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Key: M = Metadata Column, A = Accuracy Column, H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

Cabinet/Archive Binary Bitmap/Raster Digital Audio Music Notes Text Translated Vector Floating Header Compressed Encrypted

Description File Extensions M A Modified Index
AES Crypt ArchiveAES.M3.15.004616
AlZip EGG Compressed ArchiveEGG.M3.17.004659
Archos Encrypted / Signed DataAAS, AOS.M2.19.042849
Audible Audio BookAA.M2.26.003576
AxCrypt Encrypted Data..M2.18.002717
Better Portable Graphics ImageBPG.M3.19.004617
BitLocker Encrypted Disk Image (Vista)..M3.16.004636
BitLocker Encrypted Disk Image (Windows 7)..M3.16.004637
Blowfish Encrypted DataBFA.M2.20.002883
CryptoMite Encrypted Archive..M2.10.001825
Cryptx Encrypted DataCRYPT, CRYPTX.M2.21.002986
DarkCryptTC Encrypted File ContainerXDC.M3.06.004434
Digital Trainer Encrypted ScoreEDF.M3.16.003470
egis Encrypted DataEGISENC.M2.25.003475
EnCase Packed EnScriptENPACK.M2.29.003943
Encrypted Data (Headerless)FLK.M2.31.003174
EncryptOnClick (Encrypted)EOCYH3.02.003178
File Crypt Encrypted FileRZX.M2.34.004194
GnuPG Encrypted Data..M2.22.003097
GnuPG Key Trust DatabaseGPG.M2.22.003096
Google WebP ImagePUF.M3.15.004626
Gringotts Encrypted DataGRGYM2.23.003242
Helix Nuts and Bolts Stronghold Encrypted ArchiveSAF, LPD.M2.35.00838
IBM DB2 ConversionCNV.M3.15.004629
Img3 Encrypted/Signed ContainerIMG3.M2.29.003842
Jetico Encrypted ArchiveBCA.M2.08.001572
KeyWallet Object..M2.29.003881
KGB Archiver Compressed ArchiveKGB.M2.15.002372
Lexar Encrypted DataLRS.M2.29.003900
Linux Unified Key Setup Encrypted Data..M2.22.003087
Mac OS X Code Signing Requirement..M2.23.003208
Mac OS X Detached Code Signature..M2.23.003198
Magical Security Encrypted FilePPENC.M2.33.004126
MAIET Encrypted File SystemMEF.M2.30.003981
MCrypt 2.2 Encrypted Data.YM2.23.003100
MCrypt 2.5 Encrypted Data.YM2.23.003099
Media Safe Encrypted DataENC.M2.19.002797
Microsoft Roaming Browser Password..M3.25.004734
MS Digital Rights Management License StoreHDS.M3.00.003017
MS Encrypted Structured Storage Object..H3.18.003642
MS Messenger Plus! Encrypted Chat LogPLE.M3.16.004112
MS Windows Live ContactsWIN, ADDRESSBOOK, MECONTACT.M3.16.003020
MS Windows Vault CredentialsVCRD.M3.25.004740
Mujahideen Secrets 2ENC.M2.21.002925
MultiBit BlockchainSPVCHAIN.M3.16.004628
MultiBit Core Wallet DataDAT.M3.14.004594
MultiBit WalletWALLET.M3.05.004397
NoteCenter Encrypted NotesHNE.M2.28.003801
OnlineTvRecorder Encoded VideoOTRKEY.M2.32.004081
OpenFont Encrypted Scalable Binary..M2.22.003046
OpenSSL Encrypted DataENC.M2.18.00620
Password Safe DatabasePSAFE3.M2.33.004134
Password Tracker Deluxe Tracking ListPWT.M2.34.004146
Pick Ax Secure Graphic ImagePAX.M2.26.003559
PKCS12 Personal Exchange FormatPFX, P12.M3.26.004744
PKZip Archive (Encrypted)ZIP, JAR, WMZYH3.02.003176
PlayReady VideoPYV.M2.35.014150
PowerArchiver Encrypted ArchivePAE.M2.32.004083
PowerISO Direct Access ArchiveDAA.M2.19.002791
Pretty Good Privacy Encrypted Data..M2.16.002435
Pretty Good Privacy Key/Signature/DataPGP.M2.16.00942
Pretty Good Privacy Message (ASCII)..M2.22.003086
Pretty Good Privacy Private Key Block (ASCII)..M2.24.003413
Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Block..M2.16.002432
Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Block (ASCII)..M2.22.003085
Pretty Good Privacy Signature..M2.16.002434
Pretty Good Privacy Signature (ASCII)ASC.H2.18.002627
Pretty Good Privacy Signed Message..M2.16.002433
Pretty Good Privacy Signed Message (ASCII)..M2.22.003084
Pretty Good Privacy Virtual Disk ImagePGD.M2.09.001730
Pretty Simple ArchivePSA.M2.14.002307
Puffer ASCII Armored Encrypted ArchiveAPUF.M3.15.004618
Puffer Encrypted ArchivePUF.M3.15.004625
QuickBooks for Windows Accountant's BackupQBX, QBM.H2.23.003308
QuickBooks for Windows Data (Encrypted)QBW, TLG, ADR, old.M3.29.003304
Quickbooks for Windows Search IndexCFX.M3.25.004735
Random or Encrypted Data (Headerless)..M2.31.004015
RealJukebox UpgradeRUP.M2.10.001942
RealMedia Secure ClipRMX.M2.34.004178
Resco Encrypted FileRXF.M2.34.004192
SafeGuard PrivateCrypto Encrypted ArchiveUTI.M3.19.004365
SimulationX Encrypted ModelISM.M2.29.003849
Steganos Security Suite Virtual Secure DriveSLE.M3.15.004615
Timeless Multi-user Time and Expense DataTMD.H3.07.014462
TopStudio Encrypted DataENCRYPTED.M2.25.003483
TrueCrypt Dynamic VolumeTC.M2.31.003175
Venturi Client KeyENC.M2.23.003303
Vi IMproved Encrypted DataVIM.M2.22.003091
Vi IMproved Swap File..M2.22.003092
Windows Driver Public Verification Key(s)VP.M2.30.004012
WinZip Archive (Encrypted)ZIPYH3.02.003177
Wireless LAN Encrypted ProfileENC.M2.18.00602
XML EncryptionXML.H3.29.002507