2.29.00124
Musician I FileNOT.M1.00.00125
Musicline Module MusicML.M3.16.002579
Musink SongMUSINK.M3.30.004780
Nintendo Entertainment System SoundNSF, NSA.M3.16.001437
Nintendo Entertainment System Sound ExtendedNSFE.M3.21.004704
Nintendo Gameboy MusicGBS.M3.16.003763
NoiseTracker MusicMOD, SONG.M3.16.003925
Nord Modular G2 Performance DataPRF2.M2.33.004131
Notation Interchange File Format (Intel)NIF, RMI.M3.19.002271
Notation Interchange File Format (Motorola)NIF, RMI.H3.19.001926
Noteworthy Composer SongNWC.M2.17.00904
OctaMED Compressed Tracker ModuleMED, MMD.M3.16.003387
OctaMED Tracker ModuleMMD, MED.M3.16.00318
OctaMED v2.10 Module MusicMED4.M3.27.004759
Oktalyzer Tracker Music ModuleOKT.M3.19.00910
Onyx Module MusicOMF.M3.27.004760
PlaySID MusicSID, PSID.M2.08.001593
Playstation Sound FormatPSF.M3.16.001391
PolyTracker Music ModulePTM.M3.16.00980
Power Music Song/ModulePM.M3.16.001990
Propellerhead Reason NN-XT PatchSX2.H3.21.004698
Protracker 3 Module MusicMOD.H3.16.002580
Protracker Studio 16 FormatPS16.M3.16.001996
Protracker Studio ModulePSM.M3.16.00979
PSYCLE Tune/SongPSY.M3.16.001999
Real Tracker Music ModuleRTM.M3.16.001023
Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM MusicRAD.M3.16.00662
RealSID MusicSID.M2.08.001594
RISC OS Digital Symphony Sequence..M3.16.003355
RISC OS Digital Symphony Song..M3.16.003354
Roland S-series Floppy ImageSDK.L2.00.001045
SAdT Music Composer Module/SongSAT.M3.16.00826
Scalable Polyphony MIDI MusicMID.M2.16.00496
SCC Blaffer NT InstrumentSBK.M3.28.004762
SCC Blaffer NT MusicSBM.M3.28.004761
Sharp Cell Phone Ringing Melody..M2.24.003393
Sidmon 2.0 Module Music..M3.16.003359
SIDPlayer Music ModuleSID.M2.14.002269
Simple Musical Score IFF MIDISMU, IFF, SMUS, MUS.H3.16.00198
Sound Blaster InstrumentSBIYM3.06.01189
Sound Blaster Instrument BankIBK.M2.29.00197
Sound Blaster Studio II Package SongPAC.M2.06.00925
Sound Smith Sound..H3.05.003940
SoundBlaster Studio SongSON.M3.16.001399
SoundFX Module SongSFX, SFX2.M3.28.004763
SoundHelix SongXML.M3.30.004786
Soundtracker v2.6 Module SongST26.M3.28.004764
Standard Midi Sequencer MusicMID, MDI, RMI, SMF, MIDIYH2.07.00240
Star 3 MIDI Karaoke SongST3.M2.37.004272
Stereo Double Chaos Music Composer SongCMS.M3.27.004756
Studio Session Song (MacBinary)SSS.M3.21.004699
SUNTronic Song/ModuleSUN.M3.16.002048
Symphonie SymMOD Tracker Module..M3.16.003388
Synthesis Module Music..M3.16.003360
Synthesizer Generator / Kimwitu Music..M2.24.003394
Synthetic Music Mobile Application SoundMMF.M3.16.00877
SynthLAB Instrument BankBNK.M2.29.003936
SynthLAB MIDI SequenceSEQ, SL, BK1.M3.16.003935
The Final Musicsystem eXtended Module MusicTFX.M3.16.002583
Trackjoy GUS Tracker ModuleJOY.M3.16.001884
Trackjoy GUS Tracker SongTJS.M3.16.001885
Uhuru Sound Software Musical Score..H2.23.003253
Ultra Tracker Module MusicULT.M3.16.001107
UltraTracker Wave AudioUWF.M3.16.001110
Velvet Studio Music Module SongAMS.M3.16.00581
WinAHX THX Tracker Instrument..M3.16.003846
WinAHX Tracker MusicAHX.M3.23.004720
Wyko Vision Dataset (ASCII)ASC.M2.23.013315
X-Tracker Music ModuleDMF.M2.17.00677
XACT Sound BankXSB.M3.16.004467
XMS Adlib ModuleXMS.M3.16.003391
Yamaha Music Production Studio SampleR3A, R3P.M3.16.001507
Yamaha Music Production Studio Seq.R2A.M3.16.001504
Yamaha Music Production Studio SongR2S.M3.16.001506
Yamaha XG Works MIDI FileXWF.L2.00.001169
Z80 Music Code With AY MusicAYM, AY.M2.19.002718