Product Description

Whether you are an End User searching for hidden or lost data on your hard drive, a Forensics Investigator searching a computer for evidence of a crime or a Software Engineer looking for the right technologies to add to your own products, we have the tools that you need.

When you have mystery files that no application can open and large hard drives with more files that are humanly possible to search, our File Investigator products provide you with the knowledge, efficiency and filtering necessary to leave no stone unturned and conquer your data challenges. You will save so much time, that you will no longer have to stop your search at the first sign of a little evidence. The best evidence may be just a few more hours away.

When you're finished searching for 250-500 different types of files, using other Computer Forensics tools, use our tools to identify the thousands of other file types that otherwise fall through the cracks.

Leading in File Identification

  • File Formats The MS Windows, Linux & Macintosh products support 4,751 file formats, using databases totaling 6,392 patterns. [...]
  • File Investigator Categories Each file type in File Investigator belongs to one or more categories that assist the user in narrowing down their search by the Operating System Platform(s), Storage Methods and Contents inside each file type. [...]
  • DownloadsFeel free to download any of the software titles listed here. All downloads act as Trial versions, by displaying a nag screen, until you purchase the Registration Key. [...]