File Expander Engine

The leading engine in file exploration
This new product provides the ability to open files and explore their individual objects. These objects can be individually stored files, headers, footers, indexes, binary data, text data, database records, etc.. Combined with the File Investigator Engine, this enables applications to explore multiple levels into files or archives and identify each component/object found.

The File Expander Windows OEM API Kit is the first product created from this technology. The Windows OEM API Kit includes 32 & 64-bit Windows DLLs with C, C#, VB.NET and managed C++.NET interfaces, as well as Red Hat Linux 32 & 64-bit libraries with examples written in C.

This product currently supports 261 file formats (or file types), and we are working on eventually supporting all of the file formats that the File Investigator Engine supports. There are numerous applications for this technology:

  • • De-Duplication Backup
    • • Compare the individual objects in similar files, and only backup a single copy of each block with pointers to the duplicate file locations
    • • It's compression of an entire hard drive leveraging similarities across multiple files
  • • Disk Carving / File Carving / File Recovery
    • • Break files down into their individual building blocks and discover what blocks are missing
    • • Verify recovered files for integrity
  • • Document Management Text Indexing
    • • Extract and de-fragment only data blocks that may contain text
    • • High performance targeted text extraction
  • • Electronic Discovery
    • • Dig down into fragmented, translated and compressed files for hidden and deleted data objects
    • • Research digital evidence to better understand how the files are structured and be the expert in court
  • • Virus / Worm / Trojan Detection
    • • Detect objects that don't belong in a file
    • • MS Word Trojan Horses include the executable as an object and other good objects are modified to corrupt memory and execute the executable object

Image below: Example of a PK Zip file that contains 2 Word 2003 Documents