Whether you are an End User searching for hidden or lost data on your hard drive, a Forensics Investigator searching a computer for hidden evidence of a crime or a Software Engineer looking for the right technologies to add to your own products, we have the tools that you need.

Dark Data Detective is a major upgrade to FI TOOLS & FI Data Profiler, and is currently under development.  The core technology is the same, but the user interface and database are being redesigned.  We will provide more tiers of features for you to choose from.  If you currently own FI TOOLS, or purchased a product from us in the past, you will be offered an upgrade by renewing your annual Support Plan on your past license.  Our lower end FI Properties, from the past, will now be the bottom tier.  FI TOOLS and Data Profiler will become the next two tiers, and we will also provide a higher tier for investigators and scientists who need to dig deeper into the most difficult files.

The bottom tier products will be released first.  The rest will follow as we activate the more advanced features.  We will also provide a reasonable upgrade path between tiers.  So, there will be no reason to wait for the higher tiers, if you already see a need for the released tiers.  The FI TOOLS product will continue to be supported, and have quarterly updates, during the development of this new product.  Current annual subscribers will have access to both old and new product lines, during this time.

This page will be updated as we progress on this development.  We will also be sending email updates to past customers, who are still on our mailing lists.